Monday, July 19, 2010

Gorgeous Red Ruby kick start

So, I have been meaning to test out my beet root juice and guess what! I did on Saturday morning. It was just amazing. My Red Ruby (this is going to be the name of my Beet root juice) has 1 medium size beet root, 3 carrots and 2 green apples. I have read on the web somewhere that beet is good for the body however, one should not take too much of it and not to be alarmed to see red stool after having beet juice. So I didn't. Ok, so that was the start of our Saturday morning. How lovely? Then I started my usual routine and not much exciting.

  1. Did our week worth of laundry
  2. Made Bacon and Scrumble eggs for brunch with Hub.
  3. Got a little busy with have no idea what (clean cum watch Tele)
  4. Got a bad bad sneezing fit and had to take Citrizen
  5. Went to Mandarin Class
  6. From class we went to China town and did some fun shopping and I got two gorgeous glass containers for my flours and other knick knacks.
  7. We walked further up china town to find some food and had Wanton noddles and that was it for the dinner for Saturday. 
  8. We watched "Clash of the Titans" and it was really good then we watched "Julie and Julia". Finally, I managed to watch it. Sadly Hub went missing half way through and realised he went to sleep. I watched it till the end:)
Sunday was a mad day but fun too. We got up around 9 and started out another busy morning. As usual I started cleaning the kitchen and we head out for grocery and india trip shopping at Giant. We got back around 12 and had to rush out for our lunch date with Aud and Lionel. Poor Lionel, he was there first and he waited for all of us for over an hour :) but in the end we all were so hungry and had lovely meal together at Imperial Treasure. Dim Sum is just awesome!

From Orchard we went to check out a place for Tinkle Bell during our India trip at the west and it was an OK place. Nothing great but at least she will have her own place. So let's see. It will cost us nearly 300$ to leave her there.  Then we went to my cousin's place and then went to buy my contact lens and from there we got home around 6:00. Woah, that's a lot of places we went yesterday. 

For dinner, I made chicken schnizel and it was AAMMMAzingly good. I paired it with steamed choko and beans. Hubby loved it too. Then cleaned up the kitchen and watched "How to train a dragon". It was a cute movie and we both enjoyed it.

Now, back to work on a Monday morning and I promised myself this morning that I will try my best to get some work done.

I need more motiviation. Oh wait! here's one - > I'm going away this Friday! 

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