Friday, July 9, 2010

Its a Friday and I like it :)

May be I didn't get to tell you that we went to Mustafa on Tuesday night and Hubby bought some ready made curries. So, you can guess that it was our dinner last night at home. He has been getting pretty sick of the food at Vivo which we have been having for the past year and a half every week. I won't blame him.

After dinner, we managed to catch our favorite guy on Tele, Michael!!!! Yeah, it seems I have something for Michaels :) Hubby rightly pointed out this is the second Michael that you love. Its Cheft at Home hose, Michael Smith. He's THE BEST chef and his show is the best cooking show. 

So, check this my best bud and her FIANCÉ are coming on Sunday to have lunch at our place. Yes, that's right. Finally it happened and they're engaged. I was extremely happy for them. Can't wait for all the shoppings and details planning for their wedding. 

Jit mentioned yesterday about some BBQ at eastcost tonight but I am not sure if it is happening. Let's see. BBQ might not be happening but then may be we can go and hang out with them for a little while. Who knows? Will keep you posted. 

As of today, its one of the guys in office last day and will have to head back to office. Know what that means? MONEY has to be spent for the cab. Why oh why????

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