Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Greenberg is just weird

So I did do some work today. Now bad huh? The only problem is that my brain only starts kick in to the first gear around 3:30. That i' m sure wasn't too good. That means I left around 7 only since I did want to finish at least some work. Is it normal? Is something wrong with me? I know it's just time to really start to look around for a decent job. The only thing I look forward to doing when I get into office is looking for my best friend on msn and sadly she doesn't come online till late afternoon normally.

What happened today was that I ran put of cash and pays ended as lunch. Even that only happened around 2:00 because I took mee soto as late breakfast. 

---> This was what I was typing from my iPod last night while waiting for Hubby to come to bed and it never got finish. 

Ok, so I got back home around 7:30 and of cuz I put on the tele and Micheal was on and making Coffee cake which I made before and it looked totally different from the one I did. Anyways, my baking skills are just terrible. I was starving by the time when I get home and there was nothing to eat and found some stir fry meat strips in freezer and defrost them and made them a stir fry dish with carrots, zuchini and asparagus. Was quite good I must say. Hubby came home and helped me made rice. So that was it for our dinner and we watched "Greenberg". It was just too weird. Did not enjoy it a tad. I literally felt tired watching it. 

Oh and guess what! We won't be sending Putu to the pet sit house instead Jit and his wife will be taking her in for the time we'll be away. I really hope they'll manage. Now, what do we do with our plants?


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