Monday, August 31, 2009

Sushi Tei and iNuovi

We decided to have a nice dinner after that sneezing fit and cold day. Yesterday was a such a l ovely cold rainy day if I forgot to mention it. The dinner was at Sushi Tei and it was the yummies sushi I had in my 11 years. I know this may sound a bit for others but for me it was a high end Sushi. We had:
  • Salmon Sashimi
  • Vegetable Tampura
  • Rainbow Sushi plate
  • Beef and rice
  • Salmon Hand roll
  • Unagi Hand roll
Hhhhhmm YUMM YUMM. 

After dinner, we went to i Nouvi shop and the make up lady was so weird. Anyways, I bought a concealer and a eye liner for $37.

Sunday, sneezing Sunday

The weekend was not too bad apart from both Hubby and I was hit with some allergy bug and ear ache problem on Sunday. I was sneezing my head off but i didn't get it in the way from cleaning the house. The guest/ironing room has been bugging me for awhile now with clothes and rubbish. So it was quite an accomplishment yesterday that I managed to put order back in the room and also the living room. While doing so, Hubby made us Bacon and tomatoes with toasts for brunch.  

My MIL brought these from India and I have yet to show you guys off. Lovely handmade Indian tapestry cushion covers.

These are the floor cushions, MIL brought the covers and Hubby bought the cushions from IKEA.

Lastly, the wall hang which is yet to be on the wall but on the chair. The other one is the crochet table cloth my Mom made when I was young. I love having my Mom's handmade around the house. 

Bags and Women

Have you ever felt you can't choose what you like that you have to rely on other's opinions? Well I am that sort of girl that I can never make a decision on my own and sometimes I feel so frustrated that I don't even know what I like. As a result I always end up with gifts from others and I am quite happy with what I get. 

I don't think there is any woman in the world who does not have/own a handbag/purse/shoulder bag. As for me, I like big should bags. Reason being, as simple as I can throw nearly everything in. However, lately I have been having a bit of dilemmas and will get to them later. 

OK, first stop my MIL's gift for my birthday last year. 

I really like this one and I have been using this like 95% of the 2008 and 2009. Then I got another one from my MIL for this year's belated birthday gift last month and the material is really light.

Isn't it gorgeous? Yes, Its BIG and lots of pockets. I could even fit my laptop in it. How wonderful is that? Here comes the sad news. Its really heavy :(. So that's my first dilemma. Are all big bags good? Hhhhmmm I am sure they are as long as they're light. Wouldn't you think so? 

Ok, next stop. My best friend Aud gave me this cutie as my birthday gift this year. She's a darling. She knows what I need and when to give. She'a good timer!!! (sounds not right, but you know what I mean! 

And guess what? I know you must be thinking how unfashionable I am. I have been using this bag to work!! Ha! yes, I commute to work nearly an hour every day on buses and trains and if I have a laptop bag and another bag with the equivalent weight of my laptop bag I think my I will have droopy shoulders in no time.

Last stop, this is my most expensive little bag that I ever bought for myself. Its Anteprema and it has this gorgeous blood red color. Its a tiny bag again but this is my party/function bag. I got this from a friend's wife when she was clearing out her branded bags and I bought this for 100 SGD. 

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tinki's operation day (not for the faint hearted)

Hubby took these when he brought Tinki home after her operation, be warned that the pictures are not for the faint hearted...
Can you see the stitches? Yes, they shaved her little tummy :(

She was in so much pain that she was just lying and groaning the whole day. Oops just realised there was a bag of chips on the floor :)

There! we bought an E collar for her knowing her! The nurse was telling her that "IF she started to lick the wound area try to get an E collar" Hubby said, "Are you kidding? she's Tinkle bell we will get the collar anyways " ha ha. Yeap, She's little feisty one.

That's the carrier bag we bought for her. I think she hates that bag now :)

Energetic saturday

Even though we slept late last night as I had to stay up till 1am to do some work, surprisingly I got up feeling fresh. We had the AC on and Tinki in the room to sleep with us. She slept between my legs most of the night and it was a nice feeling to have her little warm furry body next to my legs. Also on the hind side I was so careful the whole night worrying if I moved I might wake her up.

