Friday, January 15, 2010

5 hours at East Coast...(Was supposed to be Wednesday entry 13th Jan)

This morning I had to go for a breakfast meeting with boss to East Coast McDonald and sat there for nearly 5 hours!!!! It was a pain but hey at least I wasn't stuck at the partner's office. Oh well and I hate having to get emails to follow up when I got back in.

Have I told you about some of my pet peeves? Well I would love to list them out in once entry BUT I could never remember all of them at one go until I come across them. I saw one this morning and I can think of a few now. I can't stand:
  • when people eat with their mouth opens (its just disgusting people. Please!)
  • people who talks big about themselves and look down on others.
  • people who likes to act as though they know everything and that they think no one knows anything
  • people who squeeze through the crowd
  • etc...

1 comment:

  1. People who never say sorry when they knock the crap out of you when walking. Not even when you say "ouch!"