Friday, December 31, 2010

Last post for 2010

So, I guess now we can say we made it through 2010 and on to 2011. We had many nice times with friends and family and hoping this will continue for the year coming up ahead. 

Managed to hang out with my best friend before the year ended. Just wanted to share some few last photos.

For hubby and me, we'll just be counting down to New Year at home. How about you? Any plans to go somewhere to count down?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

1 more day to 2011 and resolutions

So, looking back on the resolutions for did i Do?

  1. Be a more cheerful person. - I think I somewhat accomplished this. :)
  2. Be more positive about life. - Same goes for this.
  3. Run 10K by December 2010 - So did not happen at all BUT, I'm willing to put this for the 2011.
  4. Kick some bad habits :) - Same for this, BUT, I'm going to continue this resolution for 2011
  5. Save money - Accomplished this somewhat :)
  6. Be more patience. - Patience, I think I did this too.

So, here's 11 things for 2011.

  1. Kick my major BAD habit.
  2. Save x amount of $$. (have to set an amount)
  3. Travel to a new place with hubby.
  4. Get back to healthy eating and do one round of BFL (who wants to join me?)
  5. Be a more confident driver
  6. Be more organised especially in the hand bag :)
  7. Be more active
  8. Read more books
  9. Make sure to to meet up with my best friend (girls outing) once a month.
  10. Decorate the wardrobe room and master bedroom
  11. To run a 10 K by June 2011. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Reflections

Since it is near to the end of 2010 I thought of coming up a list of things that happened to us in 2010. Memorable ones as well as major mile stones for hubby and I.

January - Believe it or not, I had to re-read my posts to find out what exactly happened in January and viola! We decided on the contractor for renovation. (Eric! who did an excellent job with the house)

February - Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary and did lots of shoppings for the house such as Fridge, Air condition, Stove etc. I also got an iPod as our anniversary gift from hubby.

March - Celebrated my 31st birthday with my best friend couple at a really gorgeous Japanese yakitori restaurant. Also, shopping for the house continued. The renovation began.

April - We moved in to our very first own home on the 9th of April. It was an awesome feeling. We had a few house warming parties too for gorgeous friends.

May - Started having some issues with work and boss. Wasn't really good and serious consideration of quitting that job.

June - Decided to quit the job but boss tried to keep me and I thought of giving a second chance. 

July - 4th of July marked Tinkle Bell one year with us. We also made a trip to India. It was lovely. We visited Bombay for the first time. 

August - I got my CHEF AT HOME book from Ben!!!! Hubby and me did some projects around the house like putting up some photos on the wall. Dad undergone his hernia operation. Yoong, my hair dresser found a bald patch on my head:( I cut my hair really short. Decided to quit the horrible job for good.

September - 1st September I gave my resignation letter without any job in hand. With Jesus' blessings, I was offered a job to start on the 4th of October. Thank you Lord. Hubby took me to Universal Studios with Jiten and Kanu. 

October - Started work at my new job. 

November - Hubby's 34 birthday at Ochre at Orchard Central. It was lovely. We put up our first Christmas tree at home. Light up some Diwali lights and Hubby did pooja. We booked our very first brand new car (Chevrolet Cruze on the 14th of November)

December - Collected our Car on the 17th of December. Many Christmas parties happened. Cakes, cookies and bread tried and failed. Roasted a total of 4kg chicken for 13 people for Christmas. 

It surely is amazing to look back and see what has happened in a year. I will be doing a resolution post soon.

Have a great day ahead all.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

From Blondie to blackie

Yes! as a result of hoping to make my roots to blend it with my colored hair and also to let the hair grow longer I changed my brown colored hair into BLACK! and the next think I saw in the mirror was AEON FLUX! or ADAM's Family! For some odd reasons, I think I like it. I was really worried and bothered at first whether if I'd like it or not BUT, seems it's different. I haven't had dark hair color since I was15 years old so I think it's about it. 

Anyhoo, that was that. Also our car got registered yesterday so now we should be collecting it within a day or two I believe. We were hoping to be able to collect it on Friday but it might not be possible so Sunday it is. I must admit that hubby wasn't so thrills to see me with my dark hair yesterday but I'm sure he'll get used to it. He did say he want to ban me from going to my hair dresser. Oh well, I think this is the max test I'd probably be doing so I guess he's too late now :)

Since we got the news about the car and also I wanted to go and show him my hair I suggested that we go for Sushi for dinner to celebrate and he agreed! I had my Sashimi fix yesterday which was pretty awesome. 

