Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Must stretch before running!!!!

Yesterday I got home around 8:30 and seems that's going to be my trend for the next couple of months. Yes, my daily life routine going to look like - > 6:15 wake up - > 6:50 hit gym - > 8:30 Breakfast - > 8:50am - > Work - >9:00 pm at home - > 10:00pm sleep. That's seems to be about right.

Oh well, all in all I had a good workout today too but I must say my legs were quite sore though. One thing I realised was I didn't stretched before I start the running. I must do that diligently. 

Duration : 20.01 minutes
Distance : 2.56 km

Calories burned : 151
Sweat level : Pretty good.

I only did 20 minutes today because I knew I had a good run yesterday and I didn't want to over do it today and also I wanted to squeeze in some Abs work. I did 45 reps of ab crunches. Oh and I ran for more than 2 minutes at level 9!!! How cool was that. 

Funny thing today, I was running at level 9 and there were like nearly 10 treadmills on my right side and left is the mirrored wall. This one big white guy who was running on a few treadmills away from me suddenly didn't like this treadmill and came running right beside me!!!! Mind you, there were 10 available ones and why the one right beside me. He started running and ground started to shake!!! Gosh, and that made me forgot to cool down and stretched because I was just thinking of getting off the treadmill. Oh well.... 

We've got an appointment with our contractors at 7 pm today and hubby said he would like me to be there as well and that touched me. So no matter what I will leave by 6 30 today! I don't care!!!

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