Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Renovation Day 2 and HIIT Day 2

I did not manage to update anything yesterday but there has been a number things to update. First of all, it is officially the beginning to hacking. We went to the house yesterday and saw a great progress has been made for a first day. 

Living/Dinning room mess, nearly 2/3 of the floor is done for this area.

Master bedroom ward robe. Demolishing in progress.

Master bathroom, nearly gone.

Living Room. Floor is gone.

Kitchen, most of the cupboards are gone but still a fair bit more to go.

We are planning on painting the other bedroom's built in wardrobes so we will do a little project of our own. Let's see how it'll turn out. 

After checking the house, we went for dinner and this is what I had. My all time favourite, clay pot noodle.

This morning I did my another HIIT and I am feeling somewhat guilty that I only run for 20 minutes but I need to bare in mind that my goal is targeting to cut the fat. Meaning to lose fat. Yeah I know, it still doesn't help with eating those clay pot noodles. Yes, I know I will be starting my clean eating again. Oh and we had another cup of Carrot, green apple and orange juice yesterday. AMMMAZZING!

Aud! Yes, I will make for you when you come over. WHEN????? Here's my stats of my HIIT today.

Treadmill Statistics :

Duration : 21:02 minutes
Distance : 2.76 km

Calories burned : 162
Sweat level : Really Good!

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