Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All packed

We are all set and packed for now. The only thing left is to finish up the rest of the work today in office and leave early. Last night Hubby's friend couple came over and we showed him how to feed Tinki. They're so sweet that even willing to come and feed in the mornings as well but we only asked them to feed in the evening and put more dry food for the next day. 

After they left we went to Mustafa to do our list of things to do and if you noticed I have cancelled out the ones we managed last night. As for Tinki's second litter box, Hubby managed to be creative and make do with what we already have at home. So no issue anymore. Aud and boyfriend will come by and check on Tinki on Saturday so it will be good. 

The flight is at 9:30pm so if I have a chance to update, I will do so before leaving.

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