When we got home, we decided to watch a movie and we watched The Last Time. I'm not sure if I enjoyed it but hubby did. I feel it was a so so movie. Nothing much to rave about I feel.

I think that's about it for my updates for now. I will surely load some photos in next posts.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 more days to Christmas

There are some drama at work at the moment but I'm still not letting that take away my Christmas spirit. It's only 11 more days left for Christmas. We will be hosting a Christmas Eve dinner at our place for hubby's office colleagues. Well believe it or not, it'll be both Non Vegetarian and Vegatarian guests I will have to entertain and prepare food for. So it will be fun.

So far I have already come up with a menu and I think I'm quite happy with it cuz most of the stuff can be prepared ahead of time. I like that idea. I really hate that I will have to keep worrying about having to keep the food warm or be presentable without having to abandon the guests. I do not want to be stucked in the kitchen when the guests arrive and I'm still cooking. Oh well, know what I mean.

That just means that I need a lot of practice and research. Mean while, I must say that around our block, there are lots of gorgeous Christmas lights and I must share that with you.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some shots

As you know I've been wanting to try out my camera and learn how to take nice pictures. So here are some shots I tested last night. 

Enjoy. Nothing much happened last night. OH but Bones season 5 started last night so it was pretty great. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

First Christmas gathering - Best Friend

Yes, I did mention that this month nearly every weekend is going to be some sort of a celebration or a party didn't I? So yes, last Saturday was with my best friend and her Fiancée. Friday evening, we were supposed to do some shopping and we ended up not doing it because hubby left office late and he was cranky and so was I. With that, we decided to make lunch for my friends with whatever we have in the fridge and that was chicken breast. So Schitnels it is. Also, I've got a bag of mushrooms and since I've been so much in love with the breaded mushrooms tapas I decided to try that out and I must say they were a success. YUUUMMMYYY.. If you have never done so, please do it. 

Dinning table setting. (Without all the food on it )

Dinning table setting. (With all the food on it )
I made, potatoes and peas mash and it looked really awesome green! 

My green funky mash

Chicken Schnitzels with breaded mushrooms.

Steamed brocoli and cauliflowers with oliver oil, dash of lemon and pepper.

Believe it or not, after all those cookings and cleaning up we went and played tennis from 7 to 9 and after all that we were officially pooped. We knew that we will definitely be suffering the next day so we rubbed ourselves with tons of pain relief rub and I also took 1 pain killer before I went to bed that night. So thank for all that, our Sunday wasn't that painful. However it was still a busy day. 

Little one's food has ran out so we went to Vivo and did some shoppings. Finally I decided to get a membership for La Senza. 

From Vivo, we went to Chevrolet showroom to get some paperwork done. No, we still do not know when is the car arriving. 

It was already around 2:30 by the time we left the showroom and got home sat for like an hour and headed back out to Orchard to meet Hubby's aunt to watch The next three days and have dinner. It was pretty tiring and orchard was packed with people that we couldn't get a cab so we walked around and ended up taking a bus home and got home around 11 pm. 

Now, I shall leave you with some Christmas lighting snaps at Orchard.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Let it begins...

Christmas celebrations that is. Yes, my best friend and her fiancée couldn't make it for my Christmas eve's dinner so I'm making a special early Christmas celebration for them tomorrow at home. It'll be lunch. Also, we've been just told that a tennis court is booked for us tomorrow evening. So! another weekend of full action begins....

Today we'll be going to Sushi Tae i to celebrate two of the team members' birthday. After that I'll be heading off to my other office and hoping to be able to head out early so I can do my grocery shopping for tomorrow. At the moment hubby's already requested what he would wants so I just have to do that BUT, now I am in search of a good dessert which won't make him feel super guilty. Let's see if I'll succeed.

Last evening, it was pouring down like mad and I had to do the Veg dinner take away duty. So I got us Komala's from Tanglin Mall and sadly they didn't have any Briyani so just with Dosai and Puree. I wasn't so sure if that was just enough so I went and bought some mushrooms and herbs from Market place. Still wasn't sure what I would make. Got home and thought of Quesadillas so I just did a simple mushroom Quesadillas in case the food wasn't enough and it turned out amazing!

SO simple yet so satisfying. Sorry didn't get the chance to take any picture of our dinner last night. However, I was a happy girl because I manage to buy some flowers!!!!

Shall show you all tomorrow when I get a chance to take the picture. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fireworks in the sky

There has been this freaky thing happening to me lately that every time I thought of someone, found out that that some is not well or got into an accident. Should I not be thinking of people that often? Weird! right?

