Thursday, July 30, 2009


Have you ever gone to the "zone"?

I was having one of those days that I realised I did so much work and ran around and suddenly I wish not to do anything. Just sit and have my little time to do what I want to do. Like SURF THE NET!!

Yes, sadly I was having one of those days. Also I was feeling a tad sad about not being able to control my food plan. Like yesterday's dinner and lunch. I feel suddenly I have lost control of my life.

So I took a chance to sit back and do a little bit of what I want to do. Yes, I surfed the net and what did I surf for? I surf for Burmese cook books. There is this one particular book which I am hunting for its call "Cook and Entertain the Burmese Way by Mi Mi Khaing" and it was published in 1978.

Crazy day with awesome dinner

Yesterday was a total madness day for me.

The day started with a good upper body work out.

Chest - 12,12,12,10,12 ( Dumbbell bench press - 4kg,4kg,4kg,5kg, Seated pull 15kg)
Back - 12,12,12,10 (lat pull down 19kg,19kg,19kg, 21.5kg Seated back pull 15kg
Shoulder - 12,12,12,1012 (Dumbbell shoulder press - 3kg,3kg,3kg,4kg , Shoulder lift 10kg)
Biceps - 12,12,12,10,12 (Dumbbell curl - 3kg,3kg,3kg,4kg, Hammer 3kg)
Triceps - 12,12,12,10 (Triceps kick back - 3kg,3kg,3kg, 4kg)
For lunch, I had really yummy Thai food. I think my workout is kind of boasting my metabolism which is good and bad. I know I'm supposed to be having snacks and eating frequently. However, my job nature has seemed to have change drastically lately and I only managed to have lunch at 2:30. Which was really bad and I nearly finished the whole plate of my white rice.
As for dinner, we had our partner from Dubai visiting and boss decided to treat the partner as well as the team and the spouses, we went to JUMBO at East Coast seafood centre. So yes you can imagine how much I ate. By the time the first dish was brought up its was already 8:15 and hubby and I were starving and didn't really realised how much we ate.
OK, this does not mean that I am giving up on my goal of hitting to 55kg by the end of next month. I can still do this. We are only human. We fell out of something. I always believe that it is within yourself of how to manage your life.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guilt run

I wanted to write about how bad I was yesterday as I had Mushroom Swiss meal from BK. Yes, a meal which came with fries. Bad, bad. What do I do when I am with my boss and the potential clients decided to have lunch at BK? Anyhoo, as for dinner, I cooked chicken curry with new potatoes which hubby enjoyed thoroughly. Also, I bought a container of Burmese Nga Pyar Yay Chat (Balachung) on Sunday so we had it for lunch together with rice and chicken curry.

It was actually really nice. I believe I have become an expert with Burmese chicken curry.

Apologies for such a messy picture. Hubby was starving as it was already 9 :30pm and I sort of took a tad too long to cook and he couldn't wait to eat and I was still trying to snap for nice pictures. :)

I didn't peel the tiny potatoes but they tasted really good. So just let me know when you want to come for my chicken curry dinner :)

OK, moving on to our morning run. That's right, "our". Hubby decided to run with me today. He is allergy to cardio basically. He's theory is cardio is just boring. How weird is that. But he did good today and I'm so proud of him.


  • Duration : 34 minutes
  • Calories burned : 214
  • Distance : 4.2km
  • Sweat level : Pretty DARN good
  • Highest Level : 9
  • Second highest level : 8.5

Yes, I'm still maintaining my 215 Calories rate.

Its been awhile I've posted our baby's picture. So here is it, after her bath.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tinki's first bath

Yes, do not laugh. Hubby has been itching to give Tinki a bath and I have been stopping him only because I think Tinki is still a baby cat. Well she's now 4 months old but I gave in yesterday. OH, I should have taken a picture of Tinki after bath. Poor little thing, she was so scared. I didn't participate in the main event of cuz. I was only the dryer :)

After the bath, she just slept the whole of the afternoon and we got bit worried but this morning she's back to her normal self. Hopping, jumping, running and biting of cuz.

Last night we decided to close the door from the time we went to bed and also the other bed room's door. To my surprise, she didn't make any sound through out the night. It might be either she's used to it or I slept through and I didn't notice.

ALSO! we managed our morning workout.

