Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy weekend recap

So like I have mentioned in my Facebook status, we had a crazy weekend. Saturday started as a rather crazy but enjoying morning. Hubby and I went to the tiles warehouse called Soon Bee Huat which has truly amazing show room full of tiles and modal bathrooms. One good thing with hubby and I was that even though there were THOUSANDS of tiles, we still managed to stick to what we wanted and went straight to the tiles we were looking for. 

After the visit to the warehouse, we came back home and around 1:45 we went to the house to wait for the contractors to visit the house for the actual quotation. We invited 2 contractors Mr Tan from Everton and Eric from Beauty World. It was weird that husband and I split and took care of one contractor each to go through each item in our list. All the contractors are amazed with Hubby's work on the 3D design for the work. Hope after the work it will come out if not exactly but somewhat as we are visualizing. 

The contractors visit was ended around 3 and hubby and I came home for a while to rest and then we went to Mustafa to exchange some cash and we visiting the City Square Mall which is newly opened just right beside Mustafa centre. I still cannot believe why they would open a Mall beside Mustafa as though they do have enough stuff in Mustafa. Yes, I'm a Mustafa junkie. I love going to Mustafa but I do have my preference on the timing. 

I bought a cute red canvas shoes (which I will take photo of later) and some woman apparel. Also, hubby was so sweetly accompanied me for dinner at Hong Kong style cafe, I was told it is called "Streets". Not bad at all. I had Wanton Mee with Honey and Lemon drink and hubby had club sandwiches with blue berry freeze. He loved it.

Well, that was about it for Saturday as we both were quite tired and also knew we would have to get up early on Sunday as hubby's sister in law and son were arriving rather early in the morning.

I went to bed around 11:30 on Saturday and wasn't sure what time Hubby came to bed but the next think I knew was the alarm going off at 7:20 and hubby coming in the room and telling me that the flight has landed and that we would have to go to airport as soon as possible.

Jumping up from the bed and straight away I got ready and went to airport. Poor things Sis in law and V were at McDonald's waiting for us and we joined them for breakfast over there. We weren't so so late but around 20 minutes. 

Anyhoo, we had the visitors for the whole day at home and I was sneezing away to glory yesterday. Little V slept most of the day as he probably didn't have a good rest on the flight from India. 

Our helper, Enu also came which was such a relief and she did a good job cleaning the spare bedroom and folding all the clothes. She's a great life saver! Around 3:50 we dropped SIL and V to the airport and again I was feeling a bit peckish that I had Polar curry puff and tea. I am really wondering how they make the tea at these cafes that it taste so good. Probably warming up the milk before putting the tea bag in? I don't know but I am curious to find out.

We got home around 5:30 and guess what! I passed out on the couch in front of tele and hubby fed Putu and also got himself a hair cut!!! I think I was out for like around 45 minutes and I got up to see hubby after shower. How amazing? Hubby doesn't need me to help him with the haircut anymore. Oh well...

Then we watched "Inside Man" again. Even though we have seen it but we both have forgotten some of the seens and the actual story. We only remember it was really good so we watched it again and had dinner at the same time. Hubby was over joyed with his butter chicken his Mom sent and had it for lunch and dinner. 

Both of us were just too tired and pooped that we went to bed around 10:00.

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