Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marmalade and peaceful day

As I was saying earlier this morning, today I didn't have to go into office which made me feel really nice. I think. So, I made myself a cup of masala tea with the toast.

It was really nice. The marmalade was given by Leena and she made it at home. Really sweet of her. So now, am at home doing some work/update journal. Soon will have to leave for another meeting which is just next door to my place. 

Chicken melt

Last evening, I decided to go out and watch a movie with hubby. So I bought us tickets for "The girl with the dragon tattoo". On my way home from work I was already planning dinner in my mind. So I got home gave a quick call and wish my Aunt and Uncle a belated anniversary and waited for hubby to be home. 

I made hubby a chicken melt with our left over roasted chicken with shredded mozzarella and I had a bowl of left over moh hin kha.

These were the last 2 slices. The first two were consumed so fast that didn't get a chance to take any picture :) Yes, hubby loves sandwiches.

Today is going to be another challenging day for me at "work". Well at least I am not going into the office as there are 2 meetings to attend to outside. 

OK, am going for a cup of Masala Chi with a Home made marmalade toast.:) Pics in next post.

The movie was quite good. I'd give 4 stars out of 5.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Our weekend projects

So this was one of the project that we did. Our photo collage for our breakfast corner wall. It was a fun project really. We decided on the color of the frames first then the design then the photos. We printed these photos ourselves on the photo papers. They weren't great but they turned out not too bad afterall.

The next challenge was how do we hang these on the wall! So we stick each frame with valcro stickers on to a card box cut out and we stick the whole card box on to the wall with 3 M photo frame stickers. And then Viola. Just cutting the photos, fixing them in the frames and sticking and getting the whole thing up on the wall took us 3 hours and we both enjoyed doing it and we were really happy with our little project.

The second project was solely hubby's and it was the dinning chair that we wanted to test out. The picture is the end result. Forgot to the before photo.
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nice gorgeous Sunday morning with a bowl of Moh Hin Gha

This morning we woke up to a perfect morning with chill winds and cold rain. I just loved it. I am more and more appreciating the little habit of cleaning up right after a party. That means when I wake up the next day, I can relax instead of having to worry to have to clean up. 

So this morning, as we were just relaxing, hubby decided to varnish the test dinning table chair. Yes, we might sound strange as we only bought one chair to see if the color would match with our table. Well of cuz it didn't as we expected but hubby had better ideas and he decided to put a few codes of varnish.

While he was doing that, I made the most perfect Moh Hin Gha(burmese fish noodle soup) to go with the perfect morning. Yes, I do admit that I used it! I did! I opened up a ready made package :( BUT I am not regretting and shameful of it as it was AMAZINGLY good. So, if any of you out there wants to try out ready made Moh Hin Gha, I do recommend this brand. My sister in law bought it for me when I was in Yangon. It's by "Khin Htwe Yi" and the noodle was by "Myound Mya Daw Cho"

Instructions were also pretty clear and so easy to follow. Basically, just boil a couple of onions in 2L of water and when boiled, just throw everything in. 

Enjoy. Update of the chair will be in the evening.

Busy busy Saturday

We were out and busy since 9:00 this morning. First was the grocery shopping for fruits and dinner for the evening. We invited our friends couple and I decided to make the apple roast chicken, roasted potatoes and tabouli. From there we came home and and dropped our shoppings and had to run out to Ikea to get some more photo frames for our project which we're doing for our photo wall. Then we rushed back home and had a quick lunch and headed out to our last class of our Mandarin course. It was really fun and interesting and I think I would continue to take the intermediate class. May be not in September but probably after that batch. 

From there came back home and did the cooking marathon. Here's the dinner

Sorry about the blurry photo

Here are some photos of the view from our living room window. Enjoy.

And the fruits for the week fruit juices.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Golden mile yummies

So it was a productive day at work today. Not great but it was OK. Meetings from 12noon to 1 and then from 3 to 4. Between the meetings, I had lunch with our business partner at a Thai place at golden mile. The 3 o'clock meeting was right next to golden mile so why not try the food there right? 

Well, I must say it was rather really good food and I'm sure pretty authentic too. Here's what I had and apologies for the quality of the photos. As I said, my Nokia E71 takes pathetic photos.

