Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stressed????? My last entry for 2009

Is there any other word which could describe my mental state at the moment apart from stressed? I am not sure. Well how would you feel if you're parents are in town and suddenly your MIL and BIL decided to also come over and decided to put at your place. Husband's Uncle family and Aunty family being in town doesn't make things any better. 

Seems this is the first New Year's Eve ever that I don't look forward to. I wanted to have a peace and quiet New Year eve and yeah! it is so not going to happen.

I'm a little bit confused if I should get myself a Nano or a hang bag as a gift for myself. I so deserve it. Don't I? 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3 more days to 2010 and the resolutions...

Be a more cheerful person.
Be more positive about life.
Run 10K by December 2010
Kick some bad habits :)
Save money
Be more patience.

So there, that's my 2010 resolutions. Have you got any? 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking back to 2009

2009 has been such a mad rush year. We sure did a lot of things. 

  • Moved back to Singapore (January)
  • Rented a place (February)
  • Started my new job (March)
  • Started my "Journal of a Journey" (May) 
  • Joined Sky Fitness (June)
  • Started to enjoy running (July)
  • We adopted Tinker Bell (July)
  • Started to experiment cooking (August)
  • Bought our very first house! (September)
  • Went to Bogor for Vikram's 2 years old birthday (September)
  • Passed my Certified IT Project Management course exam (Octorber)
  • My Grandma turned 90!!! (October)
  • Bought our very first TV (November)
  • My brother got married (December)
I do somewhat feel good to see these but I know I could have done better. So watch out for my resolutions for 2010. 

Christmas is Over and Where is my holidays?

Woah, my last entry was on the 4th of December and I didn't even realise that. So a little quick update on the past weeks events:

9th December - Hubby and I left for YGN
11th December - My brother's wedding reception
13th December - Arrived back in SG
14th December - Completed the first appointment at HDB for the house.
16th December - Applied for the extension of Mom's Long stay visa
17th December - Mom and Dad arrived to SG
18th - 20th December - Rented a car for the weekend and took Mom and Dad to see Orchard road Christmas lights, Changi Village, Science Cetre, Body World, Upper Thomson Road Prata Shop, Ang Mo Kio HDB Hub, Novena Square, Sims Ave, Seng Kang, Sungei Kadut, IMM. Oh yes, we made sure we used the car to the fullest. 
22nd December - Accompanied Mom to extend the visit visa as the long term extension was still pending.
24th December - Half day at work and accompanied Mom to formalised the long term passed. Went to Cold Storage to get Turkey and Pork for roasting for the 25th.
Christmas Day - We had Aud and Lionel, Leena and Sandeep and Ko ZWH over for lunch. Mom made, stuffings, turkey and I made roast pork.
26th December - Took Mom and Dad to Smith street Dim Sum place. Took Mom to Arab street and she had a blast buying materials for relatives. Dad went to AutoBecs with Ko ZWH. Hubby went to his relatives place. The living room's light blew off and the switch tripped. 
27th December - Mom went to her friends place and me and hubby took Dad to watch Sherlock Holmes at Cineleisure and went to hubby's relatives' place. 

So there. As for photos, will upload them soon.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Those little annoying things.

I forgot to mention what happened at dinner time yesterday evening. We went to Vivo for dinner as it was a Thursday and I was somewhat craving for the food court stall food. As we waited for the server to come back out to the counter so he could serve us another guy came beside us and kept yelling out for the server. I got a tad annoyed with him but didn't say anything. Then finally the guy came out and this other guy who was standing beside us just somewhat grabbed him and starting talk to him and gave him the money. Hubby got so annoyed (yes, we were starving people and not very in good mood) and told him that there was a line/queue and this other guy kept staring at hubby as though he wanted to start a fight. Then he told hubby that yes, I know what a line is and ya da ya da and then suddenly he said, I am only paying. Yes, I know this does not sound like it is a such a big thing BUT trust me the attitude that guy was giving to us was as though he just going to start punching hubby. Sigh, people, why can't you just say even before that sorry, I am just here to pay the money. So no one would have any misunderstanding and cause all this hatred. This is another thing which I notice with people over here. Its like its such a bad thing to talk to other person especially a stranger. They would just give you this "Wanna fight" stare. 

