Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A rush run

Well we were running a tad late by the time when we stepped in the gym this morning but I didn't try to cut my run short. Hubby also ran beside me but he only did 20 minutes. I did 33 minutes.

Today's work out:

  • Workout Time : 33.01 minutes
  • Calorie Burned : 237
  • Distance : 4.13 km
Not too bad. I noticed that now I only take breaks after 10 minutes. So basically for this jog/run I only break 3 times where I normally would have break like at least 5 times. Also I managed to run at 9.2 kph for 2 minutes. I want to maintain this see when I can run 5K in 30 minutes. 

If I have not mentioned yet, we are going to Bogor, Jakarta on Wednesday night and there are a few errands we need to run this evening. We also decided not to send Tinki to the pet boarding and will leave her at home. Hubby's friend, our neighbor is kind enough to feed Tinki every evening.  

Things we need to do this evening:
  1. Change money
  2. Buy another plastic tray for Tinki ( I don't think we want to ask Hubby's friend to scoop the poo as well so we will have two poo trays for 4 days for Tinki. Yes she is very particular.)
  3. Pack
  4. Wrap Vikram's gifts
  5. Buy M&M for Vikram
  6. Finish up most of my work.
I think that's about it. I might be missing out a few items but I'm sure Hubby will remember. 

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