Friday, January 8, 2010

Cool morning

I was such a good girl this morning because I took a bus to work. Yes! I am pretty proud of myself and even much so when I got him and team wasn't in just yet. Even though it was already 9:20 I was still early. It was such a lovely morning today. Rainy and cold but didn't quite enjoy the air condition blowing right directly to my head. 

Has people forgotten some that passing wind loudly in public places is DISGUSTING?????? Gosh, I was in lift this morning and a guy who's ears are plugged into this PSP and playing games with no manner passed wind LOUDLY!!!! EEEewwwww yes! I hate people who doesn't consider others and sadly I was the only other person in the lift apart from him. 

Well if any consolation, we did manage manage to get home on time and also got a good rate for our OZ $!!! 

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