Thursday, January 7, 2016

A quick look back to 2015


2 of my good friends moved to Melbourne. Little did myself or they know that I would be following them within the year. 


Nothing major or exciting events. 


My very first trip to LONDON!!! 
One of the best trips ADELAIDE and lost the pool bet!!!


Fast and Furious 7!!!
Receive the most amazing news!!! Can you guess? Hint : IMMI


Mom and Brother visit ...


My first Vegan Burger! 


Trip back home for Brother's Birthday!

Made a life changing decision.


Packing time 


I moved...

And the 4 rings...


Chef and Tink .... 


First drive trip ... Port Fairy 


First Jesus' and the 33rd Birthday...

I guess, there'll be more exciting challenges to come in 2016.....

Monday, January 4, 2016

What a year (2015) and here comes 2016 ...

1 post in 2015! Guess that said it all. Many things had happened in 2015. Some life changing events as well. To be honest, I don't think I want to look back at my 2015. I want to move on. Many decisions I have made in 2015 may or may not be the right ones but I am willing to face any consequences there may be from my decisions. 

A couple of things.

  • I moved country.
  • Took on an additional role at work.
  • I didn't give a crap about what people think,
  • Did a couple of travels including LONDON!!! Yay!
  • I eat whatever I want. (Yep, that caught up with me pretty fast and now I gotta stop that)
  • Basically started a new life. 
  • AUDI S3! (Enough said)
Let's review my 2015 resolutions : 

1. Get back on track with my training (Can you believe it, for my height, apparently healthy weight is between 50 - 54kg!!!). ----- > DID NOT HAPPEN  :) BUT hey, I can always readopt this in 2016. 
2. Get a couple of certifications done. (ITIL Intermediate, Prince 2 etc) ---- > DONE!
3. Spend more time with my camera and learn more about photography. 
---- > Well let's just say this will have to come along to 2016. 
4. Be more organize at work. (I tend to do a lot of last minute stuff. I need to better manage my time) --->  Think I did manage to get this done but I still feel this is a good thing to remind myself every year. So I'm going to keep this in my 2016. 
5. Need to learn to put myself first.--=-> Definitely DONE this.  
6. Have more patience with people. (Especially to the loved ones, I'm not sure why I tend to lose it easily. I need to stop taking for granted to the people in my life.) ---> Another reminder to myself in 2016. 
7. To have the courage to follow my heart. ---> DONE
8. Hope to travel more. --- > DONE
9. Take up Chinese intermediate course. --->  Nope but will come along to 2016.
10. Start back my meditation. (At the very least a couple of times this year) ---. Didn't happen 
11. Spend less on the things that I can live without. --->  I think i did well on this!!!  

Out of 11, accomplished 6 and 5 will be staying on as part of my 2016 list. 

So, here goes my 2016 list
  1. Get back on track with my training (Can you believe it, for my height, apparently healthy weight is between 50 - 54kg!!!)
  2.  Spend more time with my camera and learn more about photography.
  3. Be more organize at work.
  4. Have more patience with people.
  5. Take up Chinese intermediate course/Learn more Chinese
  6. Buy a HOUSE and make it into a HOME
  7. Learn to take care of myself 
  8. Try and be a happy person again 
  9. Write more and keep less inside 
Are you going to come along with me while I go through this list in 2016? 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So it is the 2015 ... January

I know I promised there'll be a post as the new year arrives and so here it is. Better late than never I guess.

The year started pretty good I must say. Had a wonderful family time back home for Christmas probably after a good 10 years. Sadly also the first Christmas without Dad but 3 of us definitely enjoyed just to be together.

So what's been happening so far in 2015, I had a fairly happy start of the year I must say. I can't complain much even though there were occasions which kept the reality in checked.
(I need to keep remembering not to feel so happy. Yes, the little jinx that whenever I'm extremely happy, a moment of sadness just follows). I hate that! I wish I can break that.

Apart from that, my January has been going on fairly ok I guess.

I had a long hard thought about having resolutions for this year. Yes, I always come up with a list of new year resolutions and most of the time I fail  horribly to accomplish. However, guess I'll give myself another shot this year.

So here goes.

1. Get back on track with my training (Can you believe it, for my height, apparently healthy weight is between 50 - 54kg!!!).
2. Get a couple of certifications done. (ITIL Intermediate, Prince 2 etc)
3. Spend more time with my camera and learn more about photography.
4. Be more organize at work. (I tend to do a lot of last minute stuff. I need to better manage my time)
5. Need to learn to put myself first.
6. Have more patience with people. (Especially to the loved ones, I'm not sure why I tend to lose it easily. I need to stop taking for granted to the people in my life.)
7. To have the courage to follow my heart.
8. Hope to travel more.
9. Take up Chinese intermediate course.
10. Start back my meditation. (At the very least a couple of times this year)
11. Spend less on the things that I can live without.