We managed to do a few chores in the morning and I was happy to be feeling energetic enough to do all the loads of laundry and also cooked something in the morning. Well we got up around 9ish to when I was done with those it was already 11:30. I used to be someone who does not care much about the clothes and would just throw everything in the washing with one setting for all. However, I really do believe that people change as they get older :) Now, I am pretty particular with my washings. I would separate my laundry into:

  • Undies
  • Whites ( I normally soak whites for at least 3 hours with Vanish/Napisan)
  • Blacks ( I wash blacks separately as well as I noticed that if I wash them with some others colors they tend to get lint from other colors. Just my observation)
  • Light colors
  • Home clothes & dark colors
So you can see how long my day of laundry would usually take. After my many loads of laundry and much attempted chicken curry for nan gyi thote we went to the gym around 12:30. By the way, the chicken curry didn't make it for Nan Gyi Thote


Again, I tried to get to the Gym for a beginner Yoga lesson but we were 10 minutes late and I didn't go in. It would have been fine for me to join late but I don't like to be the late comer especially on the first day. So I just decided to do my strength training for upper body.

Chest - Dumbbell bench press 12,12,12,12,12 (4kg)
Back - Lat pull down 12,12,12 (19kg) Bench back row 12,12, (4kg)
Shoulders - Seated dumbbell press 12,12,12 (4kg) dumbbell shrug 12,12 (10kg)
Biceps - Dumbbell curl 12,12,12 (4kg) hammer 12,12 (4kg)
Triceps - Overhead dumbbell pull 12,12, (4kg) bench dumbbell row 12,12,12 (4kg)

Abs- 50 crunches, 20 4kg medicine ball twist, 2 10seconds plank

After the workout I thought I should do a body fat analysis again and the machine was acting a tad funny and didn't manage to give proper results. It may just be a good thing as I have put on 700g!!!! My weight now is 57.2kg. Well I was of cuz quick shocked at first and then I recalled the events and food I had in the past month and I guess it just shows it all. OK, better get my acts put together now.

Oh and dear husband's laptop has been acting up again and we decided to go to Sim Lim centre for repair after the gym. We got back around 4:00 and I continued to keep my laundry and also decided to do bit of cleaning up while hubby took a nap. There was a Hindi movie on TV while I did some house chores.

To continue my chicken curry story, before we went for the gym I soaked some chick peas because I thought of making Baya kyaw (Masala Vadai) and guess what happened to them. They went into the chicken curry and I made it into a chicken and dahl curry for dinner. I did take some pictures of the dinner and will post it once hubby helps me to transfer the pictures from his laptop.

We ended the day with a nice movie, Hidalgo which came on Channel 5 and I cried at the end. I was telling hubby that if I have a choice to do anything in the world, I would be saving animals from human abusing them. Hubby suggested me to volunteer for that's the thought...... Good night...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Back on the tread mill

This morning, even though I was so sleepy I dragged my bums to the gym and stepped on the thread mill.


Not so sure if you could really see. I have been wanting to take a snap of the stats every time I'm done on the thread mill. This is what good about having my phone as a mp3 player.

It says

Workout Time : 35:06 minutes

Calorie Burned : 253

Distance : 4.32 km

I believe this is the longest I managed. Also, I managed to run on a 7.5, 8 and 8.5km/h speed for 10 minutes without stopping.

Hubby took some snaps of Tinki baby last night. For some reasons I couldn't read the camera's memory card on my laptop. So he transferred it on his lap top and emailed it to me.

Here they are, enjoy.

Those were taken last night which means she's still in the recovery mood. OH yes, she was ready to jump on the table for food and on bed and first time EVER she came and lied down between us on the bed...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

peek a boo

I have been thinking of a few things I want to write here. So here are some of the titles which you should be seeing in a few days time..

Handbags and Women ( I like it BIG, I like it small)

Counting the steps

Fruit and Veg List (Yes, I know I said it earlier but i will be posting the fruits I like most here)

Thoughts and Feelings Part 2 ( Things thing annoy me or just simply in my head)

Running will shred your body fat?

and more.....

