Friday, July 23, 2010

Spinach, Carrots and Tomatoes

Not a great combination, I'm telling ya. Well that's the juice mix I had this morning. It was my mistake of telling hubby yesterday that we should have this mix today without telling him how. I was hoping more of like a milk shake and hide the taste of spinach in a blender. However, hubby did it in the juicer!!! ok, don't yuck now but he finished up his big glass of share and I could only do it till about half. I couldn't take it. :( So that was our breakfast.

Last night, we took our little girl to Jit and Kanu's place. She was so good the whole taxi ride. I think she's getting used to having to move around a little. Not like before that she growls and moan. We got to their house and guess what! Hubby forgot her dry food. So it was just wet food for supper and for breakfast as well.

It was really weird to go home and no one to call out "Tinker Bell" :( We missed her sleeping with us last night but at least she's at a very nice place while we'll be away. 

So like I said, it's a count down time. In less than 4 hours I will be out of this CRAP HOLE!!!!! I can't wait!!!!

India! here I come. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fruits for the day

Today seems to be a good day with fruits. I did mention that morning was my super gorgeous ruby red drink and  I just had a mix fruit salad with dragon fruit juice. Never thought of having dragon fruit juice. I didn't mind the fruit itself but didn't think of it as juice. 

So yes, I'm pretty fruited up :)

Is there such a thing that too much fruit? 

Oh and guess what! Hubby said ok to have dinner at Vivo woo hoo.....

One day before a good holiday begins

So, I may be counting down a tad too early but hey that's how much I dislike coming in here. I am sure you know where is here. I need to do a lot of soul searching and plan my future and career. At the moment I feel like I'm stucked in this crap hole and I can't breath. 

On to what happened last night. My dear hubby had to go and pick up putu's food after work and then our lens that we ordered on Sunday and not only that had to pick up food for us as well. I feel bad but I was just wanting to get home as soon as I could to feed the little one and just be home. Plus, my taxi didn't drive pass the food place. So when he got home he was totally drench in sweat but didn't complain. 

Our dinner was Bee Hon Goreng and Nasi Goreng. He loves getting Nasi Goreng because he shares the Ikan Bilis (anchovies) with putu. We also watched "Repco Men" while dinner and it was not a good move. If you have ever seen it. I don't know if I should be saying I really like the movie or may be I should just say it's a good movie with a lot of gory scenes. Anyways, it was Jude Law!!! 

After dinner, we started packing our stuff for the trip and did the laundry so that we don't have to come back home with nothing for the next day for work. Even though we are leaving only tomorrow evening we packed yesterday because we will be sending Putu to Jit's place tonight. So we will be spending a fair bit of time with them and make sure she is Ok with them. 

Oh another news is that I am finally going to be able to get my Micheal Smith's book. The AFC studio was kind of taking too long. Wouldn't you agreed? If I order the book since late May and they said they still have not ordered yet? So I called and cancelled my order. Ben, my friend from Canada is getting me the book and will be posting it over for me! I'm so excited. Sorry, I know a cook book wouldn't mean anything to most of you but for me it means a lot! I feel cooking gives me calm and serenity. After that when I make something and the love ones enjoys it. It's out of the world feeling of satisfaction. 

Anyhoo, I told hubby last night that I want to have fruit juice this morning instead of Tea to finish up the fruits in the house. So we had apples, oranges, 1 beet and 3 tomatoes juices this morning. It was just lovely and refreshing AND bowel cleansing ha ha if you know what I mean.

Ok, don't have a choice but now work time..... 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There's water!!!

Yesterday was somewhat interesting and same time weird day I feel. I didn't go to work till 11 and I forgot my mobile at home. So I had to go back and picked up my phone and had lunch at home. It was frozen ready made pizza. I was too hungry to Pizza wasn't ready and had it half frozen. Then around 1:30 I went to work reluctantly and at 5:40 I left telling them that I had to go back for home as the Plumber is coming to fix the leak at my kitchen sink. 

It is true and it was on Sunday I found out that there was some water under the sink and that was what Hubby and my most worry. The thing is that our sink is sitting on the wooden cabinet and not the concrete type. So I want to be careful and check regularly. Eric our contractor came and checked on Monday night and he sent his guys last night to re-seal the silicon. So at least for now it's all good.

I have been wanting my hubby to make his fried rice for some times and I bugged him to make it last night. It was as always yuuuummmmyyy and I made this Burmese Hin Gar (hot and spicy) soup with Choko. Lovely as well.

After dinner, we decided to watch a movie whatever was showing on Star and it was "Someone Like You". Now, I remember that movie and it was also in my all time favorite movies list. Couldn't believe how young Huge Jackman looked in that movie. When the movie finished we were suprised that it wasn't even 9 yet so did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and decided to watch another movie "The book of Eli". It was a good movie and really nicely done. At first I thought, "oh not another I am legend type" and it wasn't. Well at least we had a nice dinner and movie night unlike on Monday.

