Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There's water!!!

Yesterday was somewhat interesting and same time weird day I feel. I didn't go to work till 11 and I forgot my mobile at home. So I had to go back and picked up my phone and had lunch at home. It was frozen ready made pizza. I was too hungry to Pizza wasn't ready and had it half frozen. Then around 1:30 I went to work reluctantly and at 5:40 I left telling them that I had to go back for home as the Plumber is coming to fix the leak at my kitchen sink. 

It is true and it was on Sunday I found out that there was some water under the sink and that was what Hubby and my most worry. The thing is that our sink is sitting on the wooden cabinet and not the concrete type. So I want to be careful and check regularly. Eric our contractor came and checked on Monday night and he sent his guys last night to re-seal the silicon. So at least for now it's all good.

I have been wanting my hubby to make his fried rice for some times and I bugged him to make it last night. It was as always yuuuummmmyyy and I made this Burmese Hin Gar (hot and spicy) soup with Choko. Lovely as well.

After dinner, we decided to watch a movie whatever was showing on Star and it was "Someone Like You". Now, I remember that movie and it was also in my all time favorite movies list. Couldn't believe how young Huge Jackman looked in that movie. When the movie finished we were suprised that it wasn't even 9 yet so did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and decided to watch another movie "The book of Eli". It was a good movie and really nicely done. At first I thought, "oh not another I am legend type" and it wasn't. Well at least we had a nice dinner and movie night unlike on Monday.

Oh I forgot to share with you about my roast chicken. Aud's boyfriend took the snaps and he wrote some lovely words about roast in his blog. He's just too kind :) 

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