Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Renovation Day 4

Today we managed to go and check on the house in the evening as I managed to get off work a tad early. There are a lot of progress even though the debris is yet to be cleaned up we saw that our tiles and cement have arrived. At 6:40pm there were workers still carrying the cements and bricks up to the apartment. I must say the contractors are at least to this point doing their best.

We did not manage to take lots of pictures today but Nakul went to the house in the afternoon so he snapped some pictures and sent them over to my phone. So here are a few of those.

Kitchen area entrance has been broken down.

Both toilets walls are down. I will try and take more pictures tomorrow when we go there tomorrow. For now, I will leave with Putu's so sweetly watching hubby cooking dinner from up above.

Uhmm ok, I realised Putu doesn't look so sweet in pictures but trust me, she does look cute in real life :) 

Good night.

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