OH btw, this is what I am having right now in office:)

What the hey, its Friday....

Yesterday I had such a bad sneezing fit which was actually good because I managed to leave work early and managed to run some errands. Picked up my outfit for the wedding. I will take a picture of it and post later tonight. Also, I managed to pick up hubby's passport for the travel agent and shopped a bit of Burmese food stuff. I always enjoy buying all these things which reminds me of my childhood and now that I have become a wife and a cook I am always thinking of how to impress hubby with all these gorgeous Burmese dishes. Only thing was that the invitations were not here yet but they called today so I will pick them up later today. 

Then last night, we were just about to fall asleep and I heard my phone ringing. It was Kanu sounding upset and worried. Apparently she couldn't get hold of Jit. It was that Jiten's phone's battery was flat and they managed to contact each other it was around 11:30. Then Tinki was being so hyper and jumping around that both hubby and I were woken up a few times. 

Hubby did get up around 6:30 and got ready for the gym but I was just too tired and told him that I would not go and he decided to curl back but apparently poor thing he didn't manage to sleep again. 

From the look of it, seems its going to be nice and cold evening as it has been raining whole day but its going to be such a hectic evening though. 

Oh, I am planning of cooking Ohn No Kauk Swaye tomorrow. 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things to do in December

I always have this thing with December. For some reasons December always bring me some joy and happiness. May be it got to do a lot with my childhood memories. December is when Winter/cold season really starts in Burma and also we have school holidays. Not only that my parents would have a great Christmas party at home and just remembering those times make me happy once again. 

The only sad part is that this December I am so busy with work that will not have that much time relaxing or taking things easy or even not sure if we can throw a party. Despite the work, there are tons of things happening this month and so is my to do list.

  • New Moon released :) (3rd December today and of cuz I have watched it!)
  • Preeti and Vikram stopping for 1 day in Singapore (5th December)
  • Travel to Burma for Brother's wedding (9th December - 13th December)
  • Finalise and confirm the contractor ( Sometime after 14th December)
  • First appointment with HDB for our house (14th December)
  • Mom and Dad coming to Singapore (18th December till ....)
  • Hubby's Mamu's family coming to Singapore (sometime around 18th I believe)
  • Christmas Holidays (25th December I so hope I would get to enjoy the long weekend)
  • Arrange with the contractors to see the house for final quotation (Sometime after the 14th )
  • Shop for Year End sales for the items we need for the house. 

    To do list for the month of December:
    • Christmas shopping and shopping for MIL's list (4th December)
    • Fill up my CITPM certification form and yes I will have to pay late fees. How nasty! (4th December)
    • Post Christmas Cards and Brother's wedding invitation cards to the relatives and friends ( 5th December)
    • Pick up and drop off Vikram and Preeti from airport (5th December)
    • Spring clean and decorate house for Christmas (6th December)
    • Make shopping list and shop for Burma trip (6th December)
    • Leave for Burma (9th December)
    • Arrive back from Burma and prepare for the first appointment (13th December)
    • Go for the first appointment for 10:30 (14th December)
    • Do a financial planning for 2010 ( House, Renovation and to access if any possibility of getting an Accord?)
    • Do up a New Year Resolution list :)
    Oh and I'm at work now sipping on my last ELMA/ APPLE tea. I must admit I fell in love with this tea. I should go and look for more. 

    I will come back later...

    Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    After a week and half break, we're back to Gym

    Hubby woke me up this morning to drag me to the gym. 

    Duration : 31.04 minutes
    Distance : 3.76 km

    Calories burned : 207
    Sweat level : Pretty darn good!

    I realised that I did better than my last run. Also, I was still feeling so sleepy after the workout and took a cat nap in the cab. 

    Long weekend and yet still not enough

    We had a long weekend for Hari Raya (Muslim Religion holiday) holiday but I didn't feel like as though its enough. Well I am sure I wasn't the only one. Saturday we went and did some window shopping for electrical items for the house.

    We both quite like this fridge by LG but still require a lot of decision. A few more items we looked at that day but I couldn't seem to be able to find the pictures online so I will post them again soon.