Anyways, so I went and bought some snacks and a bunch of roses for the friend of mine who just came out of a surgery a few weeks ago. Then I walked home and before we knew it, we suddenly heard loud boom sounds and hubby shouting fireworks fireworks and true enough, when I ran to look out the window, this is what we saw. 

AWESOME right???

So we're having early Christmas lunch for my best friend couple this weekend.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crappy evening but friends and dinner made it better

Yesterday I must say was pretty challenging. I ended up getting home around 8:30 or probably even closed to 9.   Then I got a call from hubby saying Jit and wifey coming over to pick us up on their new Cruez to celebrate.

I said crappy evening because leaving office at 7 pm and found out that it was pouring so heavily that tried to call a cab more more than 45 mins and couldn't get through. So decided to take a bus and all the buses were packed. I was darn hungry as well that I became very cranky.

Anyhoo, so I got home ran inside and bugged hubby to make something for me to eat so he made me Moh Hin Kha (Burmese fish noddle soup). I ate it up so fast. The next thing we knew was they were already downstairs waiting for us. 

We went to Margaritas at Dempsay hill and it was a gorgeous evening. Sadly, I didn't eat anything apart from having some pieces of Tequila chicken from hubby with 2 YUMMMMY daiquiris!!! woo hoo

Cheers everyone. It's 1st of December..

Monday, November 29, 2010

Super unhealthy and healthy meal weekend

So we had a busy busy weekend as always. We did accomplish quite a number of things including a HUGE grocery shopping and sending off stuff for family. Enu hasn't been coming for the passed month so we've been doing the cleaning the house ourselves. Saturday was pretty tiring. We started off the day with laundry, cleaning and tidying up and we headed out to hubby's friend's kid's 1st birthday and I was having really bad sneezing fits. 

Bangers and Mesh for Saturday night dinner. (SUPER UNHEALTHY)
Steamed Fish and Sliced ginger beef stir fry with TONS of veges for Sunday Dinner

 For Sunday, we cleaned (yes again) and we went for grocery shopping. I was quite happy that we managed to get loads of vegetables and also FISH! After having super unhealthy meals consecutively, I've decided to get on back to healthy eating bandwagon. 

Also, we managed to squeeze in fruit juices with carrots, apples, star fruit and oranges that we bought. YUMMMMY...... 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hubby's 34th Birthday

I know I promised that I'm back to update regularly but I didn't manage to. In any case, here's some updates here. Both hubby and I have been extremely busy lately that weeks are just flying passed like no one's business. Last weekend .....crap, I can't even remember what we did last weekend. Oh wait, ok on Saturday we went back to car showroom with Jit and Kanu as they were also set to buy the same Chevy as us but sadly it didn't happen as the prices had gone up. Then hubby and I went and roam around at Autobacs drooling at the car assesories. By the time we got home we were really really pooped and didn't even manage to think about going out for his pre birthday dinner. So that was Saturday.

Sunday and we did some house chores the moment we got up and then we set out to meet with hubby's Aunt and we went to watch Harry Porter, The deathly hollow Part 1. I loved it but hubby and his Aunt thought it was just an OK show. Oh well, to each their own :)

From the movies we went to Robinson and got my white fluffy bath mat. The best thing was it was 20% off woo hoo!!!! You won't believe it, after the shopping we went home and again, we had to set out to the Aunt's place to have dinner and help solve her wireless internet connection. Yes, I'm telling you hubby is their personal pc technician.

So it was our extremely tiring weekend. I didn't even mention that we did the house chores and other craps like laundry and cleaning. We didn't even manage to do any grocery shoppings.

Monday - : Nothing much happened except and I did manage to go shopping for Hubby's birthday gift :) and some drama at work made me reached home only after 8.

Tuesday - : Hubby's birthday and we both went to work and came home a tad early and we went to Ochre for dinner. It was THE BEST dinner for 2010 so far and I really hope Hubby enjoyed it.

Wednesday & Thursday nothing much exciting either. Except I feel a tad too tired and felt like as though I was going to hit by a flu bug but I hope not.

Well so now for this weekend. We do have a few things lined up to do...

  • Shop for Mom/Dad
  • Shop for Ashi's 1 year old son birthday gift
  • Pass the stuff to send for home
  • Go to Ashish's son's birthday
  • Clean up the house
  • Do laundry
  • Do grocery shopping
  • Might go to SITEX
 So sorry this is just words only post and no exciting pictures.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hi ya hi ya....

