Sunday, January 24, 2010

I thought I would have a relaxing weekend and boy was I wrong...

Well actually I may be a bit unfair to state that. We did have a good Saturday overall. Started with how my usual  weekends started, with laundry. I was happy that I once again did my laundry and kept them as well at the same time. I hope I will be able to have the same wind power when we move to our HOUSE in April. This house is that way extremely gorgeous to have wind blowing from every single room with HUGE windows. Around 11 we went to Simei (East side of Singapore) to have lunch and also to visit to a house which one of our finalist contractors had done. Lunch was a disappointment as we thought there was still Sakura (Thai Muslim fusion food restaurant) and it wasn't. We had to settle with some kebab which was a total disappointment. 

After lunch we walked around Simei and guess what! I bought my GYM Bag FINALLY and it only cost.........SGD$12!!!! and best of all hubby liked it too and he was in fact the one who showed it to me. He said he would not mind taking this bag to his work after our workouts in the morning. So here it is.

The material is like Kipling bags material so its easy to wash. 

Look how much space it has. Yes, I absolutely love it. After our little shop and walk around at East Point Mall we went to Upper Changi side where the Condo was and we drove pass a stretch of AMAZINGLY good looking HOUSES!!! and wonder how much they must have cost. Oh well, ONE DAY WE SHALL OWN and LIVE in one of those houses ha! Then we saw the workmanship of the house and we were quite impressed by it and now I believe we're 95% confirm that we would choose this contractor. However, we still have a few more items to iron out so let's see what they would come back with for the questions we have.

After that we went to Sim Siang Choon, which is a lot of people recommended place to buy all the toilet accessories. We found it quite expensive compare to Jln Besar shops. So, our hunt will still continue. We got back around 5pm and we were totally pooped. Then we got a call from Jit and Kanu saying they got Pictionary and that they'd be coming over to play and spend time with us. They came and went back around 4:00 am and guess what! I just happened to check my email at 4 am on Sunday morning and there were like 70 emails for the whole of Saturday. 

Then I got this horrible Project manager calling me at 8 this morning to ask me things. I dislike people waking me up especially when I slept late. 

Oh well, also I got some sad news last night. Mom called and told me that one of Dad's cousins was in really bad condition and she has brain cancer. They're just counting down the hours. I hope she will be in God's hands and that God will take care of her. 

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