Friday, November 27, 2009

Under one condition......"will you marry me"

YES YES YES!!! I just watched Twilight, The new moon!! and I'm in love again. It was so unexpected. We were just simply doing some shopping at Orchard and it started to rain. So we decided might as well go up to the cinema and see what movies are available. That's when we realised that New Moon sneak preview has been showing!!! We thought we'd go up and buy the tickets off the counter but boy oh boy, the line has minimum of 30 people in it. So as I always am the quick thinking one, I asked hubby to call Jit to ask to buy the tickets off the internet and viola!! it all just happened. The movie starts at 4:20 and we were there at 3:45. It was all meant to be. We got the tickets and the rest was just history. I am not going to do any spoiler to other fans like myself. All I can say is that it was so worth the wait and it was just nicely done and just simply gorgeous. I just love love love the movie. I can't wait the blue ray to be out and I am so buying the discs. 

Hubby managed to get some pants shopping done and I'm happy he finally managed to buy some new pants. He so needed them. Trust me. 

Also, I managed to apply for my Dad's visa and they'll be here on the 18th. It will be nice for Mom and Dad to come and relax over the holidays. 

Happy holidays everyone. 

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Do you...

Do you ever feel like your whole back is in pain and that you didn't feel like you really fall asleep when you wake up in the morning? Sometimes, I feel that way. I need more rest! yes.

Last night, hubby bought dinner back. I was thinking of cooking but I know his tummy is still not 100% so I told him to buy something back. 

Then we watched .45. We didn't quite like it. Anyways. That's much about it. 

We woke up quite early today so we both got in to work quiet early. Quite nice. 

Another update later tonight.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hubby's birthday celebration weekend

I am so sorry I did not post anything for the past few days. A few of my excuses :

  1. Busy celebrating hubby's birthday
  2. Didn't have the time
  3. No workouts to post
  4. Just being lazy
So here is a quick recap of Friday - Tuesday.

Friday the 20th Nov.

Work was not too bad and in the evening, we had to go for dinner and drinks at The Queen and Mangosteen at Vivo City. Despite the price, I always enjoy their mini burgers! Just delish. Have I told you my new love is Merlot? Yes, probably I already have. I had 2 glasses of Merlot and 2 shots which husband's friends bought for husband but he is not a big fan of shots. We got home around 11ish and went to bed around 1. My head was pounding. 

Saturday 21st Nov.

We got up around 10ish and believe me this is the Saturday for us. I started cooking masala chicken from 10:30 till around 12:00 and during that time hubby cleaned and mobbed the house. After that we went for grocery shopping. Came back home and after putting things away, I started to call prawn and pumpkin curry. Mean while hubby made Sangria. Hubby also made Rajma (kidney beans in Indian style in pressure cooker). While making that, I cooked Pae Gyi ( big lentils) for soup. While all of those were on the stoves, I started to cut lady's fingers and it was around 3:30. During that madness, hubby and I managed to eat something in between. Can't really remember what we ate. 

Then Audrey and Lionel came over and made blue berry cheese cake for hubby. Lovely friends aren't they? When ever thing was done and all of us finally sat down it was about 6 and we thought we'd watch Twilight while waiting for other 2 couples. And that's when I realised I totally am in love with Twilight.

Over all, the night went really well I guess. There was very little left over and I was quite happy to see all the guests loved my cooking. Here are some of them for you to enjoy. 

Masala Chicken Curry

Prawn and Pumpkin

Lady's Finger stir fry

Hubby's birthday blue berry cheese cake by Audrey and Lionel

We watched 2012 after guests went back and it was quite bad movie and went to bed. Oh, sorry no pictures of Sangria and hubby's Kidney beans. Bad photographer!!! (ha ha)

Sunday 22nd November,

The moment we woke up we were so pooped. So we/I decided to finish watching Twilight and then both of us did the dishes because our helper, Enu didn't come. Boy, I believe we used us every plates and spoons and forks we have. 

Then we had left overs for lunch and watched Bedtime Stories and District 9. Didn't quite like the District 9 but quite enjoyed the Bedtime stories. At night, we watched Jennifer's Body. Crappy show. Yes, it seems like we had a movie marathon that day didn't we? In the evening, we decided to get out of the house and went to East Coast park and have Hoegarden and Stakes for dinner. It was a lovely evening out. 

