Saturday, October 31, 2009

Visit to Sungei Kadut and Nangyi Thoke for Dinner

Monsoon is here hubby said. It started raining yesterday and the weather has been lovely yesterday and today. No hot sun and cool wind is just gorgeous. I think I'm starting to appreciate the rain only because it cools down the temperature. So there was no air condition last night and no sneezing fits for me today. I loved it! 

Firstly, I made french toast for breakfast and hubby made the usual tea. We were up around 7:40 on a Saturday morning and it felt good to have plenty of time to do a lot of things around the house. Oh and I received a parcel collection slip during the week so we went to post office to pick up whatever the parcel was and only to find out that it was wrongly sent to me. It was actually supposed for Aud. After that since we were out hubby and me decided to do some grocery shopping. We bought:

Minced pork
Baby carrots
Baby asparagus
Less sodium soy sauce (to send for Dad, he's having high blood pressure lately))
Less sodium salt (to send for Dad)
Sofix Parquet wash
Less fat mayonnaise

We spent about S$69.50 for grocery. OH I found some HUGE custard apples and I told hubby that I must buy them. They were $5 for one and $9 for 2. So I bought 2 of them and 3 big pears. So guess what happened? 

I cooked lunch AND dinner!!!!

For lunch, pan fried salmon with steams baby carrots and grilled asparagus. 

For dinner, Nangyi thoke. (Burmese rice nooddle salad). My camera battery was dead so I promise to take pictures next time.

Around 3:00 we decided to go for a furniture hunt and we went to this infamous SUNGEI KADUT!!! It is supposed to be a stretch of factory outlets for furniture. 

Today's note : Patience is key for everything.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Vegetarian meals

Hubby and I were discussing last night to source out more vegetarian places nearby. It seems our Thursday nights dinners have become very routine and only 3 choices available. Vivo Indian food stall/Brinda's at Bt Merah Central or Komala. 

Yes, quite sad isn't it? So last night was Vivo night. I must say it is our favourite among the three. Oh yes of cuz I could cook but, for those of you who don't know, after fasting a whole day I don't think both hubby and me will have patience to cook. Well at least I don't. So that's that for dinner and on the way home I bought a bubble tea! Its been a while I had bubble tea and I still like it. It is a drink originated from Taiwan if I am not wrong. No I did not manage take any pictures and yes, I need to take more pictures I know I know. 

Yesterday was also a full of drama day at work. Not going into the detailed but I can tell you that I was out of office by 5:40 without my laptop and I felt FREE!!!! Also, I realised that I can download the mails from my phone so why would I want to carry such a heavy thing around. 

That's one thing I hate. I hate having to carry heavy things around like LAPTOPS!!!! It makes me feel tired easily. 

We also managed to squeeze in a movie, The Client last night except that we had to pause several times ( Hubby got calls from work 2 times and I got calls from my boss 4 times!! because of the drama at work). It was an old movie but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Who wouldn't to a movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Susan Sarandon.

Today's note : When feeling angry or annoyed its always good to keep your cool and keep quiet instead of shouting back which would only make the situation gets worse.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guest over on a week day = not a good idea!

On Tuesday  I invited my brother's friends who were in town for Mee Shay dinner. I did think about it long and hard to see if it is a good idea but did not have much choices as one of them was leaving the next day and I wanted to pass some stuff for home. Little did I know that one of them actually does a catering business and there I was trying to show off my cooking skills, bad start! However, it was quite well as most of the stuff finished and I think I'm loving my ribs soups. (THANK YOU AUNTY JANE) 

Surprisingly, as tired as I was that evening I still managed to clean up the dishes and cleared the table. I was pretty impressed with myself. Hubby of cuz put all the dry plates away in the morning while I was still lazing in bed.

So last night dinner, as you guessed it was the left over pork belly with preserved Chinese vegetables, rib soup and omelet and couldn't believe it was a yummy dinner still.

Today's note : Never invite any guest during week days.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh gosh, it's been a really long time

I just realised that it has been more than a month since I last updated. Surely I have tons to update and let out.

For a start, I really do not believe that men in this part of the world know how to give way and respect women/ladies!!!! 

I was trying to get on to the bus this morning with a hand full of flowers and there were men squeezing me through. WHY? WHY??