Monday, November 29, 2010

Super unhealthy and healthy meal weekend

So we had a busy busy weekend as always. We did accomplish quite a number of things including a HUGE grocery shopping and sending off stuff for family. Enu hasn't been coming for the passed month so we've been doing the cleaning the house ourselves. Saturday was pretty tiring. We started off the day with laundry, cleaning and tidying up and we headed out to hubby's friend's kid's 1st birthday and I was having really bad sneezing fits. 

Bangers and Mesh for Saturday night dinner. (SUPER UNHEALTHY)
Steamed Fish and Sliced ginger beef stir fry with TONS of veges for Sunday Dinner

 For Sunday, we cleaned (yes again) and we went for grocery shopping. I was quite happy that we managed to get loads of vegetables and also FISH! After having super unhealthy meals consecutively, I've decided to get on back to healthy eating bandwagon. 

Also, we managed to squeeze in fruit juices with carrots, apples, star fruit and oranges that we bought. YUMMMMY...... 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hubby's 34th Birthday

I know I promised that I'm back to update regularly but I didn't manage to. In any case, here's some updates here. Both hubby and I have been extremely busy lately that weeks are just flying passed like no one's business. Last weekend .....crap, I can't even remember what we did last weekend. Oh wait, ok on Saturday we went back to car showroom with Jit and Kanu as they were also set to buy the same Chevy as us but sadly it didn't happen as the prices had gone up. Then hubby and I went and roam around at Autobacs drooling at the car assesories. By the time we got home we were really really pooped and didn't even manage to think about going out for his pre birthday dinner. So that was Saturday.

Sunday and we did some house chores the moment we got up and then we set out to meet with hubby's Aunt and we went to watch Harry Porter, The deathly hollow Part 1. I loved it but hubby and his Aunt thought it was just an OK show. Oh well, to each their own :)

From the movies we went to Robinson and got my white fluffy bath mat. The best thing was it was 20% off woo hoo!!!! You won't believe it, after the shopping we went home and again, we had to set out to the Aunt's place to have dinner and help solve her wireless internet connection. Yes, I'm telling you hubby is their personal pc technician.

So it was our extremely tiring weekend. I didn't even mention that we did the house chores and other craps like laundry and cleaning. We didn't even manage to do any grocery shoppings.

Monday - : Nothing much happened except and I did manage to go shopping for Hubby's birthday gift :) and some drama at work made me reached home only after 8.

Tuesday - : Hubby's birthday and we both went to work and came home a tad early and we went to Ochre for dinner. It was THE BEST dinner for 2010 so far and I really hope Hubby enjoyed it.

Wednesday & Thursday nothing much exciting either. Except I feel a tad too tired and felt like as though I was going to hit by a flu bug but I hope not.

Well so now for this weekend. We do have a few things lined up to do...

  • Shop for Mom/Dad
  • Shop for Ashi's 1 year old son birthday gift
  • Pass the stuff to send for home
  • Go to Ashish's son's birthday
  • Clean up the house
  • Do laundry
  • Do grocery shopping
  • Might go to SITEX
 So sorry this is just words only post and no exciting pictures.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hi ya hi ya....

Wow, I just realized that my last post was on the 24th Sept and it's less than 2 months but it felt like ages. Well, if you are wondering where have I gone to, I didn't go anywhere actually BUT I started at my new job since 4th of October.

It's not great but it's OK. Something new. Also, I haven't managed to cook much either. No cakes, breads nor even juices that I have done since my last post. Pretty bad come to think of it. 

Well, do not fret I am back and I will do my best to keep you guys updated with my news. 

First start, we bought our very first brand new CAR on Sunday but it will need a few more weeks to be delivered. We are hoping it will be delivered in December and not in January. 

It's a Chevrolet Cruze. Ok, I really do not know about the rules of copying photos from the official websites to here. Even though I am not doing any marketing activities I don't want to get into trouble. So, people please do use our friendly and always helpful Google to check out how it looks like if you want to to. 

If not, you can wait till I can take the actual photo of the car when we get it.

Catch you guys later.

P.s The decos are up and so is the tree ...woo hooo.. I just love Christmas Season.