Friday, December 4, 2009

Those little annoying things.

I forgot to mention what happened at dinner time yesterday evening. We went to Vivo for dinner as it was a Thursday and I was somewhat craving for the food court stall food. As we waited for the server to come back out to the counter so he could serve us another guy came beside us and kept yelling out for the server. I got a tad annoyed with him but didn't say anything. Then finally the guy came out and this other guy who was standing beside us just somewhat grabbed him and starting talk to him and gave him the money. Hubby got so annoyed (yes, we were starving people and not very in good mood) and told him that there was a line/queue and this other guy kept staring at hubby as though he wanted to start a fight. Then he told hubby that yes, I know what a line is and ya da ya da and then suddenly he said, I am only paying. Yes, I know this does not sound like it is a such a big thing BUT trust me the attitude that guy was giving to us was as though he just going to start punching hubby. Sigh, people, why can't you just say even before that sorry, I am just here to pay the money. So no one would have any misunderstanding and cause all this hatred. This is another thing which I notice with people over here. Its like its such a bad thing to talk to other person especially a stranger. They would just give you this "Wanna fight" stare. 

OH btw, this is what I am having right now in office:)

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