  • Dumbbell squats : 12,12,12 (4kg)
  • Dumbbell Lunges : 12,12,12 (3kg)
  • Sumo squats : 12,12,12, (5kg, 7.5kg,7.5kg)
  • Seated leg curls : 12,12,10 (15kg,15kg,17.5kg)
  • Standing calves raises, 12,12,12

We felt quite good this morning after workout. I didn't really feel I did much but I felt good because I manage to go and get "some" workout done.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back on the run!

OH yeah! after a break week. This is what I saw on my treadmill screen.
  • Duration : 34 minutes
  • Calories burned : 214
  • Distance : 4km
  • Sweat level : Pretty DARN good
  • Highest Level : 8.5
  • Second highest level : 8.2

Yes, it was GOOD, I was worried I might not be able to hit my 200 mark which I managed the other week but all good after all.

Also, I managed to squeeze in some ab moves too.

My target for this week is a clean eating. I'm going to prepare pretty much most of the meal for the week and I'm sure hubby will enjoy it too.


Last night we were invited for dinner by hubby's Aunt and Uncle. It was his Uncle's birthday. We went shopping in the afternoon, oh yes when we went shopping for my flats we also bought a birthday gift for his Uncle. There were a few ideas we toyed with and we decided with this in the end.

We were just thinking, this is our second time giving Eating for Life as a gift and wondering when will be the time we'll actually own one. First time was, apparently I was so inspiring to my hubby's boss and wife that they actually asked me tips. So we decided to give this book as a gift. They were so thrilled.

Yes, I am a lover of Body for Life.

Ok, on to the dinner. Yantra is an Indian fine dining restaurant and we had a really lovely time. Its in Tanglin mall. We got there first before his Aunt and Uncle so we started with cocktails. I had Pomegranate Margarita and Hubby had Rum punch. Then I tried on Corona beer with lime. That was my first time trying Corona beer. I think I quite like it.

Then we had tika platter as starter. They were just amazing and tasty. Sorry you lot. I didn't manage to get the pictures of any of the yummy food. However, I did manage to snap some of the desserts... enjoy

This is the cake that the staff brought with a candle lit up for the "birthday boy" but of cuz we all dived in. It was amazing. Also apologies, I can't really spell and remember the two desserts we had.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ion and Pedro

We thought of taking a break today as well since we have been invited to a dinner tonight and we needed to buy a gift. Knowing hubby's energy level if we had gone to the gym, I thought it would be better just to do the shopping instead of the gym.

We've been told that Ion at Orchard is opened and decided to go and check it out today. Well, who would know this would happen.

Oh no, you're not seeing double. Yes, I bought two pairs of Pedro flats. Gorgeous aren't they? Ha! hubby now said, don't complain you don't have shoes!
Girls never have shoes nor clothes ever! do they? No we don't, we are always in need of shoes and clothing ha ha....
So the damaged .... S$116

Friday, July 24, 2009

Veg Pizza for Dinner at home

After we both been poked by needles yesterday we were rather too tired to go out for vegetarian meal. Thanks to my quick and good thinking hubby, we bought a pre-made vegetarian pizza from Cold Storage the other night. I know I know, during vegetarian dinners I tend to forget to take pictures. I'm sure you know why....

However, we bought an 9" one cuz I was worried we might not be able to fit into the oven. Hubby did suggest to get 2 of them but I was thinking nah, I wasn't going to eat more than 1 slice and GUESS WHAT? I ate 4!!! Yes, it was Thursday! What was I thinking?? So dear poor Hubby made himself 3 vegs on toast. I think he put on pesto, mint chutney, chili sambal and tomatoes... Uhmm ok, don't ask me how it tasted but I can tell you it smelled good.. ha!

We watched Prison Break last few episodes of season 4 as well. I can't believe they let Michale die!!! I was really sad.

Oh yes, we decided to take a break from Gym today as well. I know, we're bad but hey! our bodies are yelling out for a break!

Med Check up and Bursitis

We have been wondering about Hubby's elbow's strange protruding bump. So finally he went to a doctor on Tuesday and found it its "Bursitis". First time hearing this and we went to check online what it is. Also, the GP made an appointment with a specialist for Hubby. This is what Bursitis is.

From Wikipedia,

Bursitis is the
inflammation of one or more bursae (small sacs) of synovial fluid in the body. The bursae rest at the points where internal functionaries, such as muscles and tendons, slide across bone. Healthy bursae create a smooth, almost frictionless functional gliding surface making normal movement painless. When bursitis occurs, however, movement relying upon the inflamed bursa becomes difficult and painful. Moreover, movement of tendons and muscles over the inflamed bursa aggravates its inflammation, perpetuating the problem.

