Tuesday, June 30, 2009

35 Mins and ouching...

We have been pretty good with our work outs. Despite the Aunt's visit Hubby still joined me for gym this morning. Yes, he's gorgeous. So today is my cardio day. Oh I have not mentioned how sore I was on Saturday, Sunday and also yesterday since I did my lower body this morning as soon as I stepped on the the thread mill, my knees were wobbling. I didn't even think that I could "WALK" more than 5 minutes. And who knows...


  • Total Duration : 35 minutes
  • Calories Burned: 142
  • Distance : 3.6 km
  • Sweat Meter : not enough
  • Highest Intensity : 7.5
  • Longest duration on highest : 2 minutes
  • Second Highest Intensity : 7
  • Longest duration on second highest : 6 minutes

I was actually ready to give up on the 3 minute on my 7 and there comes Chamillion's song. No idea the title of it but hey, its a Hip Hop how can I just stop my running there!!! So I kept running with the song imagining I'm those hot chicks in the MTV and guess what! It works!!! I made it to 6 minutes but my knees were giving away so I had to slow down ....

Anyhoo, my goal is to be able to make it to 5 km under 30 minutes and cut those sides of my thighs!!!!

When you got a request

So, I realised that I got a request from Hubby's aunt who was coming back from Jakarta last night that she wanted me to cook something for her. I decided to make my ever lovely Kyar Zan Kyaw (Bee Hon). I love this and it is such a quick meal to prepare and also realised I have all the stuff I need to make this. So here is a picture of it. Its not exactly the one I made last night but so happen that I made this a while ago when my best friend came over and she snapped a picture.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fruit for lunch

One of the Thursdays fruit lunches.....

Monday squats

We did prepare quite well last night however I forgot my glasses. So here is what I took to gym

1. office clothes
2. My brandnew water bottle ( and its PINK!)
3. Makeup pouch (Yes, I found a pouch at home which means I don't have to buy anymore.. muahhhaahahaha)
4. Gym gloves
5. Sandwiches (Multigrain bread with romaine lettuce and turkey breast meat)
6. My ZEN!!( yes, hubby fixed it yesterday and its working now but that means no more iPOD, oh well but I've got music to run and I'm happy)
7. Shower stuff (Shampoo, conditioner, etc)

Today is my lower body day. I have decided to stick to my BFL routine. I will write about my BFL training I did in 2007 and it was a truly success.
Warm Up
7 mins on tread mill
1. Squats (12, 10, 8, 6, 12)
2. Romanian Dead Lifts (35 lbs - > 12, 10,8,6, 12 on the seated leg curls)
3. Calf Raises (12,10,8,6,12)
Total of 45 minutes.
After the workout I was sweating but not as much on my cardio day but it was still good.

Crazy Sunday

Its crazy because we got up at 7 45 on a Sunday morning. Hubby was feeling better from his headache which was good.

After our quick breakfast which was tea and cake rusk (which is not really good to be having everyday but those buggers are really really tasty and addictive) we went out to do our grocery shopping. Believe it or not we were too early. We got there around 9:15 and the supermarket only opens at 10. So we went to
ToastBox and decided to have a decent breakfast. I had Nasi Lamak and Hubby had Laksa with tea and coffee each.

I finally managed to cleaned up the kitchen and we attempted to bake a cake which failed miserably. Need to do proper research on recipes next time.

Our Dell is also not behaving well so Hubby tried to fix it nearly whole of afternoon and our plan of Sunday movie at home did not work out.

Late evening, our close friend couple (Jit and Kanu) came over and we went out to China town for shopping and dinner. It was a nice evening. I bought a cotton top and skirt for 10 bucks each! Yes yes, will get the pictures soon.

Got back home at 10:10 and realised its Monday tomorrow and we packed our gym stuff, office stuff and went to bed around 11:00.

Oh yes, we also managed to buy our water bottles, and a tiny shampoo for Hubby for him to use in the gym. Its really cute, and its travel size.

Stay tune for the Monday workout....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

3 years old Birthday Party

Last night we had to attend to a birthday party of Hubby's co-worker. Gosh, kids nowadays grow so fast and I realise how much damage and noise can happen if you put 30 small kids and the parents are put in a room. Yes, it was noisy with kids squealing and running and crying. Anyhoo, food was great. Majority of the function were Indians apart from me. Oh wait, let's just put it as everyone except me were Indians so it was Indian food(North Indian). So I was in heaven with all the tikkas and yummy Indian-Chinese noddle. Yes, there is such food. I know I am yet to put up any pictures yet and I should very soon.