Monday 23rd November (Hubby's Birthday)

We took a break from the gym and also we didn't go anywhere. Hubby was having a bit of tummy pain and decided to just stay at home and finish up the left overs. Happy Birthday Hubby. ( I think I said that like nearly 50 times).

Friday, November 20, 2009

a good workout hence a good morning

This week we didn't manage to keep our challenge. Last night we had Komala's at Peninsular Plaza since we were there to try the fitting for my outfit. We went to meet my tailor and strangely, the place where she was the lights had gone off. So sadly, I couldn't really see clearly but hubby said it looks really nice. I should be picking it up over the weekend. The materials feel really nice though.

Ok, I'm quite happy with my work out today. Why? here's why.

Duration : 31.36 minutes
Distance : 3.78 km

Calories burned : 205
Sweat level : Pretty darn good!

Today, hubby and I did a bet on which lift would open and I lost! So breakfast was on me but I was lucky because I managed to claim some free burgers! ha ha.

Oh and we watched Bring it on, Fight to the finish. Loved it! Well not for you  macho guys :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nothing exciting

Yesterday evening was not very exciting I guess. Went home and its raining again so it was nice and cold. We made dinner together. Brown rice, minced beef with long beans, left over kidney beans. Sorry, didn't take any pictures. 

Last night I slept not too bad but in the middle of the night, Tinki came on and walked all over me and woke me up. 

Today being Thursday, we didn't go to the gym. 

Will talk to you soon.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shall I ice or have cold shower

Last night we watched Blood, the last vampire. Good entertainment and time past but nothing that great and Hubby made brown rice fried rice and I made stir fry green peppers for dinner. I think we'll be able to pull together a 5 days home cook dinner again. 
One funny thing happened yesterday. Since I was at home, I thought why not go downstairs and walk home with hubby. I went and waited and waited till the rain started to fall and I was wondering why was he taking so long. After a while I called again and he's already at the house! I just realised that he came back from the other direction and there I was waiting for him to walk home. So no choice, I just came back walking in the rain and he managed to escape the rain. Silly me!

We did hit the gym today but I took it easy and only ran for 20 minutes.

Duration : 21.23 minutes
Distance : 2.57 km

Calories burned : 143

Sweat level : Pretty good!

For some reasons, today as soon as I started my run my whole thighs and legs started to hurt. I should have probably taken a break but I didn't do too much and I do feel good.
After gym we hit KFC for our breakfast and I was happy that I finished my whole wrap. Boss messaged to tell me that I could go in the meeting at 11 from home instead of having to go in to office. So! woo hoo, I'm home now!

Today's note : Let it out and be open about how you feel.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Strange pain

I had this really weird pain yesterday evening and this morning but still we managed to hit the gym. We didn't manage to get our usual machines. We really hated the machines today. It was harder and weird. Here's what I managed today.

Duration : 30.00 minutes

Distance : 3.47 km

Calories burned : 173

Sweat level : Pretty ok!

Also, I didn't go to work today. Well I did go for the meetings I was supposed to go and I went to see the doctor and came back home. Doctor said, it seems I have irritable bowel syndrome. So he gave me some medicines. Let's see if it helps.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I just thought of putting up some Tinki's pictures which we took yesterday. While we were watching The Mist, Tinki was sleeping beside us on her favourite chair. We just couldn't resist how cute she looks when she was sleeping so we took some pictures and here they are. 


Woah! another day with a ton of things lining up

Yesterday evening turned out to be  a nice one unexpectedly. Hubby and I went to Ikea to find out about the kitchen ideas and cam back home around 6. That was after watching The Mist, another of Stephen King's novel. It was somewhat predictable and just a so so movie. However, good entertainment. 

Hubby also got a call from his school friend to meet up for dinner for a few times and finally we met up yesterday. We took them to Inle (a Burmese restaurant) and it was a hit! I am someone who is not very keen on suggesting or proposing of what to eat or where to eat. Except to my hubby. I find that everyone has their own individual likes and dislikes and how can I know one would like what I like. 

Anyhoo, we got back around 10:20 and decided that we would not go to the gym so ended up watching tele till mid night. 