Note: this is not hubby's elbow BUT its very much the same with him.

Yesterday I had my complementary health check up by AIA and hubby had to go to the specialist in the evening. So I went with him and the specialist just poked a needle in the bump and extracted out the liquid and amazingly it just shrunk!!! Doc did say it might just come back and to leave it as it is if it is not boring hubby so much. hhhmm OR he can go for operation and remove the sack totally. Which Hubby didn't like at all.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eclipse? Where?

So we were informed last night to expect an eclipse this morning from MIL. Wasn't sure if there was eclipse or not but it was raining heavily when we woke up and yet again we missed our work out.

Also we found out Tinki actually walked on the window ledge from the other room to our room when we closed the door. The misery, solved!

Anyhoo, here's our dinner.

Pesto stuffed chicken wrapped in prosciutto

RECIPE (By Michael Smith)

The Pesto

1 bunch fresh Basil
1 cup Pine Nut
1 cup grated Parmesan
Olive Oil

Puree the basil, pine nuts, cheese and olive oil in a food processor.
Season to taste with salt

The Chicken

  • Preheat oven to 375°F.

  • Lay 2 slices of the prosciutto flat onto a work surface, overlapping them slightly along their long edge, to form a large rectangle.

  • Place a chicken breast lengthwise at the short end and slit it open along one side to create a wide pocket. Spoon in some of the pesto and then wrap the prosciutto neatly around it.

  • Place on a baking sheet, seam side down and bake until golden and cooked through, about 15 minutes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not a good idea

We didn't go to the gym yesterday if you noticed. Yes, I was not feeling too good as I was feeling weak and throat was feeling a bit dry and itchy. Not too sure why. Aud did say it may be due to lack of sleep. I was thinking I thought I have been sleeping enough. BUT wait! actually that's true as well because I have not been having sound sleep. I would try to listen to where is Tink and if she is in the room or outside. Also, we haven't been sleeping through the whole nite since we got her. So! probably it is time to close the door from the moment we go to bed..

So its not a good idea to take a 2 days off straight.

Today was my upper body workout day. So here's the low down.


  • Chest - Bench press ( 12,10,8,6,12) 5 kg
  • Back - Seated row/Lat pull down - (12,10,8,6,12) 12kg,19kg, 19+2.5 kg.
  • Shoulder - Seated shoulder press (12,10,8,6,12) 3kg, 4 kg
  • Biceps - Seated bicep curls machine /hammer curls (21,21,21) 10kg
  • Triceps - Triceps pull downs/Triceps kick back (15,15,15,) 5kg

Some shots of Tinki on Sunday...

Yes, this is the very first time we've seen her sleep like this and hubby couldn't miss the chance to take the snaps..

Harry Potter and a Kono Pizza

We had a lovey movie night last night. Hubby bought the tickets on-line and we managed to catch a 6 45 show. Sometimes, I feel being able to buy movie tickets online is such a great way as we don't have to stand in the queue and wait for long time and only to realised that by your turn, the counter guy would say "Oh sorry its sold out for this movie". Yes, I did encounter those in my past experiences.

Then again, I would feel bad for those who came to the does not have the privileges of going online to buy tickets or for those who just decided to watch a movie since they are happen to be at the mall might not get the chance to actually buy the ticket because its been sold out via online ticketing.

OK, so we go to the theater and realised we hadn't got the time to eat dinner. So we got a hot dog and a kono pizza which was quite a new thing for us. Pizza in a scone. :)

As for the movie, there were a few mix reviews. Some says slow, some said REALLY GOOD, some said wasn't so great. So our review is, its a nice movie and worth it to watch. The kids are in teens instead of having a adventure full movie, it has a bit of slow down with a bit of teenager parts which we did not mind at all. However, this is the dilemma which I always have after every Harry Porter movie I watched.

Harry Porter still cannot fight on his own .....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Baked Salmon, pumpkin cake and a rib eye steak

That's what we had on Sunday after a dinner party at Karan and Hanisa's place on Saturday night.

We realised nearly everything in the kitchen is running out. Milk, tea, meat, veges etc... so we did our grocery shopping early Sunday.

It was my DIL's (Dad in Law) birthday as well. So why hubby was on the phone with the family I was busy in the kitchen. After he's done, the lunch was ready.

Simple Lunch

Baked salmon with grilled lady's fingers.