Oh I forgot to share with you about my roast chicken. Aud's boyfriend took the snaps and he wrote some lovely words about roast in his blog. He's just too kind :) 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Greenberg is just weird

So I did do some work today. Now bad huh? The only problem is that my brain only starts kick in to the first gear around 3:30. That i' m sure wasn't too good. That means I left around 7 only since I did want to finish at least some work. Is it normal? Is something wrong with me? I know it's just time to really start to look around for a decent job. The only thing I look forward to doing when I get into office is looking for my best friend on msn and sadly she doesn't come online till late afternoon normally.

What happened today was that I ran put of cash and pays ended as lunch. Even that only happened around 2:00 because I took mee soto as late breakfast. 

---> This was what I was typing from my iPod last night while waiting for Hubby to come to bed and it never got finish. 

Ok, so I got back home around 7:30 and of cuz I put on the tele and Micheal was on and making Coffee cake which I made before and it looked totally different from the one I did. Anyways, my baking skills are just terrible. I was starving by the time when I get home and there was nothing to eat and found some stir fry meat strips in freezer and defrost them and made them a stir fry dish with carrots, zuchini and asparagus. Was quite good I must say. Hubby came home and helped me made rice. So that was it for our dinner and we watched "Greenberg". It was just too weird. Did not enjoy it a tad. I literally felt tired watching it. 

Oh and guess what! We won't be sending Putu to the pet sit house instead Jit and his wife will be taking her in for the time we'll be away. I really hope they'll manage. Now, what do we do with our plants?


Monday, July 19, 2010

Gorgeous Red Ruby kick start

So, I have been meaning to test out my beet root juice and guess what! I did on Saturday morning. It was just amazing. My Red Ruby (this is going to be the name of my Beet root juice) has 1 medium size beet root, 3 carrots and 2 green apples. I have read on the web somewhere that beet is good for the body however, one should not take too much of it and not to be alarmed to see red stool after having beet juice. So I didn't. Ok, so that was the start of our Saturday morning. How lovely? Then I started my usual routine and not much exciting.

  1. Did our week worth of laundry
  2. Made Bacon and Scrumble eggs for brunch with Hub.
  3. Got a little busy with have no idea what (clean cum watch Tele)
  4. Got a bad bad sneezing fit and had to take Citrizen
  5. Went to Mandarin Class
  6. From class we went to China town and did some fun shopping and I got two gorgeous glass containers for my flours and other knick knacks.
  7. We walked further up china town to find some food and had Wanton noddles and that was it for the dinner for Saturday. 
  8. We watched "Clash of the Titans" and it was really good then we watched "Julie and Julia". Finally, I managed to watch it. Sadly Hub went missing half way through and realised he went to sleep. I watched it till the end:)
Sunday was a mad day but fun too. We got up around 9 and started out another busy morning. As usual I started cleaning the kitchen and we head out for grocery and india trip shopping at Giant. We got back around 12 and had to rush out for our lunch date with Aud and Lionel. Poor Lionel, he was there first and he waited for all of us for over an hour :) but in the end we all were so hungry and had lovely meal together at Imperial Treasure. Dim Sum is just awesome!

From Orchard we went to check out a place for Tinkle Bell during our India trip at the west and it was an OK place. Nothing great but at least she will have her own place. So let's see. It will cost us nearly 300$ to leave her there.  Then we went to my cousin's place and then went to buy my contact lens and from there we got home around 6:00. Woah, that's a lot of places we went yesterday. 

For dinner, I made chicken schnizel and it was AAMMMAzingly good. I paired it with steamed choko and beans. Hubby loved it too. Then cleaned up the kitchen and watched "How to train a dragon". It was a cute movie and we both enjoyed it.

Now, back to work on a Monday morning and I promised myself this morning that I will try my best to get some work done.

I need more motiviation. Oh wait! here's one - > I'm going away this Friday! 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Just for Fun

This is just going to be a fun post. Some of the stuff which are in my head recently and currently. I was thinking of having some challenges for Hubby and I and it would be fun. So here's the list I have in mind.

My challenges

  1. Learn Mandarin in 10 weeks (which is happening at the moment)
  2. Try 1 new fruit or vegetables once a week for 10 weeks (we tried Tinda this week well at least I did, Hubby already had it when he was in India. I will be making Beet and Carrot juice later today). 
  3. Run a 5 km in 10 weeks. That I am not sure when we will start but this is a challenge which we well, I kept falling off so I need some motivation and dedication.
  4. Kick at least one bad habit every month. Yes, you can guess which one it is going to be for next month :)
  5. Eat more healthy and cook more at home. (so far we are cooking at least one meal a day at home).
If you have some other fun challenges please let me know and I would like to try them out with Hubby. 

My wish list 
  1. Food processor (GOT IT! on 9th Aug 10) 
  2. Best of Chef at Home by Michael Smith  (GOT IT! on sometime in Sept)
  3. More herbs plants

Good meals with great friends

Over the weekend, as I have mentioned Aud and Lionel dropped by and we had a lovely roast lunch with salad and warm buns. First time making 2 birds for roast and I'm still impressed with myself that I managed it. The taste didn't change. The only sad thing was hubby had to work nearly whole of the weekend. He came only at 2am on Sunday night which means Monday morning 2am.

