Tuesday, June 5, 2012

After nearly a year and a half....here I am back again

So here I am. Back again and hope to keep this one going. Well just to keep a quick summary of what had happened while I was away for the past year and half.
  • I got a new role in my job. (which I do hope to keep it for a while longer even though it's been more than a year now)
  • Visited Goa and Jaipur!! one of the highlights.
  • Met some really great and interesting people through work and some were sadly no longer with the company for so many reasons.
  • Learnt a lot about different people too.
  • Been really good with workouts.
  • Running for more than 2 months every weekend. Even though it's only on the treadmill, doesn't mean that I will not run outdoor. One day I shall.
  • Been taking care of the home.
  • We got a new addition to the family. (Ginger. He's another adopted SPCA ginger color kitty.) We both love him dearly.

  • Went to Sydney over this year's Good Friday to spend some times with Pwa Pwa. (that reminds me to call her to see how things are with her).
  • Went on a cruise to celebrate our 4th year Anniversary together with a close friend couple in February. (Royal Caribbean). To those who has never been on a cruise, I truly recommend you to do so. But do make sure you choose this line. :)
Gosh, I can't believe how much I missed writing and documenting my daily life.

Ok, I gotta head off to bed for now. Hitting gym for my run in the morning. 6am will be the alarm time.

P.S, I still have tons to write up.

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