As for the afternoon snack, I attempted on making a french style pumpkin cake from one of the recipes from French Food At Home. Now, I've learnt that when the said 350 or 400 they meant F!!! Gosh, I thought it was in C and I burned my pumpkin cake ha ha.. but it was still not too bad inside. Hubby didn't quite like it because it was his first time trying a pumpkin cake so it'll be saying bye to us and hi to the bin this evening.


We bought two rib eye steaks in the morning and tried to make it pan fried steak and it came out quite nice I must say. Apart from we overcooked them a little bit as the steaks were too thin. So the next attempt, we shall buy steaks from a proper butcher.

I made baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes and french beans salad to go with the steak.

Sorry did not manage to take pictures for these....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A quick brunch after work out...

We thought we would eat something outside for lunch but it looked like it was going just about to pour so we just headed home and made something which was quick and easy.

Bacon and tomato, Hubby's grand-dad's recipe.

Hubby aunt taught us when she visited in June.

The brunch;

Bacon and tomatoes, scramble eggs with wholemeal toast and a glass of green tea.

After this, hubby took a nap and so did our little missy...

First on the floor and then she decided to move on to her favourite chair..

Second Body Analysis

After 3 weeks here's my result

  • Height 153 (I'm 5.2" so that was a guess in cm)
  • Weight 56.9kg
  • BMI 24.3 ( My goal is to bring down to 21 to 23)
  • PBF 35.6 (This is not good my goal 28)

Previous measurements

  • Weight 57.4kg
  • BMI 24.5 ( My goal is to bring down to 21 to 23)
  • PBF 35.9 (This is not good my goal 28)
Also my workout,

  • Warm up - 5 mins
  • Smith machine squats - 15,15,15 (-, 5kg, 5 kg)
  • Lunges - 12,12,12 (with 5kg med ball)
  • Dead lift - 15,15,15
  • Seated leg curls - 10,10,10 (15kg, 15kg,17.5kg)
  • Calves press - 12,12,12 (15kg,15kg,15kg)
  • Hip abduction - 15,15,15, ( 15kg, 17.5kg, 15.5kg)
  • Abs ball crunch - 15, 10
  • Lie down side crunches - 15,20,20
  • Plank hold - 10 sec, 10 sec
From my measurements, still need alot of work and I need to do much better with my food...

Burmese for Dinner

So Thursday we had indian dinner and yesterday hubby and I decided we have burmese, afterall we are a indian burmese couple aren't we? :)

We went to Inn Lay restaurant at Peninsular plaza. Hubby ordered Mohinga and seafood glass noddle salad with tamarind juice drink. I had chicken curry with rice and pork roll with sour plum drink.

The picture isn't the one hubby had last night but it is how Mohinga looks like.

We got back and ended the day watching Conspiracy...

So, we had a good evening...who wouldn't with a nice burmese dinner...

Friday, July 17, 2009

This is what happen when you wear white

Not sure if you can really see it, but there's a patch of soy sauce spills. I just realised not to ever trust the food court's trays. OR I should just not go out at all if I'm wearing white dresses.

My purchase of the Day

Ralph Lauren, Romance. I used to use Ralph Lauren, Style and I loved it. So decided to try this one out loved it on the tester. SGD $60 for 50ml.

I did it!

Yes, this morning I managed to hit the 200 Calories mark!!!

Here it is..

  • Duration:32 minutes (2 minutes warm up and 2 minutes cool down)
  • Distance : 3.5 km
  • Calories Burned : 220 (wooo hooo)
  • Highest level : 8.5! (ok, still maintaining)
  • Minutes and level : 5,5.5,6.5,7.2,7.5,8,8,8,8.5...and repeated from 5. and on the minute 29, I pushed myself to 8.5.
  • Sweet Level: Totally acceptable ha ha

Over loaded with vegeratian dinner

We totally over ate last night. By the dinner time we were pretty starving and I believe we over ordered our food. It usual happen with me but lately I am getting at it.

The order :
- 1 Batura meal ( Its oversize Puri basically, the photo is just to show how Batura looks like, not a picture taken yesterday )
- 1 Vadai meal (2 vadais, the photo is just to show how vadai looks like, not a picture taken yesterday )

- 1 Veg fried rice ( I did not manage to take a snap of it, it was actually really nice. They seemed to have used Basmati rice. It was fluffy and light)

- 1 Tomato fried idli (I will remember to take a picture of it, basically the idli was chopped into cubes and fried with tomatoes with red sauce, we quite liked it because it was crunchy and spicy)

Yes, it was too much for us and I could only finish half of my fried rice and 1 vadai but Hubby managed to finish the rest.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Healthy dinner and a cat walk

I was thinking of what to have for dinner on the train on my way to work yesterday and this is what was decided.