Now, I really don't know what I can do to motivate myself to work anymore. Have you ever felt this way? That you get up and you get too scared to think about what you'll have to do at work today and how is your boss going to treat you? It has becoming like a phobia for me to have to think about work and the workaholics at work don't help much. Anyways here goes a little recap of my week and guess what! we are back with our dinner at home routine :) This whole week we did not have dinner outside. 

Monday - usual work day and had dinner at home. Finished up the left overs from the weekend.

Tuesday - I made Si Kyet Khout Swe (Burmese Chinese noddle) with the roast chicken left over and hubby had Masala maggie mee. After dinner we went and picked up my passport from the India vis and we got a nice surprise that I got multiple entry visa only thing is its valid for 6 months and each entry must have a 2 months gap in between. Then we hit to Mustafa for shopping. I just love going there to shop. They have everything and anything. 

Wednesday - The usual for work and I made Kyar Zan Kyaw since we haven't had it for awhile and it's a quick meal. 

Thursday - We COOKED vegetarian at home!!!! It was just last night but the meal was just exceptionally lovely. We made dhal with carrots and beans, grilled bhindi and a new vegetable which we tried to cook for the very first time. For me it is like baby bottle gourds. We bought it from Mustafa as I wanted to try it. Hubby knows what they are so hubby made it for us. It was delicious. I know I am lacking in photo departments and I promise to myself as well that I will make a point to take more photos in future. 

So, the thing is we're going to India next week Friday. New Delhi and Bombay. Quite excited. Will update more later...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Its a Friday and I like it :)

May be I didn't get to tell you that we went to Mustafa on Tuesday night and Hubby bought some ready made curries. So, you can guess that it was our dinner last night at home. He has been getting pretty sick of the food at Vivo which we have been having for the past year and a half every week. I won't blame him.

After dinner, we managed to catch our favorite guy on Tele, Michael!!!! Yeah, it seems I have something for Michaels :) Hubby rightly pointed out this is the second Michael that you love. Its Cheft at Home hose, Michael Smith. He's THE BEST chef and his show is the best cooking show. 

So, check this my best bud and her FIANCÉ are coming on Sunday to have lunch at our place. Yes, that's right. Finally it happened and they're engaged. I was extremely happy for them. Can't wait for all the shoppings and details planning for their wedding. 

Jit mentioned yesterday about some BBQ at eastcost tonight but I am not sure if it is happening. Let's see. BBQ might not be happening but then may be we can go and hang out with them for a little while. Who knows? Will keep you posted. 

As of today, its one of the guys in office last day and will have to head back to office. Know what that means? MONEY has to be spent for the cab. Why oh why????

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nice rainy day

Good morning, it was lovely whenever you wake up and the weather is nice and cold with rain outside the window. It's amazing how one change as she gets older or rather wiser ha ha. I remember how much I hated rain when I was younger probably even till a few years back but since last year I started loving the rain. Flood or no flood :)

Nothing exciting happened yesterday just that I hated that I had to go back to office which made me spent 15 bucks for a taxi fare to come back home. I have been stationing at the client place and I like it because it is close to my house ha ha. Well life seems unfair in some ways. Not always but yes in some ways.

Hubby tried to take Tinker Bell down so she'll enjoy the grass and walking around and ended up with some bad scratches. She doesn't quite like to see others of her kind apparently. There were 3 other stray cats and she went mad. Not sure if I have mentioned before, she's quite feisty and bossy and next month she'll be due for her vaccine and I just hope and pray that she will behave. 

So, what is this about Octopus predicting for world cup? I was quite confused when I saw a few friends mentioning wanting to ask for lotto number from octopus. So this is what's going on. Anyways, if you haven't heard, just google it and you'll know what I'm talking about. There's this line which cracks me up.

"Not everyone is a fan of Paul, however. After Argentina lost to Germany in the quarter-final, Argentines threatened to kill the octopus and put him in a paella" - (

So, anyone keen on coming for a world cup match at our place with yummy food????

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am back!

I am really terrible I know but I am back and couldn't believe its been 4 months I haven't updated. Well just a quick update for now on what went on for the past 4 months.

  • The renovation completed in a little over a month and moved into our near and very first own house on the 10th of April
  • We had hubby's cousin moved in together with us for a few weeks
  • Parents in law came back from Indonesia and stayed with us for a couple of days and they loved the place and what we have done to the place.
  • I got really pissed off with my work and boss that I nearly quit. Nearly meaning I actually sent in my resignation letter but ended up continuing for a couple of reasons.
  • Mom fell and fractured her bone a little above the knee and sis in law and dad took care of her. Mom is really blessed and she was healed in no time.
  • Went back home for a couple of days to be with family and check on Mom and ended up Mom coming back with me. She needed a good change in the environment after being house bond for more than 2months.
  • Tinkle bell turns 1 year being with us on the 4th of July. Can you believe it???? She's big girl now.
  • Been cooking quite yummy stuff. I will try to post some of the recipes and share with all of you.
  • I have not been going to the gym nor running for all these months.
For now, I will need to get back to work and again, I am sorry for not updating here for many months.