So we didn't go to they gym today and here I am now at work with a pile of things to take care of.

Today's note : Always think positive for your own happiness.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gym, Lunch, Shopping, Movie and Dinner with Friends

That's what happened on Saturday. We hit the gym in the morning and I had a good run.

Duration : 32.34 minutes
Distance : 3.84 km
Calories burned : 206
Sweat level : Pretty good!

I had a really good run on the treadmill despite the fact that I forgot to bring the water bottle. After gym, we went over to hubby's Aunt and Uncle's place for yummy lunch. I was feeling really dehydrated due to not enough water and I should remember to take my water bottle every time whenever I go to gym. Checklist!

MIL sent back my engagement ring which was re-sized and also a little gift. Which is a dainty gold flower bracelet. 

Then went to Arab street to meet my tailor which was so sweet to meet us and help to buy the outfit materials for my brother's wedding reception. We ended up choosing a baby pink. I hope it'll look nice on me. After that shopping, we were pretty done for the day and came back home and watched The Proposal. IT'S A GREAT MOVIE!!!! I just love it. I will definitely watch it again.

After the movie we went out to meet with Audrey and Lionel for dinner at Brewerkz at Clarke Quaye. We had a good time catching up. Finally! I had anchovies pizza and a glass of Merlot. I also had one glass before we left. I thought it was a nice evening. I haven't had this little party feeling inside of me for the longest time.

We dragged Audrey and Lionel back home after dinner because Audrey needed some big plastic bags for her JUNKs! Yes, Aud. You go gal! Its about time you spring clean. We got home and we made them watch Blood and Bone and they liked it! Or were they being just nice? :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Its going to be a busy busy day

YES! we did it. We got a record of cooking at home for the whole of 5 weekdays. Here's what I made last night  for dinner.

1. Tamarine pork curry (Recipe from Hsaba Cook Book)
2. Really messy tomato salad 
3. Rice

I couldn't believe how quick this meal is as well. I enjoy cooking however, I still need to find a way to make my life easy when chopping onions. :( Yes, I still cry miserably. Last night I had a glass of Lindemans with some kisses.

I really enjoyed this wine as its half body and smooth. Hubby did a good job buying this and I am pretty sure will be buying this again. We went to bed rather early for a Saturday night, 10:30 without doing the dishes :)

So, morning came and hubby did the dishes and also made a cup of tea for me. How nice?

I've got a few items lining up for the day.

1. Meeting with my tailor to get a blouse and longyi/skirt made for my brother's wedding at Arab's street to buy the material.

2. We have also been invited for lunch at hubby's Aunt's place.

3. Planning to do a scrap book for the house. Now that we are pretty much settled on what we want to do with the house I think we should document it down properly.

4. Gym (If I can squeeze in the time for)

5. Laundry

6. Grocery shopping.

So, I'm going to get ready now. I'm leaving you with a few shots of Tinki which I took yesterday.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rain Rain...

We got up early to get ready for gym and as we were getting ready, the sky opened up and came down the rain. So we sat and contemplated on whether to go or not. Then decided we won't and we'll go on Saturday and Sunday. I managed to take some pictures of the rain. 

I took the opportunity to make good breakfast since we have a good amount of time to get ready for work. Here's our breakfast. 

Its bacon and eggs with toast! Enjoy. 

Time to get ready for work now. 

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Seems I'm on the ball today aren't I? Today I was realising that we have been cooking nearly every night. So we decided to break the record and to have home cook meals the whole week! So just imagine, being Thursday how famish we would have been. 

Ta da! Our dinner. Its kidney beans, chick peas salad and grilled broccoli with Prata. I was really looking to coming home early and cook dinner before hubby returned home from work and guess what happened. I did manage to leave work early (don't tell my boss) and got home around 5 and came to realise that I have left the keys in the house! How silly of me. So I went over to our neighbour Leena and waited till hubby came home. 

Sometimes I just hate the Murphy's law. 

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm looking forward to going for a run. Good night. Gotta go and pack now.

Elma Apple Tea

Its nearly half day has passed and I'm doing quite good at work. Feeling good that I am accomplishing a few tasks. Yesterday a lady in my office gave me this box of Lipton Apple Tea since she doesn't take tea and I'm known to be the tea person in office apparently.