That's it and wish me luck for this year and I hope to tick most if not all from the list.


Yes, I will be back soon.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A wrap up of 2014

There were many ups and downs in my 2014 and I guess this is the year where I go through Changi Airport the most as well. Some with tears in my eyes and some with smiles on my face.

Last post I mentioned about losing my Dad. What I didn't mention was that I lost my one and only Grandparent that I ever known in my life, my Grandma (Pwa Pwa). I never met my Dad's parents. They died before I was born. My Mom's Dad pass away in Sydney probably when I was around 8 or 9 and I met my Grandma at the age of 13 first time when I went to Sydney even though I grew up with my Grand Aunt (Pwa Pwa's elder sister) till I turned 13, it was a great feeling or I should rather say mixed feelings to meet my only grandparent for the first time in my life when I met Pwa Pwa.

Where my brother and I have lost a father and a grandma this year, my Mom has lost her life partner and her Mom and I am proud of Mom to be this strong.

Pwa Pwa taught me heaps of things in my life.
To be independent
To have faith
To believe in yourself
To never stop learning
To never to afraid to admit something that has been wrong
To be a go getter
To never give up
To hold my head high ever if everything else around is falling to the ground
Lastly, to keep going ....

2014 has been a year where I learnt that I could still do the things that I never thought I would be able to ever again. Challenges that came my way, never did I once hesitated to step back and run away from them but with an amazing support and believe people have in me has made me face them with went through them.  

None of the events that had taken place in 2014 that I would change. Only thing if I could ask would probably be, for my 2015 to have more of the events that would make me smile more.

There were a lot of first times in 2014 for me as well which made it special. I did say there we UPS and DOWNs. So not all are sad stuff.

I got to experience F1 for the first time in my life and loved every bits of it. I was really happy that I made the decision of going (yes, was a little skeptical before decided to get the tickets).

Visited Melbourne for the first time, pretty amazing too and a great experience that will  stay with me forever.

And a couple more.....

Even though, it's still 15 days away to the end of 2014, this is the last well second last post for the year and in the next post (which I hope to do so before 2015 or 1st of 2015) I will be listing down my "goals", my plan for 2015.

With everything above, I just want to say thank you for being in my life and being apart of my life..... Goodnight.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2.5 years after and a tribute to the most wonderful person in my life

So many things has happened in my life since the last post. Woah, it's 2.5 years ago. I can't believe I have forgotten how peaceful it is to come here and write my heart out.

I know it's December 2014 but I am not planning to document the past 30 months of my life. BUT, I do want to share a few significant events that took place in my life that I will remember forever.

February 2013  - Dad's 75th Birthday

Dad always loved to go on family trips. His dream was to have the whole family going on a road trip. Yes a road trip. Not a plane ride trip. He loved to stop at random country sides and tried local stuff. Love that about it. So it was a dream came true for him. I flew back to go on a trip with the family. Mom, Dad, my brother and his wife and myself. Mom bought him a 2 hour massage session on his birthday and I will never forget the grin he had after the massage saying it was the best I have ever had in my life. Well Dad, it was US 150 massage and it had better be good. So, all and all he has a really wonderful time and I was really happy I made the effort to go and spend time with the family. Oh and since the trip was sponsored by Mom, at the end of it Dad said, "Dawn, next year you'll be 70th, and I will sponsor the same for you". .....


December 2013 to May 2014 - Dad's first and last visit my house and first and last ever experiencing my driving.

So Dad seemed to be upset with something and he refused to come and visit me since his last trip in 2009 but he agreed to come along last year December together with Mom and my brother and also to go and visit my sister in law. I was thrilled that I got the chance to drive him and my brother. Trust me, in my 35 years well 34 then I've only been driven by them but never they had ever let me drive. So, DUH! Of cuz I was ecstatic. Dad's comment (She drives better than her husband) :) well that comment was made to Mom and not directly to me. One thing Dad would never do to his children, praise them in their face. He loved the house as well and I was really happy.

From here they continued their trip to my sister in law's place and that's where things start to go down south. Dad was covered with big blot of rashes and he grew weak BUT he never stayed back when the rest had planned to go out. He didn't want one of them to have to stay back because of him. Selflessness was one of his virtues. We were away in Thailand and whenever I saw the pictures of him I knew something wasn't right but he never complained so not to bring down the mood of the rest and ruin their holidays.

