Monday, November 29, 2010

Super unhealthy and healthy meal weekend

So we had a busy busy weekend as always. We did accomplish quite a number of things including a HUGE grocery shopping and sending off stuff for family. Enu hasn't been coming for the passed month so we've been doing the cleaning the house ourselves. Saturday was pretty tiring. We started off the day with laundry, cleaning and tidying up and we headed out to hubby's friend's kid's 1st birthday and I was having really bad sneezing fits. 

Bangers and Mesh for Saturday night dinner. (SUPER UNHEALTHY)
Steamed Fish and Sliced ginger beef stir fry with TONS of veges for Sunday Dinner

 For Sunday, we cleaned (yes again) and we went for grocery shopping. I was quite happy that we managed to get loads of vegetables and also FISH! After having super unhealthy meals consecutively, I've decided to get on back to healthy eating bandwagon. 

Also, we managed to squeeze in fruit juices with carrots, apples, star fruit and oranges that we bought. YUMMMMY...... 


  1. Every day eating is about healthy foods and our induldgences. As long as there is a balance between the two it is all good:D

  2. Thanks and it is true that balance and moderation is always the key/ Cheers..