Monday, December 6, 2010

First Christmas gathering - Best Friend

Yes, I did mention that this month nearly every weekend is going to be some sort of a celebration or a party didn't I? So yes, last Saturday was with my best friend and her FiancĂ©e. Friday evening, we were supposed to do some shopping and we ended up not doing it because hubby left office late and he was cranky and so was I. With that, we decided to make lunch for my friends with whatever we have in the fridge and that was chicken breast. So Schitnels it is. Also, I've got a bag of mushrooms and since I've been so much in love with the breaded mushrooms tapas I decided to try that out and I must say they were a success. YUUUMMMYYY.. If you have never done so, please do it. 

Dinning table setting. (Without all the food on it )

Dinning table setting. (With all the food on it )
I made, potatoes and peas mash and it looked really awesome green! 

My green funky mash

Chicken Schnitzels with breaded mushrooms.

Steamed brocoli and cauliflowers with oliver oil, dash of lemon and pepper.

Believe it or not, after all those cookings and cleaning up we went and played tennis from 7 to 9 and after all that we were officially pooped. We knew that we will definitely be suffering the next day so we rubbed ourselves with tons of pain relief rub and I also took 1 pain killer before I went to bed that night. So thank for all that, our Sunday wasn't that painful. However it was still a busy day. 

Little one's food has ran out so we went to Vivo and did some shoppings. Finally I decided to get a membership for La Senza. 

From Vivo, we went to Chevrolet showroom to get some paperwork done. No, we still do not know when is the car arriving. 

It was already around 2:30 by the time we left the showroom and got home sat for like an hour and headed back out to Orchard to meet Hubby's aunt to watch The next three days and have dinner. It was pretty tiring and orchard was packed with people that we couldn't get a cab so we walked around and ended up taking a bus home and got home around 11 pm. 

Now, I shall leave you with some Christmas lighting snaps at Orchard.

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