Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year! Hello YOGA!

I know I know, I'm a tad late with this HAPPY NEW YEAR thing BUT! boy I have so much to tell you about how my first 4 day of New Year went.

1st Jan - We did not spend a single dim! It's something really silly or rather cute and may be a little not very convenient tradition. We'd like to believe that if we do not spend a single thing on a new year day we will not have to spend so much for the rest of the year. So, even when we went out with Jit and Kanu to Arab street for hokka and dinner we told them that they will have to treat us since we won't be spending. So, they did!

It was my first day back to the gym also and I was pretty happy to be back I must say.

2nd Jan - For the very first time Hubby and I went to the Church together and I had my holy communion. It was just lovely. After church we had lunch with my old friend and believe it or not, a hawker stall which I used to eat like 4 years ago is still around and best of all the stall owner remembers me! It was such a surprised.

We also went to meet hubby's friend's second daughter. Which we were supposed to do for a long time. 

3rd Jan - nothing much exciting happened. Oh, I picked up our tickets to go back home in Feb.

4th Jan - Woo hoo, my very first Yoga lesson. Hatha yoga and it was just amazing. At the moment I have mixed feelings about it. I do admit that I was feeling totally energized for the rest of the day where it was one mad day. I had so much drama to take care of at work and my work ended only around 10:30.

Today 5th Jan - My arms were super sore BUT we went to the gym and I ran! For some reason, I know I need to lose a few kgs well I know exactly 6kg. So let's see if I can do it. I somewhat know I can.

BTW, so far we are doing good at the kicking of bad habit front :)

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