Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nice rainy day

Good morning, it was lovely whenever you wake up and the weather is nice and cold with rain outside the window. It's amazing how one change as she gets older or rather wiser ha ha. I remember how much I hated rain when I was younger probably even till a few years back but since last year I started loving the rain. Flood or no flood :)

Nothing exciting happened yesterday just that I hated that I had to go back to office which made me spent 15 bucks for a taxi fare to come back home. I have been stationing at the client place and I like it because it is close to my house ha ha. Well life seems unfair in some ways. Not always but yes in some ways.

Hubby tried to take Tinker Bell down so she'll enjoy the grass and walking around and ended up with some bad scratches. She doesn't quite like to see others of her kind apparently. There were 3 other stray cats and she went mad. Not sure if I have mentioned before, she's quite feisty and bossy and next month she'll be due for her vaccine and I just hope and pray that she will behave. 

So, what is this about Octopus predicting for world cup? I was quite confused when I saw a few friends mentioning wanting to ask for lotto number from octopus. So this is what's going on. Anyways, if you haven't heard, just google it and you'll know what I'm talking about. There's this line which cracks me up.

"Not everyone is a fan of Paul, however. After Argentina lost to Germany in the quarter-final, Argentines threatened to kill the octopus and put him in a paella" - (

So, anyone keen on coming for a world cup match at our place with yummy food????

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