Its just grilled chicken, steamed choko and grilled sweet potatoes. I grilled the sweet potatoes the day before so they weren't tasting so great but hubby loved them. I loved the chokos they're so juicy and sweet. So we exchange half of my sweet potatoes for half of his chokos :)

Grilled Chicken Recipe
  • Cajun powder
  • Paprika
  • Mango powder
  • Half of lemon juice
I marinated the chicken with the above ingredients and grilled in the oven for 20 minutes.

Here's a shot of our little miss nosy.

Hubby bought her a harness from Daiso ($2 dollar store) with a leash. We thought we will train her to walk outside with us. It was hilarious how she refuses to walk instead just dash and jump about on the grass. In the end we just carried her and walk around the corner..ha ha.. I think the people on the road were thinking we're mad to walk a cat ha ha...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rain rain go away (At least to those where its needed)

I should have taken the picture of the sky this morning at 6 45am. The sky was full of dark clouds but I thought we could beat the rain knowing its coming down.

The moment we stepped out of the lift from the building, it all came pouring down.. yeap! the rain had began. So, that's it we had to go back up and sit in front of the TV till 8. I did manage to do my biceps and triceps while watching Tv so its not all ruined. Today is my upper body work out day anyways.
  • Bicep curls (12,12,12 - 4kg )
  • Triceps overhead (12,12,12 - kg)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random pictures of Tinki and others

Here are some more pictures of Tinkle Bell... (some might spell it Tinker Bell) and I have no reason or idea why but I spell hers as Tinkle Bell.. ha ha..
this is when she first arrived and we have nothing to put her milk in so yes we were using... uhmmm well you can see what it is from the picture can you not? ha ha..
And now she has this cute plate which allows the water to be filled up by itself so long there's water in the bottle...inventions inventions...
This is why she keeps us awake at night, she sleeps during the afternoons.....
Oh and these are my Vitamins I take every morning after my work outs, Primrose Oil, Enervon C and Eye Vital. Look at that size of the 1300mg Primrose Oil...yeah HUGE!

A few good runs

Today is one of them. It was good even after getting up a tough one this morning. Hubby was having a bit of a spin in the head but still he managed to do his Lower Body today. Poor baby.

Here's my recap on my tread mill

  • Duration:32 minutes (2 minutes warm up and 2 minutes cool down)
  • Distance : 3.63 km ( YES!!!!)
  • Calories Burned : 195 (now that I've pushed myself for 195 anything below will be a disappointment for me).
  • Highest level : 8.5! Ha!
  • Minutes and level : 5,5,5.5,6,6.5,7,7.2,7.2,8,8,8,8.2...and repeated from 5. and on the minute 29, I pushed myself to 8.5.
  • Sweet Level: Totally acceptable ha ha

Hubby said, i was running in slow motion at one point. Yeah, I have no idea what he meant by that but he said next time he will try to record it. ha ha and I will post it here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dead beat monday morning

Hubby said Tinki came and slept on the bed but I wasn't sure. Does that mean I slept well? Lately I haven't been able to sleep through the night, trying to listen where Tinki is or when Tinki tries to walk on our faces I had to take her out of the room.

As much as I feeling so sleepy this morning, we managed to drag ourselves to the gym and here's the workout which made me so dead this morning.

  • 5 minutes warm up
  • Smith Machine Squats (15,15,15 ) (No weights just the bar, 5kg, 5 kg)
  • Lunges ( 15,15, 20) (3kg, 3kg, no weights)
  • Seated leg curls (12,10,10) (15kg)
  • Calves press ( 15,15,1) ( 15kg)

Yes, afterward, I was looking for my bed..:)

Lazy but nice Sunday

After a good gathering at Jit and Kanu's place on Saturday, we decided to just rest and relax at home on Sunday. I was also looking forward for our helper to come. Enu (our helper) did not come over on Wednesday as she was sick and told us she would come today.

We had a treat to ourselves for lunch, I had chicken briyani near our house and hubby had onion pratas. He only ordered 2 at first. OK, I am a slow eater. My briyani came first and about 10 minutes later his pratas arrived and when he finished eating I still have half a plate left. So he decided to order one more onion prata and he finished that and I was still catching up with him :) I couldn't help it. I eat slow. Its one of my training from my "Body for Life" days.

By eating slow with small amount your tummy feels filler fast without over eating. There! that's the trick to it.