After the party, we joined a newly wed couple (not so new as their wedding was on the 5th of June) at their house to enjoy some wine. We didn't stay too late as Hubby was coming down with bad headache. Poor thing, he suffers from headaches and migraine like that every now and then. As soon as we got back we had to go to bed straight as his head was getting worse.

We still managed to go to the gym today, I think Hubby only came to gym because of me. I should try and go by myself soon so that he wouldn't feel bad next time. After gym, we just ate at a food court. I had clay pot chicken with dried chill and Hubby had dry Yong Ta fu in Vivo City.

In the afternoon after we got back from our lunch I watched a Hindi movie on TV (Jodhaa Akbar) quite nice. Just that it was 3 and a half hour long movie. By the time it ended, it was time to prepare dinner.

As for dinner, I cooked Burmese chicken curry, dahl and Burmese tomato salad. I will try and put up the recipes soon.

30 mins Cardio

YES! I managed to run/jog/walk for 30 mins on the treadmill today and burned a total of 120 calories. Which for many people might not be so much but for me it was great. I felt so good when I saw myself sweating after that I had to show my hubby how much I managed and he said, I can't really see the sweat but your face is like a tomato :)

Here is the summary :

4 mins warm up at 5
2 mins 6
2 mins 6.8
5 mins 7
and continued the same pattern till the minute 27 I tried to push myself to 7.4 from minute 27 to 29 and cool down at 5 from minute 29 to 31.

Also did crunches with Hubby.

So all in all, I am quite happy with my gym routine this week. I was remembering what my trainer said to me 5 years ago. Exercising should be a life style is not just something that one wants to do just once in a while. I am going to make that happen. I want my exercising and healthy eating to be a part of our life style.

Friday, June 26, 2009

First Strength Training in 2009

So today is my first Upper Body Strength Training day. My strategy is slowing putting my body back to the training mood and once Monday will start hitting it full. So here is my workout:

  • 6 mins warm up on treadmill
  • Chest
  • Shoulder press
  • Back
  • Biceps
  • Triceps

I will try to add the actual exercises, reps and the weights in upcoming workout posts. For now its just a beginning.

I managed to get my Body fat measurements as well. So here they are.

Date : 26th June 09

  • Height 153 (I'm 5.2" so that was a guess in cm)
  • Weight 57.4kg
  • BMI 24.5 ( My goal is to bring down to 21 to 23)
  • PBF 35.9 (This is not good my goal 28)

Tomorrow is my Cardio day...

RIP Michael Jackson

Woke up at 6:44 for Gym this morning. While getting dressed, I noticed a friend's FaceBook note saying Michale Jackson Died. Thought it was a joke and switched on CNN and true enough, breaking news about his death. Oh well.... I am not such a great fan of him but since he was the King of Pop it was truly a shocking news.

OK, back to my dinner last night and workout this morning.

Vegetarian Dinner
No, I didn't cook last night. I was in office till 7 30 and hubby came to pick me up which was really sweet of him. We both were starving by the time I got out so we decided to make do with Komalas at East Coast.
I had Brayani and Poori Set. YUUUMMMY. Don't ask me if Komala's food is good. Thursday dinners are also GREAT! because we fast on the day so lunch was only fruits.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Food event and Infamous

We decided that Thursdays we will give our body a break. Since we fast on Thursdays it is more of a practical thing to do anyways.

I got home around 7 20 yesterday evening from work and our helper was already cleaning the house. Good thing hubby's office is close to home so he could come back early to let them in. Them meaning she brought her sister to help. Our helper comes every Wednesday to clean the whole house and iron our work clothes for the week. She's gem :) and $10 an hour how kool is that? She only takes maximum of 2.5 hours to do all those.

Ok, back to our evening. Hubby was grinning whole evening because his arms and shoulders were sore lastnight from.. yes not so hard to guess .. from the workout. For me, surprisingly I only feel a bit of strain on my tummy. Not too bad or may be I didn't do my crunches to hit those muscles under the FAT!!!

Lunch was Yong Tou Fu for me. Is having 10 pieces in Yong Tou Fu too many? :) I chose, Brocoli, Chinese Vege, Lady's finger with fish, fish wrapped in Tou Fu sheet, meat ball, tomato, Fried fish piece, Rice vermicilli, Steamed fish cake and a fish ball. So I would say not too bad I only had 1 fried stuff in there but I know I should reduce it to 8 next time :)
I brought an apple cut up and half a pear to work and snacked on it whole afternoon which made me feel like a good girl after snacking on mini biscuits before.

