Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trip to Bogor,Indonesia (Recap)

My plan at first was to post at least 1 every two days last week especially during my trip. Now that its really late to be telling every single bits of the trip detail it won't be so good anymore. So I decided to do a really quick recap of last week. 

We left on Wednesday 2nd Sept in the evening to Bogor. Sad but no choice that we had to leave Tinki at home. Hubby's friend really took great care of her. The trip was short and sweet. The shopping was really good. I think we have done shopping for the whole year :) The best part is I managed to get a few of my running shorts, sports tops, sports jackets and hubby's great size sandals. His shoe sizes are hard to find in Singapore. So it was good that we managed to get it. The rest are just dresses, tops, skirts, office shirts, etc.

There is always a ritual that every girls who live in Singapore do. Buy cosmetic at the airport duty free :). Yes, I find that the prices at the duty free at airport is way much cheaper than normal prices in the malls. 

So I bought, Bobbi Brown press powder, Bobbi Brown Nude Palette and Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner. Here are the pictures.

I had this eye liner brush from Bobbi Brown and finally I got the right liner to use. 

Ok, back to my trip. We got back home on Sunday around 11pm at night and we were just too tired and went to bed. 

Oh yes, hubby bugged me to drive in Bogor and I managed!! Yes, if you have never been to Indonesia, you won't know how the traffic is. So trust me. I did good!!

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