Monday, January 10, 2011

How is Yoga?

Well, today is my second day and I must say there were times I feel like just stop and walk away. Yes people, it's hard. Don't even think that it's just stretching and making interesting poses.

Even it is hard and in the middle I thought and wonder am I sure if I can take it I told myself that I am not going to give up. I have given up a few times and a few things in my life BUT I won't give up this time.

So that makes it my second session and I am hoping to make it for the rest of the year.

Now, let me wrap up my weekend adventures. 

Saturday - I decided and told hubby that we shouldn't hit the gym that day as we have tons of things we needed to do. We:-

  • Went to the bank.
  • Went to Mustafa
  • Went to City Square Mall and have some hong kong food at STREATS! YUMMMMYYY
  • Walked around City Square Mall (Quite impressed with the number of food places over there)
  • Went to find out about the cost for the planks for the mattress (I hope this will solve my back pain problem)
  • Went to Casurina Cove to pick up my pendant my MIL sent.
  • Came back home and washed the car/waxed the car which took us over 2 hours!!!!(So, I guess we still did our workout just outside the gym)
  • When we got back to the house, hubby was starving and asked me to make him the noddles with minced meat and we polished it off. 

Ended the Saturday with just some drinks and dinner at home. 

Sunday - The moment we got up, we got ourselves ready for the gym. Of cuz while doing so, I squeezed in on my laundry. 

I managed to start on my weight training for my UPBW.

Also, I managed a HIIT for 20 mins! Pretty awesome it was.

Duration : 20:32 minutes
Distance : 2.20 km

Calories burned : 116
Sweat level : Really Good!

After gym it was around 12 noon and we headed to the travel agent to get my passport extended and to apply for hubby's visa for our February Trip.

Over there we decided to get some Burmese for lunch and hubby had the usual Mee Shay and I had my Kyaye O Si Chat :) Had to wait for awhile and it came only after hubby had already finished his food. :(

We came home after lunch and Enu rang the bell literally 2 minutes after we walked through the door at 2. So, finally the house is nicely broomed and mobbed and me likey!

The project we did this weekend was to make a little gate for Tinkle Bell for her to walk in and walk out of our bedroom. As it happened that she would be scratching the door in the middle of the night as she would get bored and want to go out. After that she would be meowing and scratching the door from outside in the morning cuz she wants to come in the room and jump on top of us and do her business. 

The moment hubby made the hole she went through it! Hubby was extremely happy with this handy man work and that his little daughter knows how to make use of it. I will take picture of it and post it soon. The second thing we need to do is to add a flap on it so that it wouldn't look as ugly as now because we have a cut out card box stuck there at the moment.

That was our little project and in the evening once Enu has done and gone we went out to Arab street to meet up with Jit and Kanu for Sheesha and middle eastern food. We went to this place called Nabin at Haji Lane. Not too bad. I love the ambiance, food and the Sheesha over there. 

We called it a night around 10:00 and after dropping off one of our friends we got home around 10:30 so hubby decided that we'd skip gym for today. 

Anyhoo. I will keep you posted more of my plans on my workouts for the up coming weeks.

Leaving you with Tinki on hubby's side table.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year! Hello YOGA!

I know I know, I'm a tad late with this HAPPY NEW YEAR thing BUT! boy I have so much to tell you about how my first 4 day of New Year went.

1st Jan - We did not spend a single dim! It's something really silly or rather cute and may be a little not very convenient tradition. We'd like to believe that if we do not spend a single thing on a new year day we will not have to spend so much for the rest of the year. So, even when we went out with Jit and Kanu to Arab street for hokka and dinner we told them that they will have to treat us since we won't be spending. So, they did!

It was my first day back to the gym also and I was pretty happy to be back I must say.

2nd Jan - For the very first time Hubby and I went to the Church together and I had my holy communion. It was just lovely. After church we had lunch with my old friend and believe it or not, a hawker stall which I used to eat like 4 years ago is still around and best of all the stall owner remembers me! It was such a surprised.

We also went to meet hubby's friend's second daughter. Which we were supposed to do for a long time. 

3rd Jan - nothing much exciting happened. Oh, I picked up our tickets to go back home in Feb.

4th Jan - Woo hoo, my very first Yoga lesson. Hatha yoga and it was just amazing. At the moment I have mixed feelings about it. I do admit that I was feeling totally energized for the rest of the day where it was one mad day. I had so much drama to take care of at work and my work ended only around 10:30.

Today 5th Jan - My arms were super sore BUT we went to the gym and I ran! For some reason, I know I need to lose a few kgs well I know exactly 6kg. So let's see if I can do it. I somewhat know I can.

BTW, so far we are doing good at the kicking of bad habit front :)