Wow, I just realized that my last post was on the 24th Sept and it's less than 2 months but it felt like ages. Well, if you are wondering where have I gone to, I didn't go anywhere actually BUT I started at my new job since 4th of October.

It's not great but it's OK. Something new. Also, I haven't managed to cook much either. No cakes, breads nor even juices that I have done since my last post. Pretty bad come to think of it. 

Well, do not fret I am back and I will do my best to keep you guys updated with my news. 

First start, we bought our very first brand new CAR on Sunday but it will need a few more weeks to be delivered. We are hoping it will be delivered in December and not in January. 

It's a Chevrolet Cruze. Ok, I really do not know about the rules of copying photos from the official websites to here. Even though I am not doing any marketing activities I don't want to get into trouble. So, people please do use our friendly and always helpful Google to check out how it looks like if you want to to. 

If not, you can wait till I can take the actual photo of the car when we get it.

Catch you guys later.

P.s The decos are up and so is the tree ...woo hooo.. I just love Christmas Season.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Last day at work

Many thing is happening. In my life as well as in my head. Well today is actually the last day of my work and I don't feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulder. Not sure why and on top of that I'm feeling so crappy. I feel like I can't do things in balance. There are a lot of things I feel I'm lacking in my life especially with regards to my family. Anyhoo, I really feel that I need to sort out my life and things in my head.

On a different note, here's our dinner yesterday.

Well, I didn't cook these as I was having such a bad headache, it was takeaway from Vivo City. Our usual vege spot
This! I made. Sweet potatoes chips! Amazing stuff.

Tinki playing with her pole. Thought it's about time add some of her pictures.

Yup, we got some F1 tickets for hubby's brother who is a F1 fanatic and cousin.

My quick and easy Bee Hon (Kyar Zan Kyaw)

 So, today I got home around 4:30 and my I was sitting at home not sure what's happening in my head. Then, my hubby's sis in law and nephew were going out and I was at home sitting and thinking to myself. Hubby came home around 7 and I broke down telling him how I feel about myself that I could never do things right for my family. After a little while the sis in law and nephew came back and we planned for her to go and watch the F1 qualifying rounds. Around 8 30 hubby's cousin came by and we sat around and chilled for a bit and I whipped up some bee hon for all of us.

Anyways, I really got to sort out my head. How can I have peace with myself. I don't know. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Smoothie week truly

Blue berries smoothie ooohhhh ya! when we realised that strawberries smoothie should have been perfect for a Thursday breakfast, I remembered my frozen blue berries and raspberries. Yes, that's something new I figured out on saving fruits which don't get used within a week. I'd freeze them and just throw them in my smoothies or lemonade. 

Doesn't it look so sexy? Yeah, it does and tasted darn good too. Ok, let me rewind to yesterday evening. So, I was so pumped to go for a run BUT, the nature didn't let me. It was pouring down when I got home and decided to just started baking something. Something meaning BREAD! yes, I'm so not giving up on it just yet. Remember my crazy shopping for the baking stuff on Sunday. Among a lot of flour, I also picked up this 5 grain Bread mix. I thought I'd try that but truth is I wasn't so happy that it is a pre mixed. Sorry I am a "from the scratch" girl. That allows me to know what is inside of something that I'm eating.

Also, I found a recipe for buns and I thought why not. Whenever I hear wholemeal, whatever it is, it makes my heart skipped. So here they are. The buns turned out OK not great as the it needs to be a little bit more fluffy both hubby and I feel. Well, definitely a second try is on the way.

The bread of cuz came out 90% perfect. I was so in love! The dough actually raised!!!! I was such a happy girl to see it! So here they are.

With that, I made us dinner. It's my all time favourite Peprika and lemon grilled chicken with steamed broccoli and grilled asparagus.

Today, hubby's sister in law and nephew are coming and let's see what sort of food they'd like to try. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Smoothie and a mug of cleansing tea for a start

Yesterday there was no exercising for me. I was just telling my hubby yesterday that I might have to go for my eyes check up because I have been keep having headache nearly every evening. Yesterday was not so bad though. I took that as an opportunity and told hubby that I was not in the mood to cook. So we just made noodles with onion and sheesh kabobs. Been awhile we had that so it was quite yummy for us.

Then we watched "I hate Valentines day" and it was a sweet funny movie and called it a day. Yes sorry, nothing exciting happening last night.

This morning though was good. I had my breakfast order placed since last night :) Yes, I had to place an order for my breakfast to hubby if I want something special if not Masala Chai is by default.

So here's what our breakfast for today was.

