Friday, July 16, 2010

Just for Fun

This is just going to be a fun post. Some of the stuff which are in my head recently and currently. I was thinking of having some challenges for Hubby and I and it would be fun. So here's the list I have in mind.

My challenges

  1. Learn Mandarin in 10 weeks (which is happening at the moment)
  2. Try 1 new fruit or vegetables once a week for 10 weeks (we tried Tinda this week well at least I did, Hubby already had it when he was in India. I will be making Beet and Carrot juice later today). 
  3. Run a 5 km in 10 weeks. That I am not sure when we will start but this is a challenge which we well, I kept falling off so I need some motivation and dedication.
  4. Kick at least one bad habit every month. Yes, you can guess which one it is going to be for next month :)
  5. Eat more healthy and cook more at home. (so far we are cooking at least one meal a day at home).
If you have some other fun challenges please let me know and I would like to try them out with Hubby. 

My wish list 
  1. Food processor (GOT IT! on 9th Aug 10) 
  2. Best of Chef at Home by Michael Smith  (GOT IT! on sometime in Sept)
  3. More herbs plants

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