When we got home, we just lazed for awhile on the couch. Me with SELF( yes, I haven't returned Aud's magazine to the library. I should do so this week) and hubby playing with Tink while watching some TV shows.

Around 2, Hubby needed to have some shut eyes time and he went an took a nap while Tink napped with him. I did a bit of my blog update and Enu came so I was thrilled to have the house cleaned up after a week of the little one's mess. :)

We contemplated for awhile if we should go out for dinner and in the end we didn't. I just made Chicken curry with stir fried Kai Lan and had it with rice.

My weekend seems to be the chicken weekend! OH MY, yes at Jit's place we had Pepper chicken as well.. OK, more fish and beef for the coming week. 4 consecutive meals with chicken!! what was I thinking???

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy busy restless Saturday

The title says it all. We had such a tiring and event full Saturday. We started as usual taking care of Tinki and making sure she does all her business. Aud and I planned to meet up today and I asked her to help me with her car as Hubby and me thought that the Pet shop was having sale on the litter, buy 2 get 1 free for 8kg bags. It's a good deal isn't it. Why missed out.

After Tink's chores, we headed off for gym. I had a good run on the tread mill.

  • Duration: 34 mins (2 minutes warm up and 2 minutes cool down)
  • Distance: 3. 7 km
  • Calories burned: 170
  • Levels : 5, 5.5, 6.5, 7, 7.2, 7.5, 8
  • Sweat level: Pretty good
I also managed to do my Abs which was really good. I was also looking forward for my first Yoga lesson on Sunday. This reminds me to pick out a few different exercises for my strength routines for next weeks.

That was the first time we managed to stay in the gym more than a hour without having to rush. After our workouts, we went to meet up with Aud. Hubby had to go to pick up his lap top and he didn't manage to join us for lunch. Lunch was Barcelos, which was the Singapore version of Nando's. Yum Yum. From there, off for shopping. For who, yeap for Tinki.

We got to the pet shop and asked if we got get that buy 2 get 1 free Cat litter. Then they said, its buy 2 get 1 SCOOPER free!!! Oh well, its not what we were expecting but we needed to buy a scoop anyways, so we bought two bags anyways and more of Burp. So here are the pics. Oh yes, and a cool plate for our Tinker Bell.

So yes, after all those shopping, we got back I was totally pooped and Audrey just went into the kitchen and started her Baking frenzy :) and the outcomes....

Yes, they are another batch of her yummy scones and below is by request, apple crumble :) Very very good.

Our Saturday ended with a gorgeous dinner hosted by our dear friends Jit and Kanu.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hatha Yoga

I'm thinking of doing Yoga. My 90 years old Grand Mother can do Yoga, Tai Chi and she's so flexible and gorgeous for her age and I found found this.

The signs of success in hatha yoga are slenderness of the body, cheerful face, hearing mystical sound, bright eyes, sense of well-being, control over the bindu, increase in gastric fire and purification of the nadis.

Source :

I think I want to try it, feeling not enough time to release and stretch. That means that I will have to be more disciplined and plan for more time in the gym.

First class for beginners starts on Sunday. Yes, will keep you posted on it.

Rest day

We didn't go to gym yesterday and Tinki managed to spend more time with us in the morning.

The day went by with not much excitement apart from some drama at work which nowadays seems quite regular.

OH, we did buy Cat litter for Tinkle Bell, and a can of Burp! cat food for Tink as a treat in the evenings. She's been munching on Science Diet for the past week and she's been doing good. But last night she had a taste of Burp and my, oh my.. she couldn't stop licking her plate. Yes, that reminds me that I need to get her a nice little plate for her food and water.

The nights are getting a little better but around 2 or 3 she would still climb up on us and start walking on our heads...

This morning work out for us was great. Hubby was having some aches and pain on his legs but he did his lower body anyways.

As for me, its my Upper body day today and yes I'm loving my arms..hee hee...

I did my usual Chest, Back, Shoulder, Biceps and Triceps routines of 12,10,8,6,12.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How can I make a cat to sleep at night

Again, last night Tinki walked over us and bit and scratched us while we were trying to sleep. I guess she sleeps the whole day and got energised in the night and wanted us to play with her. That doesn't keep us not getting up at 6:30 this morning again.

We had a simple and relaxing evening yesterday. We both decided not to bring work home and thus we had no lap top at home and we could not watch any movies either. Yes, hubby's lappy is at the repair shop. I don't know what is it with Dell lap tops, this is the second lap top that something stop working right after the warranty is over. Thankfully, this time we bought 3 years warranty and hopefully the shop guys can fix the problem.

