Thursday, December 16, 2010

From Blondie to blackie

Yes! as a result of hoping to make my roots to blend it with my colored hair and also to let the hair grow longer I changed my brown colored hair into BLACK! and the next think I saw in the mirror was AEON FLUX! or ADAM's Family! For some odd reasons, I think I like it. I was really worried and bothered at first whether if I'd like it or not BUT, seems it's different. I haven't had dark hair color since I was15 years old so I think it's about it. 

Anyhoo, that was that. Also our car got registered yesterday so now we should be collecting it within a day or two I believe. We were hoping to be able to collect it on Friday but it might not be possible so Sunday it is. I must admit that hubby wasn't so thrills to see me with my dark hair yesterday but I'm sure he'll get used to it. He did say he want to ban me from going to my hair dresser. Oh well, I think this is the max test I'd probably be doing so I guess he's too late now :)

Since we got the news about the car and also I wanted to go and show him my hair I suggested that we go for Sushi for dinner to celebrate and he agreed! I had my Sashimi fix yesterday which was pretty awesome. 

When we got home, we decided to watch a movie and we watched The Last Time. I'm not sure if I enjoyed it but hubby did. I feel it was a so so movie. Nothing much to rave about I feel.

I think that's about it for my updates for now. I will surely load some photos in next posts.


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