As I was walking back, hubby called so told him to take out the Shesk Kababs that my MIL sent and decided we'd have Tom Yam Noddles (instant noddles : ) ) with grilled Kababs. I will try to get the pictures next time.
After dinner, we decided to sit and relax for awhile and thought of watching a movie. Hubby found a movie called "Infamous" and at first we thought it would be such a slow movie. However, we thought it was such a brilliant drama and would recommend anyone who would like to enjoy a good quality movie.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Simple Salmon Recipe

So here is the recipe for simple salmon I made last night
  • Fresh salmon
  • Sea Salt & Pepper
  • Tomatoes salsa

I just simply put the salmon under the running water and use the kitchen paper towel to pat dry. Place salmon on the foil, sprinkle sea salt and pepper, spread a table spoon of salsa on the fish. Just wrap the fish with the foil and put in the oven. (250deg for 25 minutes) and that's it done.

How easy is that?

As for the chilli sambal, will have to ask hubby for the recipe link and will post it later.

We survived!

I think today is the earliest we got up in 2009. 6:45 am and surprisingly we were looking forward to our workout and feeling fresh (at least after splashing some water on my face). We preped really well last night for this morning and managed to be out by 7 15. Stuff I packed
  • Office clothes
  • Fruits
  • A comb and a brush
  • Shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment
  • Makeup pouch (it was actually a plastic bag, yes I need a makeup bag)
  • Office shoes
  • Vitamins

I also have my workout clothes taken out and layed them beside my bag. So I didn't have to be looking for them when I wake up. I just realised I need a few more things in my list of packing.

  • Water bottle
  • Zen (I need to fix it first if its totally dead will I be getting an iPod? who knows!!!)
  • Shower gel

Hubby also had his stuff packed last night so we were all set in the morning.


I managed

  • 20 mins on treadmill

Minute Intensity

  1. 4
  2. 4
  3. 4
  4. 5
  5. 5.5
  6. 6
  7. 6.2
  8. 6.8
  9. 4.5
  10. 5
  11. 5.5
  12. 6.2
  13. 6.8
  14. 6.8
  15. 4.5
  16. 5
  17. 6
  18. 6.2
  19. 7
  20. 7.2
  21. 4
  22. 4
  • 50 crunches


McDonald's sausage McMaffin without egg, without cheese. Hubby's one was with cheese. It was a mistake by the Mc people but he didn't mind it. This is the what my trainer recommended me about 5 years ago, when I asked him what is the best I could eat from McDonald when I'm pressing for time. Oh and of cuz a cup of Tea and Coffee for hubby.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oven baked Salmon for Dinner

My dearest hubby did the grocery shopping as he finished his work earlier than me today. He even came to pick me up from the station. I was touched by this until he saw me and said "Oh, didn't bring your laptop back? I couldn't have come if I knew that" ha ha. Anyhoo, I was happy he came.

After so much anticipations, he managed to make his Chilli Sambal tonight guess what! it was awesome apart from his hands are still burning from the chilli. Will post the recipe soon.

Me, I just made simple grilled sweet potatoes and oven baked salmon in foil. I was happy how it turned out.. I must say it was quite good. Recipe coming soon..

Oh and yes, we're going to the gym tomorrow 7am!!! So time to go and pack now... Catch you tomorrow and will let you know how it turned out after nearly 8 months of not exercising.

Good night...

Its Sardine Puff not Sardine curry puff!

So, I got a lecture from a malay stall uncle. I don't really know why I was feeling bit sick(pukish) this morning after taking my vitamins (1 500gm primrose oil, 1 EnervonC, 1 EyeVital, 1 Multivitmin). Hubby suggested may be I didn't eat enough food before taking the vitamins and to buy something to eat along the way to work. I decided to buy 2 Sardine curry puff (ok, this is before I know it is Sardine Puff) and I asked for them. The malay uncle looked at me in his serious face and said, "Its Sardine Puff NOT Sardine Curry Puff, remember!" I was like "Oh ok, thanks." and noticed that they were quite small and he said 80c.

I realised I have a total of $1.50 in my wallet and realised I can afford 3 of them so I asked for another one and gave him 1.20c. He returned my 20c and said, its 40c each and 3 for $1!!! how cool is that??

However, I know my days of curry puff breakfast is ending soon as hubby is signing me up for my gym membership today!!! Sky Fitness, here I come.

More to come... stay tune..