Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guest over on a week day = not a good idea!

On Tuesday  I invited my brother's friends who were in town for Mee Shay dinner. I did think about it long and hard to see if it is a good idea but did not have much choices as one of them was leaving the next day and I wanted to pass some stuff for home. Little did I know that one of them actually does a catering business and there I was trying to show off my cooking skills, bad start! However, it was quite well as most of the stuff finished and I think I'm loving my ribs soups. (THANK YOU AUNTY JANE) 

Surprisingly, as tired as I was that evening I still managed to clean up the dishes and cleared the table. I was pretty impressed with myself. Hubby of cuz put all the dry plates away in the morning while I was still lazing in bed.

So last night dinner, as you guessed it was the left over pork belly with preserved Chinese vegetables, rib soup and omelet and couldn't believe it was a yummy dinner still.

Today's note : Never invite any guest during week days.


  1. the ribs soup rocks! it the one with coriander?

  2. OH yes! i know, I think i should make it more often..