Monday, January 18, 2010

Another update for the weekend and a busy week ahead

How was your weekend? Ours was nice and also quite fruitful I must say. Last week I managed to update only one entry and it was my bad. I will try to update as regular I can. This entry might get a little long so be prepared. Firstly, here are the shoe pictures which I promised.

This is my new found love. Couldn't believe how comfortable these darlings were. From day 1, I did not get any blisters nor any discomfort at all and I have been walking for miles the days when I am wearing these. The brand is JWEST, I believe this brand is from Malaysia. Paid SGD$79.90 after 20% discount. Original price was SGD$99.90. 

 This is the second pair which I bought on the same day. Oh by the way, both these from Robinson at City Hall on the 2nd of Jan as a Christmas and New Year gift for myself. Brand is ITTI & OTTO. Not sure where it is from but the same price and discount as the JWEST one. These are also gorgeous BUT not as comfortable as JWEST BUT I can wear it for the whole day. Not so so bad. 

OK, this one I bought from Mustafa last week for SGD$37.00. Quite cute but I must remember to wear socks next time when I wear these cuties. That's about what I bought this month so far. 

Our weekend

Saturday, we did the laundry and cleaned up the second bedroom. I was really happy with it. After that we decided to go to Jln Besar to check out some items for house and we were quite happy and surprised with the prices for a lot of things. Like the Toilet bowls, tabs and kitchen sinks. Also we found quite a lot of different deals for the hoods and hobs. We left home around 12 and got back around 5. I was so pooped that I fell asleep for a little while and my cheeky hubby bathed Putu while I was napping!!!!! When I woke up I heard my hair dryer and knew straight away what was going on. Yes, that's my darling husband.
On Friday I was thinking about going to "The French Stall" and asked Jit and Kanu if they would like to go and they said yes. So hubby and I went and met the couple at the restaurant and we had a lovely dinner. I was really really happy. We spent about SGD$40 per head. All of us really enjoyed it. After dinner, we went to Chesscake Cafe and we had a slice of cheesecake each. GORGEOUS!!!!!! 

So, The French Stall + Cheesecake Cafe + Good Company = A GREAT EVENING!

Sunday, hubby wanted to go to SPCA to go and look for a friend for Putu and we went. Kanu came with us and we found 2 black ones which hubby wanted but we decided not to. Reasons being, we didn't feel right and one of them was very aggressive and playful and I got worried that Putu might get into trouble them friendship. The other one which was a female was quite quiet but she was just pushing herself away when we try to hold her. So no friend for Putu. 

After SPCA, we went to VivoCity for food and I bought a toolbox for hubby as an Anniversary gift. He was as usual wasn't thrill about it but accepted it in the end. Oh well. Then we went to watch Daybreakers at Plaza Singapura and GOSH, who ever is planning on watching this show, please do not waste your time and money we all didn't enjoy it at all. It was disgusting and disturbing and quite ridiculous vampire show. 

Our weekend ended just like that but I must say it was a lovely weekend and I couldn't have asked for anything else. 

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