Ok now move on to our work outs for the morning.

Hubby did his shoulders today.

As for me, today is my Lower Body so here's the breakdown

  • Barbell Squats: 12,12,12 (3kg, 3kg, 3kg)
  • Plie squats: 12 (5kg)
  • Lunges: 12,12 (3kg, 3kg)
  • Barbell dead lift : 12,12
  • Seated leg curls (hamstrings) : 10,8,4 (20kg,20kg,15kg)
  • Calves press : 12,12,12 (5kg,5kg,5kg)
Since we got to the gym late (7:30) I didn't manage to do my abs again. Not good.

I took a shot of the Singapore's upcoming Casino construction site on the way to work.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A good run

This is going to be a short entry just for my Cardio morning

Duration: 32 minutes (2 minutes cool down)
Calories burned: 178
Distance :3.3 kg
Sweat Level: Pretty good
Level : 5,5.5,6,7,7,7.2,7.2,7.5,7.5,5,5.5,6,7,7,7.2,7.2,,5,6,7.2,7.2,7.5,7.5,8,8,

I felt really tired this morning I am not sure why, may be not enough sleep lately, I've been just trying to listen to Tinki's bell to see where she is. Not good.

Potty Training

Hubby googled how to potty train a cat and we found this article How to potty train a cat . Its really useful and so far its been two day we've been a success with Tinki. Here's is Tink's pic of the day

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tinki and Morning Work Out

Yesterday was the first day we had to struggle in the morning fixing up the house for Tinki and also get ready for gym. The result, we got to gym after 7 30 and had to rush all the exercises including getting ready for work afterward. I didn't put on make up as I was worried we were running late for work.

Here's my upper body work out of today.


  • Chest - 12,10,8,6,12 (3kg, 3kg, 4kg,4kg, 3kg)
  • Back - 12,10,8,6,12 (Lat pulldown - > 12kg,19kg,19kg,21.5kg,12kg)
  • Shoulder - 12,10,8,6,12 (3kg, 3kg, 3kg,4kg, 3kg)
  • Biceps - 12,12,12 (3kg, 4kg,4kg)
  • Triceps - 12,12,12 (3kg, 4kg,4kg

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday Work Out

It was supposed to be our lower body day but after mid of my squats, I realised something which was not right in my exercise shots, yes I realised there was a big hole in my shorts, and decided to do other exercises which doesn't need any squatting or bending over. So I did


Squats 12,12,12
Lunges 10,10,10
Seated leg curls , 12,12,12
Calves press 10,10,10

Also, I was wanting to run again but I know I just worked my leg muscles and that my knees needed more rest, so I decided to run for only 20 minutes.

Duration : 20 minutes
Calories burned : 105
Distance : 2.2km
Sweat level : Pretty good.
Highest Level : 8
Second highest level : 7.5
Longest duration on 7.5 : 8 minutes each of 2 sets.

Yes! I felt good and I was dead beat after that. Oh yes, finally Hubby managed to sign me up with Sky Fitness officially. I was doing a 2 weeks trial till yesterday.

SGD$550 for 15 months is pretty darn good deal don't you think?

Aud's Scones and Jit's Green Curry Chicken

After a much hectic morning, gym, chores and bringing home Tinki, Aud decided to make her much promised scones for us. There I thought she knew her recipe and first think she said, OK, let's search for recipe on-line. HA! cheater!!! :) ok ok, better not be mean to her because she did make really nice scones..
Here is how it looked like in the oven and yes, this is the oven Hubby aunt's bought for us as a house warming gift.

I can't really remember the name of the website where we got the recipe from but here is the final results and yes, there were so darn good. By the way, she forgot to put sugar but the raisins and jam make up for it.

The first batch of 9 nearly vanished like in minutes and the last 3 got nearly burned :) but I thought they were nice and crunchy. She IS a good baker. In the evening Jit and Kanu came over to see Tink and they tried it and they thought we bought those. When I told them they were homemade, they were really impressed and Kudos to you Aud!

Jit decided to make all of us dinner and he made Thai green curry chicken. The paste was from a package but it was as good as well. I thought we needed some vegetables so I made some steamed carrots and snow peas.

Basically, I didn't have much healthy meal over the weekend.. oh well.. at least I am noticing and conscious about my meal.