A quick recap

I just realised that I haven't updated much this week. I must admit that I have been a bad bad girl. I didn't go to the gym at all this week. A quick recap:


Hubby got up early and got ready for gym while I was still lying in bed feeling SUPER sleepy. So hubby let me sleep more and we didn't go to the gym :)

Was quite happy to cook up the stir fry beef which was in the fridge since 2 weeks ago. Dinner was stir fry beef with rice and it was YUMMMY! of cuz Hubby did complain it was a tad salty. I learnt that I should not put any salf if I'm using soy sauce and Vegatta.

OH! at 7:30 the helper showed up!!!! ok, I need to rethink of changing her :) I do like her work.


Hubby went to the gym in the morning. I told him that I have to attend a full day training which starts at 8:30. Believe it or not, the training was for 1 participant and we are supposed to be the partners of the organising company. Anyhoo, it was an interesting training and we did enjoy the food. Snacks through out the day and lunch was at Olive Tree, Mediterranean restaurant. Wonder how much they charge per person.

Also, I made an appointment for Tinki's sterilization. We also bought a really cute carrier bag for Tinki so she'll be comfortable once her operation is done. I know, I have been lacking in photo department and I should do it soon.

Dinner, we just had it at Vivo. I tried the prawn noddle at Food Republic for the first time. It was quite good. No wonder every time we are at Food Republic there is always a line for the stall.


We had to send Tinki for her sterilization at 8:00 am. I bet she knew something was up. So no gym again and full day training again. Snack full day and lunch was a 8 or 6 course Chinese meal. Very yummy as well. Ok, I think I like food too much and I enjoy any sort of cuisine.

Hubby was getting worried about Tinki and called the clinic around 2:00 to check on her. The receptionist told him that the operation is over and that he could collect her anytime. So, off he went and picked her up. She was in a such a bad mood and poor little Tinki seems to be so much in pain from her groaning I heard when hubby called me.

I ran home after the training and putu was looking drowsy and weak. I also bought a E collar for her. Hubby managed to snap a few pictures. I promise I will upload them soon.

Dinner was GOOD! I made Thai basil chicken fried rice and hubby LOVED it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

and back...

So it was time to get back on the tread mill and happy to say I hit 2 consecutive days of run which made me feels good.

It was quite difficult on Friday and only managed 20 minutes. It must be not hitting the gym for a few days but on Saturday morning it was quite good. I managed a 31 minutes run for 3.81 km.

I thought it was going to be a mad Saturday but we managed it. We went to gym in the morning and finished around 12:00 and had a quick lunch at Harbour Front centre. Not too long after our gym, hubby's Aunt called and asked to go over to see them off. Where Hubby's aunt lives is about 1 hour and 40 minutes away from us. Then she said they're leaving for air port at 4:00 which means we only have 3 hours to get to her place and stay for a few hours and head back home and we also had an dinner invitation to attend to which is on the other side of the town. BUT! in the end all work out well. Hubby needed to take care of a few errands and he was running late and also his mobile was in a dying state. So I called the Aunt and told the situation, thankfully she is OK with it and that may be another time. Whewwww, that really took a load off my head. I did a bit of house work while Hubby is out and did farming and played Scrabble with Aud too.

So that was much about it for Saturday and we ended up coming back home around 1:00 am that night after the dinner. They mad Indian Chinese and it was really yummy....

Sunday, we did grocery shopping and also since we were running out of Tinki's food we stocked up more of the Burps. We bought 24 cans and got 1 free. It was more over a Premium one that we got free.

Then we got home and I made my Hubby's favourite fish curry which his another Aunt's recipe. Yes he has 3 aunts.

Oh yes, the helper never showed yesterday. I think we might have to change her.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ooops OUCH!

Did I say we were going to gym on Sunday? Never happened. Yup. we got up at 4:30 on Sunday to drop Parents in law off at the airport. On our way, we saw this huge storm of people running on the whole stretch of ECP (East Coast Park Highway) and I knew it must be some sort of a race. Happened to be the 10k and half marathon race.

We got back home around 9:30 and we thought we would sleep for a bit but didn't happen. To cut the story short, we just rest and relaxed at home whole day without a nap. Hubby did manage to squeeze in a bit of a nap but he was woken up from a crashing of the glass in our room from the wind.