Lemon Grass juice (First time trying and it was amazing nice)

Condiments (Sugar, chilli powder, ground peanut and chilli sauce with Fish sauce bottle) I wonder how often they replenish these. They put it in plastic cups/glasses

Minced chicken with basil and chili with seafood tom yam (best I've had in Singapore so far)

Mango with sticky rice (YUMMYYYY)

Donation and interesting history

Last night after dinner, hubby and me were sitting at our coffee corner just relaxing and heard the door bell rang and we both jumped! Wondering who can it be at this time. When I went and opened the door there was a woman fairly young properly early or mid 20s standing there with the sweetest smile and asking to speak with working adults. So I asked her what it was about and she started explaining she was doing the fund raising for Singapore Cancer patients. I immediately asked her how much would the donation and how it works, so yes last night we did some donation to SCS and both felt quite good to have done something good for the community. She was so polite and humble. I invited her in and offered her something to drink. We really do admire those who can give them and energy for the community. 

So what about the interesting history? I came in this morning to work and while chatting with 2 of my colleagues and talking about Youth Olympic Games they mentioned something about YOG being in Nan Jing for next year. They also mentioned that it's ghost city!! I got interested and asked them why so and found out when I Googled it. I cannot believe how people can be so cruel and disgusting. 


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vegetarian semi home cook with more pictures

So I got home around 5 today and had a great and fun call with my Aunt. She loves the pictures of the house :) I was also having such a splitting headache and was not sure if I'd be cooking but then I wasn't in the mood to get out again. Therefore, I cooked us dinner. Potatoes with long beans and tomatoes and when I said semi is the package Rajma (kidney beans) masala. :) Well it works anyways. Also, take a peek at what's in my pantry.

Veg Dinner
What's in my pantry

More house pictures

As promised, here are more pictures. There will be more soon. Stay tune.

My Tea and Coffee stash

Our main and drink fridge

Some Photos


Master Bath (his)

Master Bedroom with Tinki's place

Master bed room

Mast bath His & Hers (hers)

Kitchen wash area

One more day to the weekend

Yes, it's Thursday today so hubby made us Masala chai for breakfast. I was supposed to be heading out for a meeting at 10 but it has been postponed so I took some time to take some pictures of the house. So here it is. More to come soon.

I must apologize that the photos are not in great order. I will need to adjust them again. There are many more to come. Stay tune.

Kitchen counter

Hubby's little bar

Dinning Area and Breakfast corner

Breakfast Corner

Guest Bathroom

Living Room

Tikle Bell says Hello

Tetley Masala Tea from India

Yes, Tinki only drinks water from her glass

Living room from Entrance

From the guest bathroom
Guest Bathroom Wash area
Please let me know what you think.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More appointments to be done

This morning hubby came with me to the clinic and the doctor mentioned that the scan results are pretty much the same as last year. However, it would be good to just get the small solid cysts to get biopsy done so that we can have some peace of mind. So there, I have another doctor, specialist this time next Saturday. From the clinic, we went to KFC and hubby had his breakfast to go and I had mine there as I had some time to kill before a meeting.

Original twister meal without mayo without cheese and ice tea. Pretty good as I haven't had it for a few months now. The rest of the day was just pretty much normal work stuff and as I have said before, I had half my mind at work. I also was quite happy with some improvements I made to my journal. Check out my Food and Wine links. Movies will be coming up shortly. I made these pages so that I can create a list of food that I made and wines we tried. So check out my dinner below.

This is our dinner which we made together. Chicken schnitzel, baked butternut squash and steamed snow peas. It was DELLLIIIICIOUS.

OH! My bad! I've got a great news to share with you. I've got my Best of Chef at HOME!!!! Michael is finally home:)

I can't wait to try out all the recipes from here. I am so going to have so much fun. Also a few of my practice shots of sun set view from our house. Enjoy.

And now we're watching "Echelon Conspiracy".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do it yourself

Woke up this morning and hubby came to the bathroom to show me the greens. Yes, that means we're having spinach smoothie. It was great we managed to finish up the spinach in the fridge and the bananas. We had to let go of 1 avocado though :( 

Went to work right before 9am and I noticed that I do not look forward anything at work at all. Most of the day I was basically looking around for which camera I should buy. I happened to come across to a few of the great digital camera tips blog websites and I got so motivated. 

Since I was actually thinking of using hubby's camera to take photos, I have a lot of work cut out for me don't I? Here's a shot of our dinner last night.

It's sheesh kabab and asparagus, Quite delicious. OK, back to my day. I got a call from the clinic too and told me that they've got my ultrasound result and I'll need to go back to the doctor for the follow up. So I will be going there tomorrow morning. As usual, am worry but I am just going to leave it in God's hands. 

In the cab ride coming back home this evening, I realised that I need to take control of my life and do what is right for health. That is both physically and mentally. 

I feel like I have no more friends and no one really even to talk to. Hubby was really sweet and agreed with me that I will definitely need a break.