Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kicking of bad habit and other things

So, to continue of my last night's updates:

  • Even though I haven't managed to run 5k under 30 mins, I'm quite happy that I managed to run 6km.
  • We finally bought a KING size bed!! :)
  • Started to drive to work everyday and gain more confidence. (Tip to those who are afraid to drive or scared to drive. Don't. You just need to practice and have more experience on the road. you'll be fine and in no time driving will become a second nature to you. Trust me on this one).
  • Drove up to Kota Tinggi with a bunch of friends and it was another awesome experience.
  • Drove up to Desaru and Melacca with hubby.
  • Stuck in a traffic for 5 hours at the checkpoint which was such a crazy experience.
  • My best friend got MARRIED!!!!
  • Another friend of ours got MARRIED!!!
Ok, I think that's about it for the updates. 
Now back to current.

Had a hectic day today. Full day of meetings but had a nice lunch. Took an excuse to treat a colleague and had Nando's for lunch :)

The morning was started good with a 4km run before work and felt pretty awesome. Evening was pretty good too with a nice dinner with hubby at the coner chinese place. The food is pretty pathetic but hey it was airconditioned and they've got some noodle soups. :)

Also, there's this bad habit I've been trying to kick. Which I know that I can however at times I just needed to do something for a kick and I found myself doing it. Not good I know. Well one thing I know for sure is if there's a will, there's a way and never too late when you know you want to do it. If today fails, I can start again from now. With that being said, I shall start again from now and I shall report back everyday.
By the way, there are like crazy amount of work which I've been pushing aside to do and I think I should probably get them started.
Right, I know I do this a LOT but I'm not going to stop just because I feel that I never accomplish them or follow through. Yes, I'm going to make a list of things to be a better person. Sometimes I think self reflecting is good.
  1. I shall call my parents more often. Which I have been doing it quite well recently. I must admit something. I dread calling back home for a few reasons. I'm afraid I'd get some bad news. I'm afraid to get lecture from my Mom. I'm afraid I'd say wrong things that would upset my Mom. But someone recently who calls their Mom everyday inspired me and reminded that our parents are aging and that we should be doing all we can to spend as much time as we can. Even if it is just a phone call.
  2. Keep up with the my gym sessions. At least 5 times a week which currently I am achiving.
  3. Eat more healthy meals and make them at home if possible.
  4. Have more faith in myself.
I know I'm going to add to this list and amazingly my mind just went blank! Shall continue tomorrow. Goodnight for now.

P.S A friend told me yesterday that I'm the best! Made my day.

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