Neither yesterday nor today we went to gym as well. Yesterday, well just imagine having to get up at 6 30 after Sunday? Nope. Whole day was such a busy day and as for dinner hubby's aunt family invited us for dinner at Orchard and that was it for Monday.

Today, again I was having a hard time getting up at 6:30 and finally managed to drag my lazy bums out of the bed at 6:50. I got dressed and guess what happened. I rubbed my foot to another and I felt such a sharp pain and it was a piece of shattered glass from Sunday and it was bleeding quite badly. I think it hit the vein and blood was dripping non stop. Hubby then sprayed some cologne on some cotton wool and dabbed on it. I just yelled as it hurts so much.

So you can guess that was my excuse, I mean reason :) for no gym today. It is still hurting mind you!!!

Again, another busy day at work but Aud kept me entertain with our game of Scrabble and my happy farming ....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Seems been a while

No updates for the past few days and I can't even remember how it went pass. Nothing really exciting and no gym for Wednesday as I was feeling too sleepy and Thursday as we were fasting and Friday as my MIL and DIL are here.

Parents in law arrived on Thursday evening and leaving tomorrow for Bogor, Indonesia.

Gosh, I ate so much yesterday that i was feeling bloated. Lunch we were at Swensen's at Parkway Parade and I had curry chicken baked rice and waffle ice cream. Yum, it was darn good but too much and for dinner, we went to Apolo Banana Leaf in Little India and again I feel so full.

Anyhoo, tomorrow we plan to go for gym and cook dinner for my childhood friend. She requested for Indian dinner. She better shows up.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First day back to work after a long weekend is the hardest!

I had a hard time getting up this morning and Tinki jumping on our heads and scratching my head during the night didn't help much.

After much of having a hard time, we did manage to hit the gym and did my run after a few slack off days. Hubby also ran beside me. I did good today as I brought my snacks (1 banana, 1 Myoplex bar, 1 package of wholemeal crackers)

Here's my stats.

  • Duration : 32 minutes
  • Calories burned : 215
  • Distance : 3.85km
  • Sweat level : Not bad, acceptable
  • Highest Level : 9
    Second highest level : 8.2

After work out, we hit KFC for a twister meal which I share with Hubby.

Lunch - I had 6 piece yong ta fu without any noodles or rice.

Snack - I had my banana and cracker package and now just munching on my Myoplex Lite bar.

Long weekend ended with G.I Joe

So Sunday was a totally lazy day and thankfully our helper came but Hubby is not liking the idea of the Sunday. We have to put our other plans aside and wait for her to come and basically ruin the rest of the plans.

Oh and I now converted Hubby to be a Happy Farmer too ha ha and he showed me the Scrabble on FaceBook which was also fun. So played scrabble online with each other sitting across the living room then we dragged Aud to the game as well. Of cuz I'm hopeless in Scrabble and I lost many times :( that shows I need to build up my vocabularies.

Monday was a nice day I must say. We started out with our workouts which was good and the whole day was nice and cooling because of the drizzling rain.

Yesterday's workout for me was Lower Body. Then he hit the Bugis Junction mall and Holland Village to do some shopping.

Got back home around 2 and Jit and Kanu came by and we decided to go for G.I Joe. It was a nice Sci Fi film and Brandon Fraser was in it too!!!

Some news for you...

  • Yes, my Zen has died!! yes its official and for now my companion for my runs will be my PHONE!
  • I'm going to go back to my healthy eating and regular exercise regime. I know I think I probably must have mentioned that like 1000 times but truly and seriously I am hitting it back!
  • I have been wondering if I should attend a Personal Trainer certification. I am actually thinking about it seriously. What do you think?
  • Our baby Tinki fell sick after her vaccination on Saturday and she was not too well still yesterday and she'll have to go for her sterilization next week too. Poor little one.
  • Oh and I made a tray of chocolate cake and apparently it was pretty GOOD??? I'm amazed!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Singapore National Day

Today is Singapore's National Day and I took a full day of rest. I veg out in front of the the tele for the whole apart from finishing the laundry and cleaning up the kitchen.

