Thursday, December 30, 2010

1 more day to 2011 and resolutions

So, looking back on the resolutions for did i Do?

  1. Be a more cheerful person. - I think I somewhat accomplished this. :)
  2. Be more positive about life. - Same goes for this.
  3. Run 10K by December 2010 - So did not happen at all BUT, I'm willing to put this for the 2011.
  4. Kick some bad habits :) - Same for this, BUT, I'm going to continue this resolution for 2011
  5. Save money - Accomplished this somewhat :)
  6. Be more patience. - Patience, I think I did this too.

So, here's 11 things for 2011.

  1. Kick my major BAD habit.
  2. Save x amount of $$. (have to set an amount)
  3. Travel to a new place with hubby.
  4. Get back to healthy eating and do one round of BFL (who wants to join me?)
  5. Be a more confident driver
  6. Be more organised especially in the hand bag :)
  7. Be more active
  8. Read more books
  9. Make sure to to meet up with my best friend (girls outing) once a month.
  10. Decorate the wardrobe room and master bedroom
  11. To run a 10 K by June 2011. 

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