Thursday, September 17, 2009

No news to update :(

Yesterday and today we didn't have much things to update. Sadly we haven't been able to hit the gym BUT now we are looking forward to the long weekend ...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Certified IT Project Manager

Yes, that's me!!! I cannot believe still that I passed my test. Amazing! 

Hubby and parents in law took me for a nice dinner at Vivo City, Thai food. Very nice and yummy. Again no gym for the day. 

I also did a good presentation today to a potential customer. Doing a presentation to 4 Directors isn't an easy job but I did it quite good I must say. 

Monday, September 14, 2009

In laws coming to town

Today is rather a weird day for me. We didn't hit the gym because we went to bed quite late last night. No doubt it was a busy day but I didn't really feel like I was paying full attention to my work. I guess I was too distracted with the renovation ideas and research for the house. 

We also received the floor plan of the house. Anyways, I'm sorry this will be a very short entry as my in laws will be arriving soon and will be here till 30th Sept.

Good night.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Memorable weekend

So our Sunday started with a good game of tennis with friends and who knew we would be ending the day with a house buying process!!!

SO yes! I guess I can say hubby and I have just bought a house of our own! Next week will be busy as we will need to do a lot of financial planning and the whole process will take about 5 to 6 months. Isn't it unbelievable? Its no doubt we will need a whole renovation but we got the location where we have been looking for the past few months. Its on the 16th floor and overlooking the sea. Pictures coming soon.

A busy busy week ahead. Stay tune. Goodnight for now.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Husband went for the IT show today while I stayed back home. It was too sunny and I wasn't in the mood of going through crowd. That gave me time to update my journal and Audrey came by to pick up her gifts we brought back from Bogor for her. 

As for dinner, we walked down to the coffee shops and had Char Siew Wanton noddle and hubby had mixed rice and vegetables. 

I've received the Upper Room which my dearest Grand mother sends every 2 months. She is such a loving woman and intelligent. Pwa Pwa would always add a little note in the mails. This time I got this one. Click on picture to view larger image.

We got home and hubby made me a G&T. It seems to be my new drink I like to enjoy now. 

Good workout and great house work

We got up around 9 today and we hit to the gym before we got too lazy. WOOHOO!! I had a good workout today. 


Chest : Bench Press 5kg, 12,12,12 7.5kg 10, Standing chest pull 5kg, 12
Back : Lat Pull down 19g, 12,12,12, seated roll 19kg 12
Biceps ; Hammer curls 4kg 12,12,12 seated curl 4kg 12
Triceps : Push backs 4kg 12,12,12 
Shoulders : Sitting shoulder press 4kg 12,12,12


YES! I had a good run today.

Duration : 30:00 minutes
Distance : 3.74km
Calories burned : 220 

We got home and I was feeling so energetic and decided to fold the dry laundry and did more laundry.

Will update again soon. yes, I'm back and I will try to update regularly.

Quick recap of my mad week

It was truly a mad rush week for us last week. Well at least for me. We slacked in the exercise department last week.

Monday : No gym. Usual work and got home late. Hubby made dinner. 

I would say healthy and hearty meal it was. Steamed vegetables with tomatoes Sheesh kabab.

Tuesday : Managed to hit the gym. However, it was exactly a week since we went to the gym so we both felt tired and felt we didn't get a good workout. 

I could only run for:

  • Workout Time : 24:06 minutes
  • Calorie Burned : 156
  • Distance : 2.81 km
Wednesday : No workout again and busy day at work that got back home only around 8 pm. Oh and managed to reconnect to a very good friend, Ko Zaw Htet on yahoo message. Its always is nice to find old friends and to know how they are and what they are doing. 

Thursday : I can't believe that Ko Zaw Htet actually sent the cook book I have been wanting for awhile. Yes, it is not available in Singapore. Its a burmese cook book and only available online. I have been contemplating of buying it for awhile and he got it for me as a gift! I can't wait to get it. 

I worked till 1am that night for a tender submission on Friday.

Friday : No gym again because the moment I opened my eyes I was back on computer to work on the tender submission. I did not go in to office as it would be a waste of time to travel to office especially when there was so much to do. After working so hard, we didn't manage to bid for the tender because we were late for 5 minutes.

Anyhoo, after working whole day and no bid for the tender hubby was so sweetly invited me to join him and friends at Harry's. I had G&T. Then his friends decided to go to The Queen and Mangosteen" and we went with them for a little while. I must say their mini burgers are really delicious. Its a must try. However, the drinks were quite bad. I ordered frozen lime daiqiiri and it was basically a lime cordial. HORRIBLE!!! 