So I thought why not I try this tea today.

I was a little skeptical about this tea when I smelled it. Then when I poured the hot water onto the tea cup I got a pleasant surprised! Look at the color of the tea, its bright red and the aroma is quite citricy. I don't mind having this once in a while but not religiously though. 

BTW, I miss T2!!!

Its Thursday, you know what that means right?

No gym and slept till 7:20. Last night hubby was feeling not too well so he went off to bed at 9:00. Even myself was feeling kind of weak and tired that I went to bed around 10:00. I was watching Doctor 90210. Yeah, brainless shows. I wanted to take a break from having to check emails and reply and work so I didn't bring my laptop back home. 

Tinki scared me last night, I knew she went inside the kitchen and was playing around and she went quiet. Before I slept, I wanted to make sure she's not stuck in some corner and was trying to call her name out. No sound! Then I decided to walk away and BAM!!!!! the card box which was tucked away on top of the cupboard fell and there she was inside it meowing. Naughty one I'm telling you and of cuz hubby slept through all those noise.

I am now reinstating the routine of jumping in the shower the moment I get out of the bed. No breakfast nor sitting in front of tele first. I used to just take my own time after brushing and freshen up till I hit the shower and I find that it makes me feel lazy and make take more time on getting ready. So if I get the shower task done first thing in the morning I could get more time to my other things. 

It's Thursday today so I'm fasting and munching on grapes for the whole day. I also soaked Kidney beans and  chick peas last night so that we can cook dinner at home so to break our usual routine. I am hoping to get back home early today. 

Grapes I brought.

This is a picture of Singapore Flyer on a sun set. Not a great picture as I took it while I was in the cab ride back home yesterday. I actually wanted to take the picture of the red Sun but didn't manage to get it in the picture.

Today' note : Give yourself a break for every now and then.

Is it the weather or a little too tired

I got a blocked and runny nose in office and came home and it wasn't getting any better. Also hubby came home and said that his head is hurting and that he's feeling feverish. So I decided to make us dinner at home. I was thinking of ordering Pizza in but I know we shouldn't be spending too much. I did take a picture of our dinner tonight.

It looks not so appealing isn't it, but hey hubby loves it and I liked it. So the three without cheese were hubby's ones and with cheese is mine. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I slept last night! woo hoo

Last night we had left overs for dinner. We polished up the left over Kyar Zan Kyaw and hubby wasn't full so he also had fish curry with rice. Hubby bought me a bottle of Lindemans red but I thought I'd give myself a chance and see if I'd fall alseep because we went for a run in the morning and voila! I slept quite well without having to open the bottle. Tinki also came and slept near my foot. I love it when she sleeps near me.

We didn't watch anything specific on telle last night BUT we bought the tickets for Yangon. So we'll be going on the 9th of Dec till 13th of Dec. We're so looking forward to going back and it'll be hubby's first time in Burma.

I also had grapes for desserts and munching on them right now at work too.

Believe it or not, we hit the gym this morning too but I try to run for only 20 minutes.

Duration : 21:16 minutes

Distance : 2.5km

Calories burned : 136

Sweat level : Pretty good!

I managed to achieve my first goal. I ran for 2.4k under 20 minutes. Ha!

Today's note : God works in mysterious ways.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Made it!

Yes, you guessed it. We made it to the gym this morning. However, I did not sleep well. I am seriously thinking of buying some bottles of red wines. A glass before I sleep probably would be much better than sleeping pills wouldn't you agree? OK, I shall try it tonight. Also may be its just what's been happening around me make me think and also because we have been sleeping late for the past 2 months that my body is not used to sleeping early? Well I will try the wine and let you know tomorrow. 

So we hit the gym this morning. As much as my whole body was still sore I managed at 30 mins run and I'm quite happy with it.

Duration : 31:14 minutes
Distance : 3.6km
Calories burned : 198
Sweat level : Pretty good!

Poor hubby, he was grumbling today because he had to wait for me to finish my shower. Well, that just means that I will have to do faster in future. 

We also had KFC twister wrap and $3 meal for breakfast. My boss was kind enough not to go in office since we have a meeting at 11 and suggested me to go to the meeting direct. So, I managed to get back home and had a cat nap for 5 mins till my boss called. DARN!