Yup, Strawberry smoothie (Strawberry, frozen bananas with milk) Hubby made it

After such great healthy smootie, I came to work and chowed down this beehon with salami luncheon and fish cake. I know, so not good at all. I'm still going through the transition period. 

This is my cleansing tea I brought from home which I got from Jones the grocer. It looks like uhmmmm you know what pack ya? ha ha

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So I did it!

Yes, yesterday evening I was feeling so pumped at work and getting all ready and geared up for a run in the evening. Of cuz I was so worried that I might just back down on it. While I was at work, I was preparing my playlist and even tried to find the Nike + iPod on my phone. I used it on my iPod Touch before but I wasn't sure on the iPhone so I thought I'd prepare them in advance so I won't have any excuses. So yes, you can say that I was pretty much well prepared.

The moment I got home, I kept telling myself that no matter what you are going to feed Tinki and change and walk straight out of the door and that's what I did. Well let's just say that I managed to step out to do what my mind was set to but was my body ready? I did run a while and then I had to stop. I have been really under estimating the outdoor running and oh boy have I got a lot to catch up on.

As soon as I get home, I was looking forward to make something really refreshing and I thought of my Dragon fruit! So I made dragon fruit and fig juice!

It was just what I needed after the run/walk of 40 mins :)

My Stats 

Run/Walk : 35 mins
Distance : 4km
Calories : 239
Sweat level : Pretty good for a second day

I need to calibrate my distance. So I can get an accurate distance next time.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mad shopping for baking stuff

I can't even think of where to start about our yet another busy weekend. 2/3 of the weekend I was actually in pain yes, not good at all but I was happy the amount of stuff we still managed. We got a few deliveries on Saturday. The air conditions got servicing and who ever has air conditions, I truly recommend servicing them every 6 month! I never knew it would make any difference and IT DOES! Especially the unit in our bedroom was having some sort of sound and it's Mitsubishi brand and after those guys did what they did, it was like the first day of installation again, no more sound and didn't even notice that it was being turned on! After that, my MIL's TV was delivered and hubby and I are testing it out in our bedroom :). So we've got a 42" Tv in our room and now we're having a second thought about having a TV in the room. hhhhmmmm We also re-arranged our living room and I think it's much better now.

We also did a lot of cleaning chores and another of my fried yellow noodle for the Saturday lunch which of cuz we polished! After so much of house chores before we knew it, we had to go out to meet hubby's Aunt's family. I also tried to make Baya Kyaw ( Dahl Vadai) for tea time snack and we had some left over that we took to the Aunt's house and they also polished it! I was quite pleased with my first ever attempt of making it. Sorry guys, I didn't get a chance to take pictures of it and I am pretty sure I will be making it again and I will make sure to take pictures then. I will surely put on the recipe on the Food page though. Dinner was at Jumbo at Dempsey. This was the second week in a roll of Jumbo dinner and chili crab. Since we were at Dempsey, I went to Jone's the grocer and bought a "Calming Tea" for myself to try out to see how it is. I tried it first thing when we got home and it was really mild and lemony gingery smell and I quite enjoyed it.

As for Sunday, we made up for our grocery shoppings that we missed on Saturday. We left home around 10 in the morning and since I have been pestering hubby to take me to the Phoon Huat shop we went there first. They have everything baking materials but sad to say that I didn't find the two main thing which I have been looking for. Wholewheat flour and Active Yeast. Instead I bought whole meal flour, molasses (I have yet to think of where I'm going to use it to make what) and five grain bread flour. Then we went to do our grocery shopping at NTUC and guess what hubby found!!!! 

Yes! Active Yeast and I also found what I was looking for wholewheat flour and unbleached all purpose flour!!!! How amazing! So I told myself not to underestimate the local super markets! And guess what I made as soon as I got home! Whole grain apple pie by Michale Smith of cuz!!!! It came out unbelievably good. Hubby of cuz didn't quite like the crispy crust of the whole grain BUT I loved it and so was the Aunt's family. Yes, they dropped by in the late afternoon to our place and I gave all of them a slice each and they loved it.

After they left about 8 I was already feeling quite famish and  decided to make some chicken curry with rice but hubby protested and asked for noodles AGAIN! yes, so I told him why not I make Moh Hin Kha with the flat rice noodle and he eyes just lit up so here it is. Moh Hin Kha for dinner.

Also, I have been wanting to try out the pomegranates and I finally bought some. They're pretty expensive though, $3.5 for 2 :(

Leaving you with some sun set shots on Sunday and a champagne snow skinned moon cake.

Catch you soon.