We only stayed there for about 45 minutes and decided to head back and there I got a call from my boss saying they're in Vivo city where me and hubby were and wanted them to join for dinner. So as much as we were so tired, it would not have been nice to bail. So we went and joined them for dinner at Asian Kitchen. Hubby couldn't eat anymore and I only had nibbles of everything. 

Trip to Bogor,Indonesia (Recap)

My plan at first was to post at least 1 every two days last week especially during my trip. Now that its really late to be telling every single bits of the trip detail it won't be so good anymore. So I decided to do a really quick recap of last week. 

We left on Wednesday 2nd Sept in the evening to Bogor. Sad but no choice that we had to leave Tinki at home. Hubby's friend really took great care of her. The trip was short and sweet. The shopping was really good. I think we have done shopping for the whole year :) The best part is I managed to get a few of my running shorts, sports tops, sports jackets and hubby's great size sandals. His shoe sizes are hard to find in Singapore. So it was good that we managed to get it. The rest are just dresses, tops, skirts, office shirts, etc.

There is always a ritual that every girls who live in Singapore do. Buy cosmetic at the airport duty free :). Yes, I find that the prices at the duty free at airport is way much cheaper than normal prices in the malls. 

So I bought, Bobbi Brown press powder, Bobbi Brown Nude Palette and Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner. Here are the pictures.

I had this eye liner brush from Bobbi Brown and finally I got the right liner to use. 

Ok, back to my trip. We got back home on Sunday around 11pm at night and we were just too tired and went to bed. 

Oh yes, hubby bugged me to drive in Bogor and I managed!! Yes, if you have never been to Indonesia, you won't know how the traffic is. So trust me. I did good!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Since last week, I have yet to update my blog. The reason is simply I have so many things I want to tell you, pictures are not taken and not much time just yet. I promised you will see something tomorrow if not over the weekend. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All packed

We are all set and packed for now. The only thing left is to finish up the rest of the work today in office and leave early. Last night Hubby's friend couple came over and we showed him how to feed Tinki. They're so sweet that even willing to come and feed in the mornings as well but we only asked them to feed in the evening and put more dry food for the next day. 

After they left we went to Mustafa to do our list of things to do and if you noticed I have cancelled out the ones we managed last night. As for Tinki's second litter box, Hubby managed to be creative and make do with what we already have at home. So no issue anymore. Aud and boyfriend will come by and check on Tinki on Saturday so it will be good. 

The flight is at 9:30pm so if I have a chance to update, I will do so before leaving.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A rush run

Well we were running a tad late by the time when we stepped in the gym this morning but I didn't try to cut my run short. Hubby also ran beside me but he only did 20 minutes. I did 33 minutes.

Today's work out:

  • Workout Time : 33.01 minutes
  • Calorie Burned : 237
  • Distance : 4.13 km
Not too bad. I noticed that now I only take breaks after 10 minutes. So basically for this jog/run I only break 3 times where I normally would have break like at least 5 times. Also I managed to run at 9.2 kph for 2 minutes. I want to maintain this see when I can run 5K in 30 minutes. 

If I have not mentioned yet, we are going to Bogor, Jakarta on Wednesday night and there are a few errands we need to run this evening. We also decided not to send Tinki to the pet boarding and will leave her at home. Hubby's friend, our neighbor is kind enough to feed Tinki every evening.  

Things we need to do this evening:
  1. Change money
  2. Buy another plastic tray for Tinki ( I don't think we want to ask Hubby's friend to scoop the poo as well so we will have two poo trays for 4 days for Tinki. Yes she is very particular.)
  3. Pack
  4. Wrap Vikram's gifts
  5. Buy M&M for Vikram
  6. Finish up most of my work.
I think that's about it. I might be missing out a few items but I'm sure Hubby will remember. 

Thank you Hubby :)

On my way home yesterday I was feeling so annoyed with the Taxi driver (yes, I have been so spoiled that I have been taking cabs home). He was going around and I don't know why suddenly I seem to have lost most of my patience. Is it the age or hormones? No idea. I am usually very easy going person and just ignore the situation. Also on Sunday I did something which I always wanted to do which was VERY bad. No, I'm not going to tell you what I did but I can tell you this. When you are nearly hit by a car from the back because of an idiot driver in front you really tend to lose it. Yes, I lost it!! I was shaking with anger. OK, I need my meditation sessions back.

Back to yesterday evening. Eventually I got home and I think it was nearly $4 over than my usual rides home. Oh well. During the taxi ride, I was thinking we could have the left over chicken and chick peas curry I made over the weekend. When I stepped in my dear husband was making Sheesh Kababs with tomatoes for dinner. How sweet was that? Thank you baby :)

Our helper also came so it was a nice Monday evening after all. Dinner was served and house was cleaned. I know there is only one way to pay my hubby back for his lovely dinner which is to go to the gym this morning.