Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finally 2010 Spring Cleaning to begin soon

Don't get me wrong. I do love my family but when the family + extended family all under one roof, it can give one a lot of stress.

So today the last member went back so hubby and me now claim back the house to ourselves and hello spring cleaning for the year 2010. We are still in the hunt for a contractor for our renovation and it doesn't look like its going anywhere just yet. A few things we have to do for the month of January.

Finalise the contractor
Start buying Fridge, Hood/Hob, Toilet accessories, Wardrobe accessories, etc.
Financial planning for the renovation
Start packing of stuff which we are not going to use for the next 2 months

Just to share something which made my day today... enjoy

Bobby Chinn's:

Sound advice

With the philosophy that paranoia is a heightened sense of awareness, the following:
  • Never ask to get seated as close to the black box as possible, it is not funny and they notify security.
  • Have an extra couple of scanned copies of your passport with your luggage.
  • Keep the big notes in the left pocket and smaller notes in the right (depending if you are left or right-handed of course).
  • When you haggle, always smile and act a little mental- they might feel sorry for you and give you a better deal.
  • If people that you do not want to deal with come to talk to you, are trying to sell you something or hassle you, pretend to be deaf - they generally leave you alone very quickly.
  • Never say you are an American, if you look like one, dress like one and are one, say you are from Canada,  If they ask you where, tell them a very small town 60 miles north of British Columbia, then make up a name.
  • When travelling through the Middle East, learn the phrase ‘Allah uh Akbar’ means ‘God is Great’. If you hear someone scream it… duck!
  • When travelling through Asia, always offer your passport with two hands and bow your head down as a sign of courtesy. Just do it, and observe, it is fun to watch and gives you an opportunity to get a sense of a culture quickly.
  • Carry a handbag (this includes men). Most terrorists do not look gay so you generally get processed at security checks quicker. It is also much quicker for you to put all your metal objects in a bag quicker then trying to remove them from the stupid silly plastic baskets they give you.

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