Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 more days to Christmas

There are some drama at work at the moment but I'm still not letting that take away my Christmas spirit. It's only 11 more days left for Christmas. We will be hosting a Christmas Eve dinner at our place for hubby's office colleagues. Well believe it or not, it'll be both Non Vegetarian and Vegatarian guests I will have to entertain and prepare food for. So it will be fun.

So far I have already come up with a menu and I think I'm quite happy with it cuz most of the stuff can be prepared ahead of time. I like that idea. I really hate that I will have to keep worrying about having to keep the food warm or be presentable without having to abandon the guests. I do not want to be stucked in the kitchen when the guests arrive and I'm still cooking. Oh well, know what I mean.

That just means that I need a lot of practice and research. Mean while, I must say that around our block, there are lots of gorgeous Christmas lights and I must share that with you.


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