Baby Tinki had her third vaccine yesterday and poor darling she was sick whole day and sleeping whole day. I think she felt better today but still sleeping most of the time.

Cooking spree

Friday night I was at work till about 7:30 and hubby came and picked me up from work. Then we went for Turkish for dinner at East Coast Park. It was a nice simple dinner, nothing fancy.

Since we invited our neighbours Sandeep and Leena for dinner on Saturday night, Saturday morning was grocery shopping time. We went shopping a tad late and it was packed!! Oh yes, I got another knife from Giant with the stamps. Yes, I'm collecting these knives. So far I've got 3 of them and a sharpener!! Tomorrow is the last day to collect and I only need 3 more stickers to be able to claim 1 more! Sorry, back to my Saturday. We got back around 1:30 and that's when all the chopping and cooking started till 6:30. Here's what I made.

  1. Slow cooked beef curry.
  2. Rogan Josh
  3. Chicken Curry
  4. Mixed vegetables with dahl
  5. Dry okra (bindi, hubby made this)
  6. Bottle Gourd Fritters (Boo Thee Kyaw) as snacks.


SANGRIA!!!! Yeah!

It was a nice evening with lots of food I guess and the Sangria seems to be a hit...So yes, I found Sangria when I was looking for ways to make Hubby drink red wine (he does not like red wine to drink just that because its not chilled).

So I would recommend anyone who does not like to drink red wine because it is not a chilled drink, try Sangrai.. No offense wine gurus...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Farm

Hubby said I'm addicted to this. For those who does not know what it is. Its a game on FaceBook about farming. Its really cute game. You get to plant vegetables and flowers. Take care of them and sell them and you get go up levels which allows you to expand your farm area. It sounds like a kiddy game may be it is but its a fun game.

Did I tell you? My zen seems to be died :( but I'm sure Hubby will revive it again. Wednesday and Thursday we took a break from working out. I am not sure why but I'm feeling a tad lethargic today. May be its a time of the month + Friday syndrome.

I did manage to do my Upper body today. Also a friend of ours was in the gym. He's rather a small frame guy so I believe he's planning on training to bulk himself up. He was asking for training tips and we did give him. He also has Jit as his training partner and I'm sure Jit is also giving him tips. Like I said, I don't normally offer tips to others unless they asked.

It's been nearly 2 months since we've started back training but I am still not very happy with my diets.

Monday is holiday so we'll have a long weekend ahead.

Here are the tasks I plan to do over this 3 days weekend.

1. Clean house
2. Laundry
3. Fix Zen
4. Arrange and update the music in Zen
5. Clean up my laptop
6. Cook for Leena and Sandeep for Saturday dinner.
7. Plan for food/exercise for the week.
8. Send Tinki for her vax

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A surprise gift!!!

YES! I got a surprise gift from my best friend AUD! She's such a darling. I think she's copying my style of surprising people!! ha ha.. nah.. she's gorgeous. She gave us a little jar of this hand made eye cream a few weeks ago and Hubby and I have been using it every night and just love it.

So, I told her that we love the cream and that its finishing. Literally I was scrapping it last night and VIOLA! I got a BIG new container of the cream. Its all natural hand made from Hawaii. Can you believed it? She ordered it online and asked the lady to send it to me.

For those who are into hand made and all natural creams, please do go to this Frence'sca online shop on ETSY! I have yet to write a note to thank her for her gorgeous cream but I did thank Aud of cuz.

Oh with this, I also got a gorgeous sample size of Pumpkin Pie Shea cream.

Nothing much is new today. Hubby and I went to Vivo City for our veg dinner and did some toiletries shopping.

Will be hitting the hays early as tomorrow is FRIDAY and gym day!!! Oh and its going to be a long weekend for us.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thoughts and feelings

I have been thinking a few things these few days...

