Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good workout and great house work

We got up around 9 today and we hit to the gym before we got too lazy. WOOHOO!! I had a good workout today. 


Chest : Bench Press 5kg, 12,12,12 7.5kg 10, Standing chest pull 5kg, 12
Back : Lat Pull down 19g, 12,12,12, seated roll 19kg 12
Biceps ; Hammer curls 4kg 12,12,12 seated curl 4kg 12
Triceps : Push backs 4kg 12,12,12 
Shoulders : Sitting shoulder press 4kg 12,12,12


YES! I had a good run today.

Duration : 30:00 minutes
Distance : 3.74km
Calories burned : 220 

We got home and I was feeling so energetic and decided to fold the dry laundry and did more laundry.

Will update again soon. yes, I'm back and I will try to update regularly.

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