Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend shopping for the house recap

Wheww, I am so sorry for not keeping you all up to date. Well basically my weekend started from Friday 2pm and by the time when I realised that its about time to rest it was 8pm on Sunday. So you can guess why no update from me at all. Well I am going to give a very quick and brief recap on what we did and what is the state of the house now.

Friday - Hubby and myself both took half day off and it was the right thing to do. We went and bought the hoods and hob from Mustafa.

Techno Glass Hob SGD $ 449.

Techno Sliding Hood $275

Uno Conventional Built in oven - $ 539

After buying these, we went to hunt for other items we need. Like wash basin, toilet pots etc. We also bought the toilet bowls on that day. For the other items, we did short listed on a few and continued to shop on Saturday.

Saturday - The day started around 9:30. Went to get MIL's name changed on her ticket, went for brunch at Inlay for Burmese food fixed. From there we went and registered for our free 19" TV which came with the fridge we bought. It was out of stock so we had to leave our contacts. It was SUCH A HOT day. We both were burning under the hot sun. Around 1:30 we finally reached to the shops where we wanted to explore from yesterday's short listed items. Here are the stuff we bought on Saturday. BTW, all these items will be delivered on Wednesday.

Sink and pedestal for the common toilet. (Yes, we are very old fashioned people. Plain simple white sink just made our day:)

Glass shelf for the common loo.

Robe/hand towel hook for common loo.

Mirror for common loo.

Shower head for common loo (the middle one)

Basin tap for common loo.

Rain shower for master bathroom. The round one.

Kitchen sink tap.

Semi recess wash basin for master bathroom. 2 of these.

So that was the damage we did on Saturday. Then on Sunday we went to IKEA and short listed the items. We will need to go and pick them up before 21st as there is a BIG SALE going on at IKEA.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Renovation Day 4

Today we managed to go and check on the house in the evening as I managed to get off work a tad early. There are a lot of progress even though the debris is yet to be cleaned up we saw that our tiles and cement have arrived. At 6:40pm there were workers still carrying the cements and bricks up to the apartment. I must say the contractors are at least to this point doing their best.

We did not manage to take lots of pictures today but Nakul went to the house in the afternoon so he snapped some pictures and sent them over to my phone. So here are a few of those.

Kitchen area entrance has been broken down.

Both toilets walls are down. I will try and take more pictures tomorrow when we go there tomorrow. For now, I will leave with Putu's so sweetly watching hubby cooking dinner from up above.

Uhmm ok, I realised Putu doesn't look so sweet in pictures but trust me, she does look cute in real life :) 

Good night.

Renovation Day 3

Yesterday was a tiring day for us as we needed to go back to house in the afternoon to settle the air condition. So finally we have decided that we would get the air condition from Gain city. The demolishing is I believe 90% done. A few more updated pictures.

Master Bathroom wall down.

Kitchen wall, half way gone.

Kitchen cabinets gone.

As for today's workout, here it is

Dumbbell Squats 
Sumo Squats + dumbbell half squat (Darn those were killers. I was somewhat pointed out by Rano again to try those and darn! there were good)
Seated leg curls for the hamstrings

So, I didn't do so bad for my lower body weight training today.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Renovation Day 2 and HIIT Day 2

I did not manage to update anything yesterday but there has been a number things to update. First of all, it is officially the beginning to hacking. We went to the house yesterday and saw a great progress has been made for a first day. 

Living/Dinning room mess, nearly 2/3 of the floor is done for this area.

Master bedroom ward robe. Demolishing in progress.

Master bathroom, nearly gone.

Living Room. Floor is gone.

Kitchen, most of the cupboards are gone but still a fair bit more to go.

We are planning on painting the other bedroom's built in wardrobes so we will do a little project of our own. Let's see how it'll turn out. 

After checking the house, we went for dinner and this is what I had. My all time favourite, clay pot noodle.

This morning I did my another HIIT and I am feeling somewhat guilty that I only run for 20 minutes but I need to bare in mind that my goal is targeting to cut the fat. Meaning to lose fat. Yeah I know, it still doesn't help with eating those clay pot noodles. Yes, I know I will be starting my clean eating again. Oh and we had another cup of Carrot, green apple and orange juice yesterday. AMMMAZZING!

Aud! Yes, I will make for you when you come over. WHEN????? Here's my stats of my HIIT today.

Treadmill Statistics :

Duration : 21:02 minutes
Distance : 2.76 km

Calories burned : 162
Sweat level : Really Good!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New vitamins

Hubby ordered Fish oil for me since I have been hearing a lot of good things about fish oil and I have been wanting to try it out. 

We also got Ultimate Nutrition Glucosamine Sulfate 500mg as well and of cuz we are still taking the Daily Complete. 

I also just realised that my Evening Primrose Oil has finished. This is the very first time I ever finish a bottle of vitamins :). Well shopping time for Vitamins.