Finally they returned back to us and Dad was really in bad shape that he could barely get out of the house because of the rashes and he wasn't sure what was causing him. I felt helpless and took him to the doctor etc.

From there on, he never recovered and finally left us on the 19th May 2014. I miss him but I know he loved us. Very much so that he never laid a hand on both of us, he had never scolded us, he was the diplomat between my Mom and me. He didn't teach us what to do instead he lived and showed us how we should behaved and treat others. He always told us to treat others the way we want to be treated.

Lastly about my Dad, he never liked it when I'm sulking for frowning. He would say "Why do you have to make that ugly face when you have such a gorgeous smile. You should always be smiling and your smile always makes people happy. When you are happy, nothing matters. Be a happy person always"

I love you. Goodnight Dad "Phay Gyi" I promise to keep smiling always.

More 2014 moments to come ......

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kicking of bad habit and other things

So, to continue of my last night's updates:

  • Even though I haven't managed to run 5k under 30 mins, I'm quite happy that I managed to run 6km.
  • We finally bought a KING size bed!! :)
  • Started to drive to work everyday and gain more confidence. (Tip to those who are afraid to drive or scared to drive. Don't. You just need to practice and have more experience on the road. you'll be fine and in no time driving will become a second nature to you. Trust me on this one).
  • Drove up to Kota Tinggi with a bunch of friends and it was another awesome experience.
  • Drove up to Desaru and Melacca with hubby.
  • Stuck in a traffic for 5 hours at the checkpoint which was such a crazy experience.
  • My best friend got MARRIED!!!!
  • Another friend of ours got MARRIED!!!
Ok, I think that's about it for the updates. 
Now back to current.

Had a hectic day today. Full day of meetings but had a nice lunch. Took an excuse to treat a colleague and had Nando's for lunch :)

The morning was started good with a 4km run before work and felt pretty awesome. Evening was pretty good too with a nice dinner with hubby at the coner chinese place. The food is pretty pathetic but hey it was airconditioned and they've got some noodle soups. :)

Also, there's this bad habit I've been trying to kick. Which I know that I can however at times I just needed to do something for a kick and I found myself doing it. Not good I know. Well one thing I know for sure is if there's a will, there's a way and never too late when you know you want to do it. If today fails, I can start again from now. With that being said, I shall start again from now and I shall report back everyday.
By the way, there are like crazy amount of work which I've been pushing aside to do and I think I should probably get them started.
Right, I know I do this a LOT but I'm not going to stop just because I feel that I never accomplish them or follow through. Yes, I'm going to make a list of things to be a better person. Sometimes I think self reflecting is good.
  1. I shall call my parents more often. Which I have been doing it quite well recently. I must admit something. I dread calling back home for a few reasons. I'm afraid I'd get some bad news. I'm afraid to get lecture from my Mom. I'm afraid I'd say wrong things that would upset my Mom. But someone recently who calls their Mom everyday inspired me and reminded that our parents are aging and that we should be doing all we can to spend as much time as we can. Even if it is just a phone call.
  2. Keep up with the my gym sessions. At least 5 times a week which currently I am achiving.
  3. Eat more healthy meals and make them at home if possible.
  4. Have more faith in myself.
I know I'm going to add to this list and amazingly my mind just went blank! Shall continue tomorrow. Goodnight for now.

P.S A friend told me yesterday that I'm the best! Made my day.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

After nearly a year and a I am back again

So here I am. Back again and hope to keep this one going. Well just to keep a quick summary of what had happened while I was away for the past year and half.
  • I got a new role in my job. (which I do hope to keep it for a while longer even though it's been more than a year now)
  • Visited Goa and Jaipur!! one of the highlights.
  • Met some really great and interesting people through work and some were sadly no longer with the company for so many reasons.
  • Learnt a lot about different people too.
  • Been really good with workouts.
  • Running for more than 2 months every weekend. Even though it's only on the treadmill, doesn't mean that I will not run outdoor. One day I shall.
  • Been taking care of the home.
  • We got a new addition to the family. (Ginger. He's another adopted SPCA ginger color kitty.) We both love him dearly.

  • Went to Sydney over this year's Good Friday to spend some times with Pwa Pwa. (that reminds me to call her to see how things are with her).
  • Went on a cruise to celebrate our 4th year Anniversary together with a close friend couple in February. (Royal Caribbean). To those who has never been on a cruise, I truly recommend you to do so. But do make sure you choose this line. :)
Gosh, I can't believe how much I missed writing and documenting my daily life.

Ok, I gotta head off to bed for now. Hitting gym for my run in the morning. 6am will be the alarm time.

P.S, I still have tons to write up.