Friday, December 3, 2010

Let it begins...

Christmas celebrations that is. Yes, my best friend and her fiancée couldn't make it for my Christmas eve's dinner so I'm making a special early Christmas celebration for them tomorrow at home. It'll be lunch. Also, we've been just told that a tennis court is booked for us tomorrow evening. So! another weekend of full action begins....

Today we'll be going to Sushi Tae i to celebrate two of the team members' birthday. After that I'll be heading off to my other office and hoping to be able to head out early so I can do my grocery shopping for tomorrow. At the moment hubby's already requested what he would wants so I just have to do that BUT, now I am in search of a good dessert which won't make him feel super guilty. Let's see if I'll succeed.

Last evening, it was pouring down like mad and I had to do the Veg dinner take away duty. So I got us Komala's from Tanglin Mall and sadly they didn't have any Briyani so just with Dosai and Puree. I wasn't so sure if that was just enough so I went and bought some mushrooms and herbs from Market place. Still wasn't sure what I would make. Got home and thought of Quesadillas so I just did a simple mushroom Quesadillas in case the food wasn't enough and it turned out amazing!

SO simple yet so satisfying. Sorry didn't get the chance to take any picture of our dinner last night. However, I was a happy girl because I manage to buy some flowers!!!!

Shall show you all tomorrow when I get a chance to take the picture. 

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