Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quick recap of my mad week

It was truly a mad rush week for us last week. Well at least for me. We slacked in the exercise department last week.

Monday : No gym. Usual work and got home late. Hubby made dinner. 

I would say healthy and hearty meal it was. Steamed vegetables with tomatoes Sheesh kabab.

Tuesday : Managed to hit the gym. However, it was exactly a week since we went to the gym so we both felt tired and felt we didn't get a good workout. 

I could only run for:

  • Workout Time : 24:06 minutes
  • Calorie Burned : 156
  • Distance : 2.81 km
Wednesday : No workout again and busy day at work that got back home only around 8 pm. Oh and managed to reconnect to a very good friend, Ko Zaw Htet on yahoo message. Its always is nice to find old friends and to know how they are and what they are doing. 

Thursday : I can't believe that Ko Zaw Htet actually sent the cook book I have been wanting for awhile. Yes, it is not available in Singapore. Its a burmese cook book and only available online. I have been contemplating of buying it for awhile and he got it for me as a gift! I can't wait to get it. 

I worked till 1am that night for a tender submission on Friday.

Friday : No gym again because the moment I opened my eyes I was back on computer to work on the tender submission. I did not go in to office as it would be a waste of time to travel to office especially when there was so much to do. After working so hard, we didn't manage to bid for the tender because we were late for 5 minutes.

Anyhoo, after working whole day and no bid for the tender hubby was so sweetly invited me to join him and friends at Harry's. I had G&T. Then his friends decided to go to The Queen and Mangosteen" and we went with them for a little while. I must say their mini burgers are really delicious. Its a must try. However, the drinks were quite bad. I ordered frozen lime daiqiiri and it was basically a lime cordial. HORRIBLE!!! 

We only stayed there for about 45 minutes and decided to head back and there I got a call from my boss saying they're in Vivo city where me and hubby were and wanted them to join for dinner. So as much as we were so tired, it would not have been nice to bail. So we went and joined them for dinner at Asian Kitchen. Hubby couldn't eat anymore and I only had nibbles of everything. 

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