  1. Is it really worth to work so much and spend little time with your love ones?
  2. I have seen a few articles that tells you how to deal with your career and being a Mom/wife ok, I am not a Mom but am a wife who enjoys spending every minute at home with Hubby. Is it wrong to limit my work time during the office hour and head home when the time is up to spend time with Hubby? I get really upset when I can't leave for home on time and it seems to be happening quite frequently lately.
  3. I always believe that work will always be there the next day and why spend all the little time you have in a day doing it when you know it will be there the next day.
  4. Why are people so inconsiderate? Why can't they accept or let go of the little things which will not matter so much to them but it would to others?
  5. Opinionated people, why do people criticise everything other people do but what they do is always right. I am a person who do not give opinion unless asked and keep quiet when i do not agree with another person's take on things or opinions. I would rather continue what I believe and what i know and I wouldn't impose. I may probably state 1 time to share my views but if you can't accept and start to argue, you won't get an argument out of me. Which is why I am not a lawyer nor ever was in a debate teams.
  6. I hate confrontations. Why do I always end up tearing when people are rude to me and start to confront me or be little me.
  7. What will make me strong and be able to stand my grounds?
  8. I believe in meditations and I think everyone should try.
  9. Why can't people be happy and content with what they have and stop complaining about everything and anything? Oh, please don't take me wrong. All of the above, I am not complaining. I am simply sharing my thoughts with you.
  10. I wish people will stop complaining about how FAT they are when they can fit into a size 8! and think about others who are obese and having health problems. When I see over size people, I do feel for them. I wish I could help them train and guide them to a healthy eating habits. I want to be able to motivate them.
  11. Will it be ok if I don't talk much? I think ever since I have done my 10 days Goenka meditation camp when I was 16 in Rangoon. It was an amazing experience. For 10 days one must not speak to another, be vegetarian and fast from noon till dawn. Trust me, it is not for those who do not have a strong will.
  12. Why is it so hard for some people to show their love? I love my family so dearly but at times I feel I can't show it and I am not sure if they truly know how much I love them.

to be continued....

Catch up for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday..

Sorry for not updating our activities for the past few days. So here's a quick re-cap.

After the Saturday lunch plus Aud's baking session, we were really not in the mood to clean up the dishes nor the kitchen and you wouldn't want to imagine the mess in the kitchen. We were looking forward to the helper coming and simply waited for her on Sunday. Guess what! she called in the morning and said that she wasn't well and that her sister would come by. Ok, the thing is her sister does things SUPER slow and hubby isn't really impressed with her ironing at all but I was somewhat desperate. So, agreed for the sister to come.

She came 1 and a half hour late which sort of ruined our plans for the day. I couldn't be sitting and waiting for her so decided to go for my hair appointment. I was getting a tad tired with my "Golden" hair color and decided to go darker again. Had a change of the color and also cut my fringe. Hubby looked surprise when I got home and said, I'll get used to it :) I love him..

Then we were invited to my cousin's birthday dinner at Tunk Lok Seafood restaurant in Arena Country club which is about 30 mins away from our place. Yes, its pretty far out of town. The food was alright.

No gym for Sunday.

Monday - Finally we managed to hit the gym and I was feeling tired but I managed a 30 mins on treadmill for 187 calories burn.

The rest of the Monday was just as usual super busy and ended with Burmese noddle salad for dinner.

Tuesday - Gym work out was my lower body and day went by as usual with tons of things to do at work. In the evening, we went to a 1 year old baby girl birthday party of Hubby's ex-coworker at Jade India.

Wednesday - We were so tired from the night before and decided to rest from the workout. Work was usual and we didn't really have a proper dinner as I had some snacks at the office catch up coffee session. Hubby as usual made some quick fix (toast with tuna and bacon tomatoes). Oh yeah, time of the month and I had super bad cramps today at work but panadol helped and survived the rest of the day.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Busy Saturday

We invited some of my ex-colleagues home today and last night we were busy cooking till 1am. To see two pots of Ohn No Kauk Swe, a Burmese coconut noddle soup finished was just satisfying and worth the effort we put in.

Yesterday I had to attend a conference call from 8am and more meeting through out the day. Also, my boss and tech lead were planning on asking the team to come in to office today. I felt bad that I couldn't go in but I was too tired to go in as well after such a hectic week.

Seems my weekends are going to be shorter in future as the projects are getting to crucial states and also more business is coming in. OH well...

To our disappointment, we have not been able to hit the gym for two days now. Hoping that we'd be able to go tomorrow.