Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A wrap up of 2014

There were many ups and downs in my 2014 and I guess this is the year where I go through Changi Airport the most as well. Some with tears in my eyes and some with smiles on my face.

Last post I mentioned about losing my Dad. What I didn't mention was that I lost my one and only Grandparent that I ever known in my life, my Grandma (Pwa Pwa). I never met my Dad's parents. They died before I was born. My Mom's Dad pass away in Sydney probably when I was around 8 or 9 and I met my Grandma at the age of 13 first time when I went to Sydney even though I grew up with my Grand Aunt (Pwa Pwa's elder sister) till I turned 13, it was a great feeling or I should rather say mixed feelings to meet my only grandparent for the first time in my life when I met Pwa Pwa.

Where my brother and I have lost a father and a grandma this year, my Mom has lost her life partner and her Mom and I am proud of Mom to be this strong.

Pwa Pwa taught me heaps of things in my life.
To be independent
To have faith
To believe in yourself
To never stop learning
To never to afraid to admit something that has been wrong
To be a go getter
To never give up
To hold my head high ever if everything else around is falling to the ground
Lastly, to keep going ....

2014 has been a year where I learnt that I could still do the things that I never thought I would be able to ever again. Challenges that came my way, never did I once hesitated to step back and run away from them but with an amazing support and believe people have in me has made me face them with went through them.  

None of the events that had taken place in 2014 that I would change. Only thing if I could ask would probably be, for my 2015 to have more of the events that would make me smile more.

There were a lot of first times in 2014 for me as well which made it special. I did say there we UPS and DOWNs. So not all are sad stuff.

I got to experience F1 for the first time in my life and loved every bits of it. I was really happy that I made the decision of going (yes, was a little skeptical before decided to get the tickets).

Visited Melbourne for the first time, pretty amazing too and a great experience that will  stay with me forever.

And a couple more.....

Even though, it's still 15 days away to the end of 2014, this is the last well second last post for the year and in the next post (which I hope to do so before 2015 or 1st of 2015) I will be listing down my "goals", my plan for 2015.

With everything above, I just want to say thank you for being in my life and being apart of my life..... Goodnight.


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