Sid the Sloth

Friday night was our movie night with our good friends Jit and Kanu. Ice Age 3. I was so excited that we were going to watch our first 3D movie and was a little disappointed that we did not get any of those funky 3D glasses. So I wasn't really sure if we were in the correct hall as Hubby did the booking online. May be it is different in Singapore.

I bought this cute Coke cup as a souvenir and hubby said I'm worse than a kid. Ha ha, what can i do, the child inside me will never go away.

OK. so the only difference is that the screen was concave and I did feel as though it was right in my "face". Truth be told, it was a fun movie but I didn't quite like it as much as 1 and 2. Ice Age 1 & 2 still rocks!!

My favourite is still SID the Sloth :) He's just adorable...

Guess who....

I didn't manage to update anything yesterday and here is the reason why..
Yes, this is our new addition to our home, Tinki (Tinkle Bell). We adopted her from SPCA yesterday. She's 3 months old mixed breed. She's got little 3 black paws and 1 pink one. Whole of yesterday afternoon and evening were just busy with her. Aud, my best friend was so gorgeous she came in her car to help us carry back little Tinki home. She has a microchip implanted registered to us. We'll have to go for her second vax next month. You should see Hubby playing with her and taking care of her. He's is so loving to her for a person who is not a cat person at all..
I guess we all learn to love someone or something eventually...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Its all in your HEAD!

Good Morning, we thought we got up early but still we were not any earlier when we got in the gym. Today is my cardio but I decided to limit myself to 30 mins max as I was having throbbing headache on Tuesday when I pushed myself to 35 mins. Yes, 5 minutes does make a difference to your body.

Oh, here is my makeup pouch I bring to gym.


Here's my cardio

1 min - 5

2 min - 5.5

3-4 min - 6

5- 12 min - 7

12 - 15 min - 5,5.5, 6, 7

15 - 20 min - 7

20 - 22 min - 7.2

22 - 25 min - 5,5.5, 6, 7

25 - 27 min - 7

27- 28 min - 7.5

28 - 30 min - 8

Yes, my maximum intensity level to is 8!! Yeah, baby!!! Here's the stat below.

Total duration: 31 mins (including cool down period)

Calories burned: 160

Distance: 3.4 km

Sweat level: Pretty good

Ok, the reason behind my topic is because I was actually looking myself in the mirror today while walking to work and thought, hhhmmm not bad I am already looking quite ok.. hee hee.. after 1 week of back to exercising. So, I'm thinking is it really the effect from my work out or its just all in my head... may be...

Will post my breakfast at KFC later... stay tune.

P.S I got a great news from my Aunt and saying one of my cousins (Paula and Michael) gave birth to a Baby Boy ZANE!!!! Welcome Zane. (01/07/09)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Simple evening

Hubby picked me up today from work and we went to yet again East Coast Komala's for our vegetarian dinner. I had Poori set and Hubby had Masala Dosai. We were contemplating of going to Little India for dinner and bit of shopping but we both didn't have the energy and we were too hungry to wait for dinner that long. So we just decided to go to East Coast which is just on the way home.

Lunch was

  1. Piece watermelon
  2. Piece rock melon
  3. half a guava (which was tasteless)

and I snacked on my last container of pears that I cut up over the weekend.

I think I'm quite proud of us this week as we finished all the fruits we bought on Sunday and we have been cooking at home except for tonight. I will probably cook something or may be we will go out and eat a nice dinner tomorrow night. May be Hog's Breathe? Will keep you posted.

Good night for now.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and run for 30 minutes and targetting 3.5K. Let's see.

Heels or flats?

When I was coming to work in the train this morning, I noticed a few girls with their high platform heels and there I was in my Jane Debster leather black flats. I just love them. They're really worn out but I can't bare to throw them away. I have been wearing these for the past 8 to 9 months for nearly EVERYDAY to work and I don't really care if people look at me weirdly because I'm wearing such worn out pair of shoes. They are the most comfortable and the best quality leather pair of shoes I have ever, EVER had. Have a peek at how horrible they are looking now.
Women in their high heels really look sexy, classy and gorgeous but I am realising that I can never wear heels of more than 2.5 inches for more than a few hours. I have read in a few articles about heels are not advisable for women's health and such and yet there are still a lot of shoes manufactures are making super high heels.
Sometimes, I do wonder those high heel shoes which cost over $500 - $1000 if they are comfortable to wear for long hours. Why are they so expensive? I can justify my Jane Debster why I paid AUD$118 and its so worth it.
So what do you think? Heels make women look gorgeous and sexy but are there such "Comfortable" heels? Are they really not good for health?
Just some thoughts....