Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things to do in December

I always have this thing with December. For some reasons December always bring me some joy and happiness. May be it got to do a lot with my childhood memories. December is when Winter/cold season really starts in Burma and also we have school holidays. Not only that my parents would have a great Christmas party at home and just remembering those times make me happy once again. 

The only sad part is that this December I am so busy with work that will not have that much time relaxing or taking things easy or even not sure if we can throw a party. Despite the work, there are tons of things happening this month and so is my to do list.

  • New Moon released :) (3rd December today and of cuz I have watched it!)
  • Preeti and Vikram stopping for 1 day in Singapore (5th December)
  • Travel to Burma for Brother's wedding (9th December - 13th December)
  • Finalise and confirm the contractor ( Sometime after 14th December)
  • First appointment with HDB for our house (14th December)
  • Mom and Dad coming to Singapore (18th December till ....)
  • Hubby's Mamu's family coming to Singapore (sometime around 18th I believe)
  • Christmas Holidays (25th December I so hope I would get to enjoy the long weekend)
  • Arrange with the contractors to see the house for final quotation (Sometime after the 14th )
  • Shop for Year End sales for the items we need for the house. 

    To do list for the month of December:
    • Christmas shopping and shopping for MIL's list (4th December)
    • Fill up my CITPM certification form and yes I will have to pay late fees. How nasty! (4th December)
    • Post Christmas Cards and Brother's wedding invitation cards to the relatives and friends ( 5th December)
    • Pick up and drop off Vikram and Preeti from airport (5th December)
    • Spring clean and decorate house for Christmas (6th December)
    • Make shopping list and shop for Burma trip (6th December)
    • Leave for Burma (9th December)
    • Arrive back from Burma and prepare for the first appointment (13th December)
    • Go for the first appointment for 10:30 (14th December)
    • Do a financial planning for 2010 ( House, Renovation and to access if any possibility of getting an Accord?)
    • Do up a New Year Resolution list :)
    Oh and I'm at work now sipping on my last ELMA/ APPLE tea. I must admit I fell in love with this tea. I should go and look for more. 

    I will come back later...

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