Friday, July 16, 2010

Good meals with great friends

Over the weekend, as I have mentioned Aud and Lionel dropped by and we had a lovely roast lunch with salad and warm buns. First time making 2 birds for roast and I'm still impressed with myself that I managed it. The taste didn't change. The only sad thing was hubby had to work nearly whole of the weekend. He came only at 2am on Sunday night which means Monday morning 2am.

Now, I really don't know what I can do to motivate myself to work anymore. Have you ever felt this way? That you get up and you get too scared to think about what you'll have to do at work today and how is your boss going to treat you? It has becoming like a phobia for me to have to think about work and the workaholics at work don't help much. Anyways here goes a little recap of my week and guess what! we are back with our dinner at home routine :) This whole week we did not have dinner outside. 

Monday - usual work day and had dinner at home. Finished up the left overs from the weekend.

Tuesday - I made Si Kyet Khout Swe (Burmese Chinese noddle) with the roast chicken left over and hubby had Masala maggie mee. After dinner we went and picked up my passport from the India vis and we got a nice surprise that I got multiple entry visa only thing is its valid for 6 months and each entry must have a 2 months gap in between. Then we hit to Mustafa for shopping. I just love going there to shop. They have everything and anything. 

Wednesday - The usual for work and I made Kyar Zan Kyaw since we haven't had it for awhile and it's a quick meal. 

Thursday - We COOKED vegetarian at home!!!! It was just last night but the meal was just exceptionally lovely. We made dhal with carrots and beans, grilled bhindi and a new vegetable which we tried to cook for the very first time. For me it is like baby bottle gourds. We bought it from Mustafa as I wanted to try it. Hubby knows what they are so hubby made it for us. It was delicious. I know I am lacking in photo departments and I promise to myself as well that I will make a point to take more photos in future. 

So, the thing is we're going to India next week Friday. New Delhi and Bombay. Quite excited. Will update more later...

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