Monday, January 18, 2010

First day of Gym in 2010

It was on Friday that we went back to Gym. Well I guess I should say I went back to gym because hubby went on Wednesday and I didn't. Here's what I managed on Friday and you will notice that my stamina went down after nearly 2 months of not going to gym or running. 

Duration : 20.01 minutes
Distance : 2.21 km

Calories burned : 111
Sweat level : Not so great

As for today, its 2nd day for 2010 back to running AND!!! 8th day of our kicking a bad habit. 

Duration : 30.01 minutes
Distance : 3.47 km

Calories burned : 193
Sweat level : Pretty Good

I was quite happy with it but of cuz I was no where near where I was before. I will not give up though. 

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