Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Reflections

Since it is near to the end of 2010 I thought of coming up a list of things that happened to us in 2010. Memorable ones as well as major mile stones for hubby and I.

January - Believe it or not, I had to re-read my posts to find out what exactly happened in January and viola! We decided on the contractor for renovation. (Eric! who did an excellent job with the house)

February - Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary and did lots of shoppings for the house such as Fridge, Air condition, Stove etc. I also got an iPod as our anniversary gift from hubby.

March - Celebrated my 31st birthday with my best friend couple at a really gorgeous Japanese yakitori restaurant. Also, shopping for the house continued. The renovation began.

April - We moved in to our very first own home on the 9th of April. It was an awesome feeling. We had a few house warming parties too for gorgeous friends.

May - Started having some issues with work and boss. Wasn't really good and serious consideration of quitting that job.

June - Decided to quit the job but boss tried to keep me and I thought of giving a second chance. 

July - 4th of July marked Tinkle Bell one year with us. We also made a trip to India. It was lovely. We visited Bombay for the first time. 

August - I got my CHEF AT HOME book from Ben!!!! Hubby and me did some projects around the house like putting up some photos on the wall. Dad undergone his hernia operation. Yoong, my hair dresser found a bald patch on my head:( I cut my hair really short. Decided to quit the horrible job for good.

September - 1st September I gave my resignation letter without any job in hand. With Jesus' blessings, I was offered a job to start on the 4th of October. Thank you Lord. Hubby took me to Universal Studios with Jiten and Kanu. 

October - Started work at my new job. 

November - Hubby's 34 birthday at Ochre at Orchard Central. It was lovely. We put up our first Christmas tree at home. Light up some Diwali lights and Hubby did pooja. We booked our very first brand new car (Chevrolet Cruze on the 14th of November)

December - Collected our Car on the 17th of December. Many Christmas parties happened. Cakes, cookies and bread tried and failed. Roasted a total of 4kg chicken for 13 people for Christmas. 

It surely is amazing to look back and see what has happened in a year. I will be doing a resolution post soon.

Have a great day ahead all.

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